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Essence of White Label Casinos
Essence of White Label Casinos

The service of creating White Label casinos is becoming very popular. This quick and simple method of launching new projects is especially demanded among newcomers.

The presence of a licence provided by a parent company allows an operator to save a significant amount of time and financial resources required to create a business from scratch.

Mother firms supply powerful support to their partners. They provide young companies with a comprehensive library of gaming content, marketing instruments, and other products.

2WinPower offers an extensive assortment of solutions for entrepreneurs wishing to open White Label casinos.

Benefits of White Label Casinos
Quick Start of Casino Projects
Get a ready-to-launch entertainment website and start engaging customers right away
Minimum Financial Investments
Use gaming content provided by a partner company to save a substantial amount of money
Presence of a Gaming Permit
Work in any region without violating the gaming legislation of foreign jurisdictions
Catalogue of Slot Machines
Provide your customers with a decent selection of gaming solutions from top brands
The Best Payment Systems
Create a secure and reliable online environment for conducting financial transactions
Professional Maintenance
Our experts will fix any technical issues in your casino if such a need will arise
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Video Presentation of the Product
What Does the Service Include?
Ready-to-Work Online Casino
The operator does not need to prepare his or her entertainment website for the launch
Attractive Design of a Project
Interest solvent players with a stylish and vivid interface of your online resource
Customer Support Team
Ensure stable interaction with your clients with the help of experienced consultants
Recognition and Profitability
Receive financial benefits from the fame and good reputation of the parent company
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Start a Profitable White Label Casino Project
Get a worthy foundation for the independent start in the online gambling industry
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What Is a White Label Scheme?

This program is a type of partnership when a big company develops gambling products, and an entrepreneur promotes and sells them under his own brand.

To establish a gambling business, it is enough to contact the provider and conclude an agreement. After this, you get a ready-made startup that requires branding and the development of an effective marketing program.

Having decided to work under this scheme, operators get:

  • catalogue of entertainment;
  • well-thought-out backend with basic administrative tools;
  • built-in payment modules;
  • configured channels of communication with technical support.
What Are the Stages of the White Label Casino Creation?

To launch a White Label gambling project, you just need to contact the managers of 2WinPower and choose one of the offered suppliers.

We work with leading representatives of the industry and offer certified casino software that has passed quality control in the largest independent gambling laboratories.

The main stages of work:

  • provider selection;
  • insight into the contract and its signing;
  • development of a unique brand, creation of a gambling platform;
  • launch and promotion of a startup.

Operators receive a full set of casino software right after the resolution of all legal issues and signing of the contract.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a White Label Casino?

The price depends on several factors:

  • popularity and reputation of the vendor company;
  • product range;
  • basic back-office equipment;
  • the cost of a gambling licence;
  • connection of additional services.

The price is negotiated in advance and indicated in the contract. The sale of ready-made online casinos includes an entry fee, a fixed commission for the rental of software, as well as customer and legal support of the parent company.

You can find out about the cost of gambling projects on the official website of 2WinPower or by contacting our managers.

Do You Provide a Casino Licence?

Yes, the gambling permit is part of the standard White Label agreement.

The vendor company provides comprehensive legal support and a sublicence. Having decided to buy a casino under the White Label program, entrepreneurs get the right to legally work in any market where gambling is not prohibited.

What Is the Profitability of Purchasing a Ready-Made Casino?

The payback period and the enterprise’s turnover depend on:

  • region of the provision of services;
  • quality of the software;
  • product range;
  • speed of operation of the customer service.

The marketing program also plays an important role in the monetisation of any business. The 2WinPower team will help you to establish a successful business and effectively promote it. We guarantee that your investments will pay off in less than 12 months.

Today, we are going to talk about a convenient and profitable operational scheme that has been used for over 15 years in the gambling field and other commercial industries.

White Label casino operational scheme

Our experts will tell you about White Label casino solutions, what aspects you should take into account when purchasing them, and what benefits the program will bring.

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How the Scheme Works in the iGaming Industry

Here, contracting parties are a seller (he delivers off-the-shelf products) and a buyer (he sells these solutions but under his name).

Such cooperation is beneficial for both parties:

  • The manufacturer does not spend money on the promotion of its services and can form good cases for new customers. Moreover, each engagement brings stable commission charges throughout the contract validity period.
  • The buyer can quickly enter the market and start promoting his brand. He also can expect assistance in resolving legal and technical issues.

Providers of the White Label casino solutions offer a multifunctional solution that contains a wide range of services for the smooth operation of a new brand.

