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What is so beneficial about launching an online gaming business in India?

India's large population

India is one of the most populous and the biggest states in the world. This fact increases your potential audience automatically

Tolerance to gambling

Games of chance have long been considered a favourite pastime of many Indians. People place bets and play slots with pleasure

High players’ solvency

Despite all the stereotypes about poverty associated with Indian society, the inhabitants of megacities have rather high incomes

Popularity of mobile apps

Local gambling enthusiasts prefer mobile gambling. Therefore, India is a good platform for the development of mobile projects

Demand for betting

Indians follow the world of sports. That is why combining gambling and bookmaking activities would be a really good solution

Limited offline sector

Land-based gaming is allowed only in three states. Moreover, this field of the gambling business is aimed primarily at tourists
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How to Buy an Online Casino in India

1. The Characteristics of the Gambling Business in India

  1.1. Players’ Classification

  1.2. Healthy Competition

  1.3. Aim of Gambling

2. The Peculiarities of Indian Gambling Laws

3. Online Gambling in New Delhi

4. The Preferences of the Players

5. Where to Buy Turnkey Online Casinos in India

6. The Main Things about Opening a Casino Business in India

India has long attracted tourists and investors with its beautiful nature, ancient history and warm climate. At the same time, many operators want to start a gambling business in India. This market has a lot of potential prospects for entrepreneurs.

Let us consider the features of Indian gambling laws together with the 2WinPower team to understand how to buy online casinos in India on the most favourable terms.

The Characteristics of the Gambling Business in India

Characteristics of the gambling business in India

In ancient times, games of chance were an integral part of traditional Indian culture. However, during the reign of the British Empire, all types of gambling business in India were prohibited. Despite this, people continued to play their favourite games in their homes and just on the streets.

The authorities of modern India are gradually reevaluating their views on the gambling industry. Today, casinos and betting establishments are legal in several states. This situation is closely related to the condition of the tourism market.

It is known that India is a very attractive tourist region. That is why the owners of resorts and hotels are seeking their right to open gambling establishments for tourists. In addition, the Indians themselves are great gambling enthusiasts.

Their favourite entertainments are as follows:

  • sports betting;
  • lotteries
  • horse race betting;
  • traditional card games.

With the total population of more than 1.3 billion people, 750 million Indians own computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, or other devices. Besides, 350 million understand English, making the localization of a gambling website simpler.

In order to maximize the player acquisition in India, an operator has to focus on the following aspects:

Players’ Classification

The latest statistics show that Indians aged 20–50 are the main visitors of online gambling establishments. The gender diversity varies at 75% men and 25% women.

Healthy Competition

A lot of famous brands operate on the Indian gambling market. When a new operator starts offering the services, players accept him warmly and gladly try new gaming experience. They are sure that only trustworthy establishments can compete with the existing market participants.

Aim of Gambling

Not all players in India pursue the same goal in gambling. There are different types of gamers that an operator should consider:

  • pros;
  • money-oriented;
  • fun players;
  • social-based.

The Peculiarities of Indian Gambling Laws

As already mentioned, the gambling business in India is legalised partially. The tourists and residents of such states as Goa, Daman and Sikkim can visit land-based casinos. 

In addition, there are a large number of betting kiosks on the streets of these states. The inhabitants of India follow various sports competitions (cricket, field hockey, tennis, chess, soccer, etc.) and are actively involved in sports themselves.

Although Indian gambling laws allow land-based casino activities, they are quite strict when it comes to opening a casino in India.

Here are the main challenges that may be faced by operators:

  1. Long and expensive business licensing process. The process of considering an application for licensing a project can take more than six months. Besides, the cost of such a permit is very high. In fact, only a few large operators are engaged in the land-based gambling business in India.
  2. Restrictions from the government. Local authorities regulate the industry strictly. Each violation is subject to significant fines. In addition, there are lots of restrictions on advertising campaigns.

That is why the best solution for novice operators is to buy online casinos in India. The fact is that online gambling is in a better position in India nowadays. Consider the peculiarities of the virtual business below.

Online Gambling in New Delhi

Online gambling in New Delhi

According to the local law, it is prohibited to create online gaming projects in India. Attempts to open illegal virtual establishments are severely punished by law enforcement agencies.

Nevertheless, the activities of foreign online gaming resources are allowed. This means that operators wishing to open online betting projects in India should register their companies in offshore jurisdictions (for example, Belize, Alderney, Kahnawake, the Isle of Man, etc.)

An international license will allow you to work on the territory of the country without hindrance. You will be able to conduct financial transactions and advertise your project on the Internet without fear of losing your reputation. The ideal solution for beginning entrepreneurs is to buy turnkey online casinos in India. This product includes project licensing and many other useful services.

The Preferences of the Players

Unlike tourists preferring luxury casino hotels, the locals are the real fans of different online resources.

The preferences of gamblers can be characterised as follows:

The devotion to card games

In contrast to Americans and Europeans who like online slots, Indians prefer to play traditional casino games (poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, etc.)

The popularity of mobile applications

Mobile casino software in India is very popular today. Residents of large cities do not have a lot of free time to play games of chance using their PCs. 

At the same time, people from small villages often cannot afford to buy a full-fledged computer

The emphasis on advanced technology

Gamblers from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and other cities prefer the vibrant, realistic slots and advanced variations of the classic card games. 3D slots created using HTML5 technology are in great demand here

Where to Buy Turnkey Online Casinos in India

As already mentioned, the decision to buy a turnkey online casino in India will help an entrepreneur launch a new project much faster. This solution consists of many services, for example, the preparation of documentation, the registration of a license, the selection of suitable casino software in India, the promotion of finished projects, the connection of payment and security tools, etc.

To buy a turnkey online casino business in India, you have to contact a reliable intermediary company, for example, 2WinPower. Remember, a mediator must have an impeccable reputation and sufficient experience in the Indian gambling market.

Beware of little-known companies offering casino software in India at too cheap prices. Most likely they are scammers. As a result, you will get low-quality products and lose your money.

It is also essential to pay attention to the following things when choosing a business partner:

  • the presence of legitimate licenses and certificates;
  • the opportunity to test products for free before the purchase;
  • good reviews from clients about cooperation published in independent Internet sources.

The Main Things about Opening a Casino Business in India

Opening a casino business in India

India is an incredibly promising market. To start a successful business in this country and get a decent profit, you need to remember some important nuances:

  • land-based gambling is partially legalised in such states as Sikkim, Goa and Daman;
  • it is possible to work in the online segment under an international license;
  • buying a turnkey casino will speed up the licensing and launching processes.

How to start the online gambling business in India? 2WinPower has been working in the gambling business for many years. We have completed lots of successful projects in India. Our company is engaged in the sale of gambling software in India (the products from Amatic, Greentube, Microgaming and other providers), the creation of unique websites, the connection of payment systems, the promotion of ready-made gaming platforms and many other services. 

If you want to learn more about the gaming industry in India or buy your own online casino in this country, please contact our managers. 

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