A licence issued by the authorities of this country has lately become one of the most discussed topics in the niche.

The rapid growth in the popularity of the new market took place when industry regulations were being tightened in major jurisdictions all over the world. The island has become a very timely and practically the only alternative to the existing flagships of the niche.

For example, on the backdrop of the situation in Curacao, Anjouan now looks like a perfect place to launch a project related to entertainment for money.

Anjouan casino licence: general info

Experts of the 2WinPower studio have gathered comprehensive information about the following:

  • how much does certification in this region cost;
  • what advantages the document provides;
  • how the issue process is structured;
  • how to legalise business in the country.

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The Latest Trends: Comparison of Two Jurisdictions

In the summer of 2023, the government of Curacao announced a significant change in the casino regulation system. Among the main innovations, we can name:

  • formation of the Curacao Gaming Authority;
  • termination of the sublicenses issuance;
  • complete control of the industry by the state apparatus;
  • large-scale restructuring of the regulatory program in accordance with international norms related to transparent and safe business conduct.

Previously, the island of Curacao was considered one of the most convenient for legalising iGaming platforms that belong to beginning entrepreneurs. The announced renovations will significantly complicate the process of launching new startups.

Business certification in Anjouan has become a timely alternative. The local regulator offers applicants a simple procedure and record-low tax rates.

About the Jurisdiction

The island is part of the Comoros archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Located on the ruins of a large volcano, previously, the area could boast only picturesque views and unique cultural features that attracted tourists. The state has 3 official languages: Comorian, Arabic, and French.

For a long time, the archipelago's economy depended on agriculture and remained one of the weakest in the world. This is associated with low population growth and significant export restrictions.

Local authorities have long been thinking about ways to attract foreign investment. Regulation of the gambling environment was considered one of the most effective ways of injecting into the economy.

An interesting fact is that the country’s licence has been available to applicants since 2005, when the Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board was created. Until recently, the Comorian regulator’s offer was not very popular.

Reasons to Undergo a Certification in Anjouan

Anjouan gambling permit: advantages

The island's government has developed progressive and fairly flexible legislation in the field of casino entertainment.

The decision to legalise their business in this jurisdiction gives operators the following advantages:

Single Permit

Unlike most other regulators, the local authorities issue one document for:

On the island, entrepreneurs can register casino projects that accept cryptocurrency and other types of digital assets.

Speed and Terms of the Procedure

The local licence can be obtained in record time. The regulator provides the fastest and most modern application processing.

If the operator’s documents are in order, it may take only 3–5 business days to get a permit.

Perfect Choice for Startups

The certificate issued by local authorities is suitable for those who want to:

  • test various gambling concepts;
  • form the customer base;
  • reinvest funds without having to pay for more expensive yet similar offers;
  • support the holistic growth of a startup;
  • cover other market segments without major financial losses;
  • carry out research and experiment with limited investment capital.

Wide Geography

An online casino registered in the region allows business owners to provide their services all over the world, except for the following markets:

  • USA;
  • Austria;
  • Australia;
  • Comoros;
  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Netherlands;
  • Spain;
  • Great Britain.

Intellectual Property

An important feature is that working under a Comoros permit is beneficial not only for operators but also for software vendors.

The local government specifically emphasises that entrepreneurs can own any type of intellectual property, and there will be no need to contribute levies.

Tax Rate

The complete exemption from GGR deduction is one of the main reasons to start a digital casino in the country.

This is an excellent solution for novice operators and business owners with limited startup capital.

How Much the Permit Costs

The certificate is issued for one year and can be then extended for a similar term at the request of an applicant.

Initial licence fees, except for documentation collection and preparation services, are approximately €13,000.

Besides, operators must pay for the mandatory ALSI data replication.

The annual contribution for the authorisation of a key person starts from €2,000.

A renewal fee is €15,000 per year.

The regulator has established a mandatory requirement for the size of the authorised capital. To register a business on the island, operators must have assets of at least €250,000.

How to Obtain the Anjouan Licence

Anjouan iGaming licence: key features

To do that, entrepreneurs must meet certain requirements. Among the main ones, we can name:

  1. Legal address. A casino must be registered on the island in full compliance with local laws.
  2. Commercial documentation. Operators must provide the regulator with complete information on their organisations, from the company name to bank requisites. A business strategy must also be submitted.
  3. Data about the founders and directors. It is also necessary to provide details about the professional experience of key persons, their education, and certificates of good conduct. Similar information is provided about all beneficiaries of the enterprise.
  4. Financial data. An original bank certificate must state that the account has been active for at least 2 years.

The entire package of documents must be in English. Their validity period should not exceed 90 days from the time of receipt to the moment of their transfer to the regulator.

Along with the paperwork and application filing, an operator needs to perform the following actions:

  • successfully complete the KYC verification procedure;
  • develop and demonstrate the anti-money laundering (AML) policy and a reliable operational compliance strategy;
  • pass the requirements check for all founders, managers, and shareholders of the company;
  • prepare RNG test certificates and copies of agreements with software vendors and content providers.

One of the mandatory requirements of the regulator is that all servers of a gambling firm must be located on the island.

2WinPower specialists will help you significantly reduce the time that must be spent on the collection and submission of documents. From the studio, operators can also buy a licensed turnkey casino platform.

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By taking advantage of the offer, business owners receive:

  • a ready-made solution adapted to work on the international market;
  • the best product range with content from industry leaders;
  • a powerful platform that supports the most popular financial instruments, including cryptocurrency wallets;
  • analytical services and risk assessment system based on AI;
  • full legal assistance throughout the entire period of cooperation.

Moreover, it is possible to order personal marketing strategies and services for the development of exclusive bonuses and other retention tools.

The Main Things about the Anjouan Licence

The Comoros have become a convenient and timely alternative to the world's largest iGaming markets.

The local government has created all the conditions for foreign investment attraction and can guarantee a safe environment for startups of any format.

  • One of the main benefits of such a permit is the absence of tax on gross income. This is an excellent solution for novice entrepreneurs and brands that specialise in testing new products.
  • A single licence is issued for gambling projects of different formats. Having received a local certificate, entrepreneurs can organise all kinds of entertainment, from poker and slots to cryptocurrency betting.
  • The regulator guarantees a record-short application processing time. If the package of papers meets all the requirements, the certificate can be issued within 3–5 business days. There is practically no red tape on the island, and the entire procedure is absolutely transparent.
You can find out more about the nuances of gambling project legalisation and order a turnkey casino platform from the 2WinPower studio.

It is also possible to use our constructor and create an exclusive startup completely free of charge.

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