At the beginning of this year, another country in Eastern Europe has legalised the casino industry. We are talking about Ukraine. The country provides excellent opportunities for launching gambling projects. All that the operators need to do is to timely obtain a gambling permit, and 2WinPower is always ready to help.

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Legislative Framework

Gambling in Ukraine: legislative framework

The draft bill №2285-d was approved by the Verkhovna Rada on January 16, 2020. And 260 deputies have cast their votes for it.

It is worth noting that this is the fourth version of the bill submitted to the Parliament for consideration. At the beginning of the year, the legislative branch has respected the feedback of human rights organisations. Thanks to the introduced amendments, restrictions on the casino business were tightened. It was also possible to protect the indefensible social groups (minors, low-income people, and people who are suffering from ludomania).

According to experts, the law equalised the chances of all market participants — both owners of hotels and gambling clubs and bookmakers. As a result, the country received a balanced draft law bill that opens up good opportunities for the gambling sector.

Bullet Points of the Draft Bill №2285-d

The document legalises the gambling business in Ukraine, both online and offline segments.

The following types of activity are allowed:

  1. Casinos (land-based and virtual).
  2. Betting (land-based and Internet platforms).
  3. Slot games.
  4. Online poker.
  5. Organisation of lotteries.

Those companies that want to work in the described field must obtain a license. The gambling permit in Ukraine is issued for 5 years.

Firms that obtained a license will be able to organise gambling entertainment. All of them will be listed on a special registry on the Internet, access to which will be available to all interested parties — users, businessmen, and controlling bodies. It is worth noting that only legal entities can be engaged in gambling activity.

Casino Licensing in Ukraine

Casino license in Ukraine

A gambling permit in Ukraine is issued only for those casinos that are located in large five-star hotels. At the same time, the minimum hotel room capacity for the capital is more than 150 and for other cities — more than 100.

There are some restrictions on the area of ​​casinos within the hotel. It should occupy at least 500 square metres. Both gambling halls and recreation areas are taken into account along with office premises for the staff.

In the process of creation of the draft bill, the authorities focused on the successful experience of the closest countries — Georgia and Turkey, where gambling establishments are located in large hotel complexes.

Requirements for the Applicants

Casino licensing in Ukraine provides for the following conditions for operators:

  1. Provision of authorised capital in the amount of 30 million hryvnias. It should be formed exclusively from the company's own funds. You cannot use budget or credit money.
  2. Conclusion of an agreement of employment with at least 50 employees.
  3. The organisation of video surveillance in the gambling establishment, as well as the equipment for a detection and alarm system.
  4. Establishment of a mode of functioning in accordance with the laws of the country.
  5. Performing calculations through the cashier. At the same time, prizes the size of which is 5 million hryvnias must be paid no later than 10 days after the application of a visitor. If the amount of money is not that generous, winnings will be paid on the same day.

Separate demands are laid down for the placement of gambling equipment in a casino:

  • Locations that can be found in the cities with 500 thousand inhabitants or more — 50 slot machines and 10 gaming tables, two of which are equipped with a roulette wheel.
  • Locations in the cities with a population of less than 500 thousand — 20 land-based slot machines and 5 gaming tables, one of which should have a roulette wheel.

The Cost of a Permit for Land-Based Casinos
Gambling license in Ukraine
The cost, in millions of hryvnias
Gambling license in Ukraine
For hotels with more than 200 rooms in Kyiv
The cost, in millions of hryvnias
Gambling license in Ukraine
For hotels with 150—200 rooms in the capital
The cost, in millions of hryvnias
Gambling license in Ukraine
For hotels with more than 150 rooms in other cities
The cost, in millions of hryvnias
Gambling license in Ukraine
For hotels with 100 rooms and more
The cost, in millions of hryvnias
Additional payment for the unit of gambling equipment:
The cost, in millions of hryvnias
Additional payment for the unit of gambling equipment:
Slot machine
The cost, in millions of hryvnias
Additional payment for the unit of gambling equipment:
Gaming table
The cost, in millions of hryvnias
Additional payment for the unit of gambling equipment:
Roulette table
The cost, in millions of hryvnias

Entrepreneurs can also obtain an investment license. We are talking about firms that implement large commercial projects. As part of such a project, a new casino should be built in a 5-star hotel with a capacity of more than 200 rooms. In this case, applicants will be able to obtain a license for free.

