Everi Casino Software: New-Generation Gambling Entertainment

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Everi Studio is an ambitious brand that radically changes the usual vision of the casino business. The company offers the widest range of B2B products: from cross-platform content to electronic payment services and unique loyalty programs.

Everi casino software: new-generation entertainment

The 2WinPower team has gathered detailed information on the most interesting and promising developments of the studio.

We not just consult entrepreneurs on the choice of software but also help them to launch a casino by the Everi provider with a high return on investment.

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About the American Brand

The Everi online casino provider stated its activity in 2015. The company was founded as a result of the merger of 2 gambling concerns ― Global Cash Access and Multimedia Games. Thanks to the vast experience inherited from these corporations, the studio very quickly conquered the US gambling sector and is currently increasing its influence in international markets.

The headquarters of the firm is located in Las Vegas, and the production facilities and subsidiaries ― in Austin, Chicago, Oklahoma, and New York. The company also has representative offices in Asia, several regions of India, and the largest Chinese gambling centre in Macau.

In total, the studio owns 14 manufacturing and corporate enterprises.

Multitasking is the brand's calling card. The developer is focused on the following business areas:

  • content production (up to 150 new releases per year);
  • introduction of interactive security systems and network protection protocols;
  • comprehensive financial control (from credit funds management to the integration of a patented mobile wallet);
  • maintenance of the land-based sector (supply of physical cabinets, video surveillance systems, cash register equipment, modules of a unified remote control system, etc.);
  • development of large-scale loyalty programs, including multiplayer tournaments and special offers.

The Product Range of the Manufacturer

Everi gambling software: product range

The American studio has won the recognition of a wide audience for its professional and rational approach to the creation of new entertainment.

Its catalogue includes offers for both the offline segment and online niche (for example, users are offered the Everi casino software for mobile gadgets and solutions for social gaming platforms).

Offers of the supplier can be divided into the following categories:

Digital Content

Everi casino slots for sale are distributed through a unique online service ― the Spark remote server.

Characteristics and benefits of the product:

  1. Cross-platform environment. The gambling software by Everi is developed using advanced HTML5 technology and is compatible with all types of OS.
  2. Picture format. Solutions of the brand have 2 playback modes ― portrait and landscape, and due to them, games are displayed with no loss in quality on screens of any format.
  3. Flexible settings. Operators have access to the functions of adjusting the minimum and maximum bets and can independently set the RTP percentage in the range from 85% to 98%.
  4. Variability of use. The Everi casino software allows entrepreneurs to organise any type of gambling activity: traditional gaming sites, free and social gambling platforms, multiplayer tournaments, and much more.

Program for Organising Multiplayer Tournaments

The vendor has created a unique platform that unites electronic casino games in more than 400 gambling establishments in the US. On the basis of the TournEvent service, the largest tournament in North America, the TourEvent of Champions, is regularly held.

This type of gambling software by Everi performs the following tasks:

  • the organisation of multilevel competitions;
  • project branding;
  • adaptation of the project to the requirements of the local regulator;
  • control over the financial structure of the event;
  • broadcasting in the Real Time mode.

Network Security Systems

The company is trying not only to provide its customers with premium content but also to ensure complete security. For this purpose, the developer has created an interactive AML Compliance system.

The Everi casino software would not disgrace the advanced banking solutions on such matters as combating fraud and money laundering and includes the following functions:

  • control of behavioural reactions and preparation of detailed multi-level reports on any abnormality (the SAR service);
  • formation of global reporting on all financial transactions of the enterprise (the CTR module);
  • multi-level user identification the aim of which is to prevent minors and persons with the signs of ludomania from taking part in casino games (KYC protocols);
  • maintenance of an electronic journal of negotiable instruments in order to reduce the internal operating costs of the project (NIL systems).

Security programs are included in the Everi turnkey casino service. For those operators who want to expand the functionality of security modules, there is a special paid subscription.

Additional services from Everi within the framework of the KYC protocols


The system assesses the financial solvency of online casino visitors using tax identifiers and USPS and IRS banking databases


Everi casino software works in the format of a panic alert in real-time when a user whose data is in the sanction lists of other institutions or banking and credit organisations enters the platform


Multi-level electronic registration program that ensures that gamblers use their IP and do not log in by entering false data

Hardware Gambling Equipment

The company provides a wide range of solutions for working in any gambling segment, including products for the offline sector.