Basic elements of the scheme

Casino licence

The permit is already included in the package of services so there is no need to obtain it

The game content

Investors save on the necessity to find suppliers and buy separate products: the platform already has a catalogue of games from one developer or several of them

Server and hosting

The supplying company guarantees the stable operation of the gaming site and offers proven cloud storage, secure servers, and other technical components for business organisation

Payment systems

Financial aggregators that allow you to accept payments from a local audience and process international transactions are already built into the platform

Support services

It includes the work of technical specialists, marketers, lawyers, etc.

Positive Features of the Scheme

White Label casino scheme: positive features

The first and most obvious advantage is a simplified project launch within the shortest possible time.

Additional benefits for investors:

  1. Ability to have an in-house brand. Those operators who buy a White Label casino can start working under their own names. All advertising tools will be aimed at promoting a unique brand, which will remain the property of a businessman even after the contract expires.
  2. Professional management. Buyers do not need to hire or train staff: these tasks must be performed by White Label casino providers.
  3. Quality assurance. The manufacturer guarantees technical support and prompt solving of any problem. High-quality functionality and professional customer support are the keys to a good reputation of the brand.
  4. Dealing with formalities. The seller not only monitors technical capacities of the system but also resolves disputes with customers and settles legal nuances (from granting a sublicence to adapting the gambling resource to the requirements of local authorities).
  5. Financial protection. The buyer receives guaranteed protection against large financial losses usually associated with the payment of jackpots since it is done by the parent company.

Nuances and Limitations

We would also like to note the following characteristics:

  1. Product range. Visitors to the casino can play only those games that are offered by the seller. If an operator wants to adjust the catalogue of products, he will need to receive an approval of the parent company.
  2. The interface of the system. Before launching the platform, customers should create its visual design and logo.
  3. Basic settings. All the necessary administration tools are already provided but if operators need additional functions, they should turn to the parent brand.
  4. Promotional standards. Providers of the solution care about their public image, so the operators' marketing programs are strictly controlled.

How Much It Will Cost to Open a Casino on Such Terms

White Label solutions: cost of the services

The price of the package of services is set by the parent company. Usually, it varies between 15 and 50 thousand dollars. Moreover, down payment can also have a different size. For example, shareware programs are quite common: operators can make use of the complete package of services as a percentage of the future income of their gambling establishments.

As a subsidiary, an investor can count on 40–60% of the turnover. A part of this sum is collected by the seller to make lump-sum payments and administer the system.

An important aspect is that some companies provide investors with an opportunity to buy out the platform and subsequently open a completely independent business.

Why Operators Should Contact 2WinPower

Our company is a reliable and recognisable gambling studio with vast experience. We have an impeccable reputation and more than 10 thousand successful projects.

Our customers receive:

  • individual approach;
  • prompt response;
  • access to all the new releases on the market;
  • product-line expansion;
  • customer support;
  • 24/7 administrative support;
  • pleasant discounts.

The 2WinPower catalogue contains offers from the most influential representatives in the industry, such as games from Novomatic, Amatic, EGT, Igrosoft, NetEnt, Betsoft, and other well-known brands.

We offer profitable White Label programs, independent turnkey casino platforms, scripts for slot machines, a large selection of betting services, and several lotteries.

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Our list of products and services for business development includes:

  • unique HTML5 content;
  • branded mobile applications;
  • remote administration services;
  • assistance in choosing the design for a gaming site;
  • legal support during the acquisition of a licence.

The Main Things About the Agreement and White Label Casino Providers

  • Legal status. By signing a contract with the seller, operators can work under his sublicence. The supplier takes care of legal issues and adapts the platform to the requirements of local authorities.
  • Speed of launch. You can start working right after the contract is signed.
  • In-house brand. The buyer promotes his own company and later, he will be able to start working independently with the already promoted brand.
  • Simplification of financial obligations. All jackpots are paid by the parent company and bonuses and standard winnings ― by operators.
  • Comprehensive support. You will receive a well-functioning system and prompt assistance in resolving any business issue. The seller provides consulting services, business strategies, staff training, and other necessary information that will make the operator’s job easier.

The 2WinPower team offers cooperation on the most favourable terms. We will control the performance of a contract, assess the technical capacity of a casino, and resolve organisational issues. We guarantee an individual approach and flexible discounts.

Moreover, 2WinPower has a very innovative offer ― an online casino configurator. With its help, your own gambling project can be created in a matter of hours absolutely for free!

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