Why HTML5 games are the future of the gaming industry? Top-5 reasons

Online games are not less popular than applications that are installed on devices for quite some time. Basically, all online games are created with the usage of a Flash technology or on the basis of more modern one — HTML5, which has gained huge popularity over the past few years.

Online games developed in  HTML5 format

Many companies today deal with the HTML5 casino games development, and 2WinPower is among them. Such games have several advantages, thanks to which the technology of HTML5 games is called the main type of games that will exist in the future.

HTML5 game development does not require vast resources

Perhaps the main advantage of this technology is that the creation of HTML5 games is not resource-intensive. It does not mean that if you work on the development of games you do not need to expend some effort, not at all. It means that it can be created by a small team of developers, who are true experts in their field. For many customers, browser-based HTML5 games are an excellent investment. In rather short period of time you will have an opportunity to get a qualitative development, which will attract the attention of users.

Besides, the HTML5 game development can take place on any platform that "understands" this markup language. Moreover, with the usage of WebGL (that provides clients with an opportunity to develop 3D graphics in JavaScript, and that has been significantly improved in recent years) an HTML5 game can provide strong competition to products that were created with the usage of more complex technologies.

Users love browser-based HTML5 games

What is the main problem of many gamblers? Those games that need to be installed on a desktop computer or a smartphone are often too heavy. They occupy the memory of gadgets, which is an issue for mobile devices as it slows down the speed of its operation. In this situation, browser-based online games are a great way out, because their work upon only one condition: good uninterruptable Internet. If this condition is fulfilled, HTML5 games will become an excellent alternative to "heavy" applications. And having some skills, you will be able to play such games in an offline mode as well.

HTML5 technology is targeted at mobile traffic

Mobile first is a trend that has been on everyone's lips for more than a year. Google included it in the list of the main vectors of traffic development in 2017 along with AMP and voice search. And this is not surprising: 75% of all traffic in the global Internet is made by mobile technologies. In this situation, browser-based HTML5 games only benefit from it, since they are developed under mobile phones. Games of the HTML5 format do not need any additional software to be installed – just open the browser and play your favorite slots.

Mobile First - the main vector of traffic development

HTML5 games attract a larger audience

If we speak about the creation of Flash games, it will always be necessary to create a separate application to make users able to play them. Devices based on iOS often do not support Flash games at all. The situation with HTML5 is completely different. Based on this programming language you can develop a game that will open in any browser and on any platform, whether it is Linux, Windows or iOS. That is, browser-based HTML5 games attract more players with less effort. Cross-browser compatibility and cross-platform is our everything.

Open source HTML5 open up fresh opportunities for improvement

On the one hand, an open source can theoretically make the system more fragile in relation to external factors.

HTML5 format for game development

However, the HTML5 game development in which you use open source has also several advantages:

  • It's great for SEO. Information on the page is indexed by search engines, which allows you to promote the gaming site and thus attract more users.
  • Constant improvement of the library. The meaning of Opensource (the open-source software) is that each user can change the code in relation to his needs. Thanks to this, the HTML5 technology is constantly developing and leaves Flash standing.

As we can see, HTML5 really has the right to be called the technology of the future in the field of gambling. It is more flexible, dynamic and effective in comparison with the same Flash.

You can order the HTML5 game development from the company 2WinPower: it produces advanced games and does it as quickly as possible. Remember that HTML5 will allow you to create a game that users will really like.

Date of publication: 13/12/2017
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