Customers are offered:

  • a line of cabinets with curved LED screens;
  • devices for displaying games in the landscape format;
  • versions with additional screens for branding and broadcasting advertising materials;
  • equipment with mechanical controls, which is as close as possible to the design of the classic “one-armed bandits”.

Powerful Financial Instruments

The brand's portfolio includes a unique module for cashless payments ― the CashClub wallet. This program allows not only to quickly perform streaming transactions but also to use the service for centralised storage of credit and debit cards.

The Everi software was created as a universal digital option that can be launched on all types of online platforms and provides for non-cash payments in land-based gambling establishments.

Advantages of the CashClub service:

  • support for all types of financial calculations, including the payment of bets via credit cards and the E-Check program of vouchers;
  • simple and fast connection of wallets via mobile platforms;
  • built-in multi-level anti-fraud program;
  • compatibility with the latest KYC protocols to control the legality of the use of the system by private individuals and legal entities;
  • compatibility with any digital platform and physical cash register equipment;
  • availability of a multi-level reporting module with a large set of templates for working with tax authorities.

Promotion Products

The brand's catalogue includes an exclusive offer for the representatives of the land-based sector ― an interactive advertising kiosk.

This is autonomous terminal equipment with one or more screens, which combine the functions of the game cabinet and a panel for broadcasting commercials.

With the help of an advertising kiosk, the following actions can be performed:

  • provision of Everi casino slots for sale (more than 175 titles);
  • planning the periods of issuance of entrance tickets to the casino;
  • branding of the device;
  • broadcasting of the catalogue with several search filters;
  • demonstration of new releases in the gambling hall;
  • countdown to the start of tournaments and other events;
  • broadcasting 3D video tours in gambling halls.

The advertising software is connected to a unified management system, thanks to which businessmen can:

  • adjust broadcasts to individual network business objects;
  • simultaneously launch several promo videos at different points;
  • use the kiosk as an additional way to control the flow of users;
  • modify the marketing program without personal attendance.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Launch Casinos by the Everi Provider

Everi casinos: advantages

The brand has vast experience in the production of content and maintenance of land-based and digital projects. Solutions of the brand can be found in most of the states of North America and the largest markets in Europe and Asia.

The Everi turnkey casino software is offered on the platforms of more than 400 operators, and the manufacturer continues to actively expand its customer database.

Products of the developer are extremely popular due to the following features and advantages:

  1. A large panel of settings. Operators can independently customise betting limits and the RTP percentage. Moreover, there are tools for adjusting the catalogue in accordance with seasonal updates, thematic offers, and legal requirements of local regulators.
  2. Security assurances. Entrepreneurs are offered interactive security systems included in the turnkey casino and a large selection of additional paid services that allow them to control the transparency of financial flows and check whether users are included in the sanction lists or not.
  3. Financial module. The branded software is connected to the patented CashClub payment system. It is an innovative service that supports all types of transactions, including mobile transfers in real-time and payments via E-Check electronic vouchers. The program can be used in an online environment or as a means of non-cash payments in land-based locations.
  4. Advertising services. The company has an innovative solution for organising special offers in the offline segment. The manufacturer has developed interactive kiosks that allow operators to broadcast the list of available offers and organise virtual walks around the gambling hall.

The Main Things about Everi Solutions

  • The supplier’s business card is an interactive platform for organising tournaments. More than 400 operators are connected to the TournEvent system. It regularly hosts one of the largest gambling events in North America ― TourEvent of Champions.
  • All products of the company are optimised for cross-platform use. The game content and related services are developed using advanced IT technologies and can be used to work with any type of traffic, including the mobile audience and visitors to offline gambling halls.
  • All entertainment of the studio meets the quality and security standards. Firewall programs are built into all online services. Moreover, operators can order additional systems for monitoring activity and verification of users via a paid subscription.
To learn more about the technical characteristics of the software, please turn to the managers of 2WinPower. We offer consulting services and take care of all organisational issues.

With the help of our specialists, you can launch a casino by the Everi provider as an exclusive platform or in the format of a separate section on an already existing website.

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