Requirements for Land-Based Gambling Equipment

The Law N 2285-d defines the terms and conditions of the use of gambling equipment (gambling cabinets, lottery terminals, bingo machines, and betting machines) in casinos, bookmaker’s shops, and gambling clubs.

Rules for establishments with above-mentioned objects:

  1. It is not allowed to use unregistered gambling equipment. The list of certification bodies is determined by the State Commission for the Regulation of Gambling.
  2. Operators must receive documents for all land-based equipment within a maximum of 90 calendar days after he has obtained the license.
  3. The cabinets must be marked with information on manufacturers, release date, serial number, and data on modifications and repairs.
  4. It is impossible to make engineering changes in the operation of equipment or connect new elements if they did not obtain approval from the manufacturer of the machines.
  5. It is not allowed to install gambling equipment, which determines the percentage of winning mechanically and to use machines with RTP below 90%.
  6. Operators cannot use slot machines that were released earlier than in 2019.
  7. Each unit of equipment must have an RNG and be connected to the state online monitoring system.
  8. It is prohibited to place gambling equipment outside a casino or a gambling hall.

The Organisation of an Online Casino

Organisation of an online casino in Ukraine

The requirements for companies that are planning to work on the Internet are in many ways similar to the conditions for those who open a land-based casino. The main difference is that instead of the unit title, it is necessary to confirm the right to own a domain name in the .ua zone.

The size of the authorised capital is 30 million hryvnias.

There are also several requirements for the software:

  1. Certification according to international standards. The list of relevant centres is established by the authorized body — the Gambling Development Commission.
  2. Full compliance with technical documentation. You cannot equip the software with additional elements that are not provided in the instructions of the developer.
  3. Provision of the verification of users. To do this, it is necessary to use scans of passports. Among the active tools, we can name MobileID and BankID.
  4. Connection to the state online monitoring. It will allow controlling commissions and tax services to monitor the correct operation of the gaming site. The honesty and transparency of playing conditions, the timely payment of winnings, and payment of taxes are checked in full.

A casino license in Ukraine does not allow the provision of access to the network to third parties. Also, you cannot conduct online poker tournaments: for being able to do this, operators will need a special permit.

All winnings are paid in a non-cash form. For this, there should be a multifunctional payment module in the gambling resource. It provides bank transfers and the use of electronic money.

The Cost of a Permit

To buy an online casino license in Ukraine, you must pay 59 million hryvnias. Operators have to make such a payment annually.

As in the case of land-based companies, the Internet sector must monthly pay the income tax to the public treasury. In 2020, its rate is 18%.

The Verkhovna Rada is also considering a bill that will introduce an additional 10% income tax on virtual casinos and online bookmaker’s offices. The tax assessment base will be calculated according to the following scheme: “deposits of customers minus their winnings”.

Sanctions Prescribed by the Law N 2285-d

This document provides for administrative liability in the form of fines for the following violations of the law:
Operation of a casino or a gambling hall without a license
170—680 thousand hryvnias
Carrying out bookmaker’s activities without a permit
755,7 thousand hryvnias
The use of non-certified gambling equipment
4,72 million hryvnias
Introduction of engineering changes to gambling equipment without the preliminary approval of the manufacturer
4,72 million hryvnias
Taking a decision to allow minors (people under the age of 21) to play casino games or contravention of the KYC procedure
2,36 million hryvnias
Breach of the part of legislation that refers to the popularization of gambling (advertising during sports and entertainment events, street signs using the words “casino”, “gambling”, “bets”, advertising from 7 am to 9 pm, etc.)
1,42 million hryvnias


The legalisation of Ukrainian gambling opens up excellent prospects for the business. The market is “young” and not crowded so that you can easily fill your own niche and secure a profit.

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