Sooner or later, any gambling business needs to grow and enter the international arena.

2WinPower recommends operators to pay attention to Italy. In this country, there are democratic taxes and one of the longest periods of validity of an Italian gambling license — 9 years.

The government issues a residence permit to all entrepreneurs who have established a business in the country. This is a great opportunity to manage a profitable business and enjoy a pleasant climate at the same time.

Italian gambling license

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Features of the Jurisdiction

A casino in Rome, Italy, is the oldest gambling institution on the European continent along with other cities of a country. Adhering to many years of tradition, the jurisdiction was one of the first in Europe to regulate the legislation regarding the gambling industry. The changes affected both the land-based sector and online sphere.

Offline Entertainment

The organisation of a casino in Milan, Italy, and other cities that are attractive for tourists annually replenishes the public treasury with 8 billion euros. Gambling is rightfully considered the driver of the national economy and tourism, the production of clothing, expensive cars, and local specialities.

The fact that in the neighbouring countries the gambling industry is not as accessible as on the Apennine Peninsula also speaks in favour of the casino San Remo, Italy, as well as gambling clubs in Turin, Milan, and Florence. Millions of tourists come to Italy to ski, buy designer clothes, and visit casinos.


The organisation of virtual entertainment became possible thanks to the adoption of the law on gambling in 2006 and the introduction of amendments to it in 2011. Thus, Italy was one of the first in the EU to legalise iGaming.

All matters that are related to the industry are regulated by the Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM).

It is responsible for the casino licensing process and ensures that holders of a gambling permit meet all the obligations. Thus, access to gambling establishments is impossible for people under 18 years old. The work of shadowy online casinos entails criminal liability (3 years of imprisonment).

Types of Gambling

The gambling business in Italy provides for the issuance of licenses in 3 branches of activities:

  1. Launch of an online casino.
  2. The organisation of online lotteries.
  3. Acceptance of bets on sports events.

Unlike other EU jurisdictions, the Italian government did not “split up” the gambling business into many different areas. As a result, companies do not need to bother about which permit to choose.

For example, holders of online casino licenses have the right to organise table and card games, as well as bingo, and place slot machines with built-in random number generators. This approach is convenient and practical, and also helps to minimise the expenditures for launching a gambling project.

Gambling Business in Italy: Advantages

Gambling business in Italy: advantages

There several benefits of launching a casino in Italy:

  1. Acquisition of international status. The company has the right to enter into agreements with foreign software vendors and suppliers of payment solutions and obtain a long-term or short-term loan from a European bank. The presence of a local license simplifies and speeds up the entrance into foreign markets.
  2. The growing popularity of the brand. Work in the described jurisdiction is a great way to enhance the prestige and relevance of a company. The influx of solvent audience is guaranteed. Holders of the Italian license are companies with an impeccable international reputation.
  3. Fast response. The Italian gambling license is issued in just 1 month, and the country is one of the leaders in the provision of high-quality business services.
  4. Legal stay in the EU. Founders of a legal entity with a local permit receive a business visa. It allows you to live and work in the country on an ongoing basis.
  5. The absence of requirements related to the working experience. Even a beginning entrepreneur or a company that has previously operated in a completely different field can apply for a license. This is a great opportunity for those businessmen who are just thinking about the promising iGaming field.
  6. Minimum paperwork. In order to attract foreign capital, the authorities have simplified the preparation of reporting and its submission for the license holders.
  7. The location of the server does not matter. It can be anywhere in the world. The main thing is to connect to the ADM interactive reporting system. This approach simplifies the launch of the project and minimises the expenditures (there is no need to buy or rent a server in a local company).
  8. The developed telecommunications network. The territory of the country is covered by a reliable 4G network. There are many IT enterprises that provide modern software and gambling equipment. Consulting occupies a separate niche. It provides technical support at all stages of business development.

Cost and Period of Validity of the Italian License

The ADM commission issues a permit for 9 years. This is one of the highest indicators in the EU, which makes the jurisdiction extremely attractive to foreign investors. Moreover, the period of validity is the same for all directions, both online casinos and lotteries with betting services.

The license does not need to be renewed annually like it is done in many other offshore zones.

The Italian Council of Ministers is drafting a new gambling bill. According to it, the period of validity of a permit will be 6 years instead of 9 years. But so far, these are only plans that will be executed no earlier than in 2022.

As for the cost of a license, all companies need to pay a one-time state duty of 350 thousand euros (plus 20% of VAT). The sum is placed to the treasury account of the government after the permit is received. It is the same for all spheres of iGaming.

Requirements for the Applicants

To launch a casino in Italy, the legal entity must fulfil several conditions:

  • Register a representative office in a jurisdiction. You can create a new company or open a branch of an already existing firm. The option with the opening of a subsidiary is available for residents of the EU, as well as for the entrepreneurs from Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland.
  • Have a financial guarantee of 1.5 million euros in the bank account.
  • Pass a technical test of the equipment and a casino gambling platform. The list of authorities can perform such a test is established by the ADM.
  • Connect hardware and software to the online monitoring program from ADM. In the future, the system will ensure that operators perform their duties conscientiously faithfully: not to allow minors to enter the casino, pay taxes on time, and not provide gambling services in those countries where gambling is prohibited.

A Set of Documents

Casino in Italy: a set of documents

If the company fully satisfies the requirements of ADM, it will be able to safely proceed to the next stage — preparation of documentation.

Business entities will need:

  • Copies of articles of incorporation (a charter, a decision of the board of directors, a certificate of naming of the company).
  • Information on all key persons — founders, shareholders, beneficiaries, and managers.
  • A statement from the bank about the availability of the necessary amount of money in the account.
  • Confirmation of the registration of a domain name in the .it zone.
  • Copies of contracts with the providers of the game content, software vendors, and payment operators.
  • The results of the technical audit of hardware and software.
  • Confirmation of the rental or purchase of the server on which the casino software will be stored.
  • A detailed description of all kinds of entertainment on the gaming site (titles of games, their manufacturers, maximum and minimum bets, and bonus features).
  • Business plan for the first 3 years of work (the expected income and expenses, attraction of the external capital, and credit programs).

The prepared package of documents is sent along with the application and a copy of the payment of the state duty to the regional ADM centre. The application lead time does not exceed 1 month.


Gambling business in Italy adheres to the “golden mean” in matters related to taxation. Rates are not as high as in other EU countries. However, the cost loading is much higher than, for example, in offshore zones.


Tax rate


Tax on income


It can be applied to all gambling companies and is calculated as the difference between the income of an operator (deposits from customers, revenues from advertising, income from franchise agreements) and its expenses (payments of the winnings of users, expenditures for the rent, payment of salary to the staff)

Turnover tax


It is applied to the income received from slot machines (with RNG)


For sports betting


For the organisers of bingo


For the acceptance of bets on horse races


For the organisers of skill games (poker and other types of card entertainment)


Gambling in Italy is developing rapidly, attracting millions of investors from all over the world.

The country is characterised by the developed telecommunications and high-quality related services, and also does not lay down strict demands on applicants. The package of documents is considered within 1 month, and the license itself is valid for 9 years. At the moment, this is one of the longest periods of validity not only in Europe but also worldwide.

2WinPower is your reliable assistant in all matters related to the licensing of your business in Italy. We have vast experience of working in different jurisdictions so with us you will be able to obtain a permit without any problems.

From 2WinPower, you can order a turnkey online casino. This is a fully equipped and licensed product. It has a built-in payment module, a large selection of video slots, and a well-thoughtful and modern design.

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