What is a bitcoin casino?

His is a gambling establishment in which cryptocurrency is the main payment method or one of the accepted ones. You can use bitcoins in almost all known games: roulette, poker, dice, regular slots, and more.

A popular example of the bitcoin’s influence on the industry is the Dice game. It is a regular game of dice, which rose sky-high after the introduction of the cryptocurrency. Now Dice's turnover reaches thousands of bitcoins, which in translation to the usual dollars can simply amaze.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used to pay for goods and services, similarly to conventional money. In 2017, the word «bitcoin» was in the top of search in Google around the world. Developers of solutions for gambling business simply could not pass by this phenomenon and found a way to apply it in their field. This is how bitcoin casinos came to be.

Bitcoin as an additional or the only payment method in a casino?

There are two ways of using cryptocurrency in a casino: as the only one or an additional way of payment. They both ways work very well to increase the attractiveness of a casino. Whether you introduce the bitcoin into an already functioning institution as a bonus or decide to build a BTC-only startup, this will doubtlessly allocate you among the competitors.

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of a bitcoin casino


Anonymity and

15 minutes

Transaction time is
up to 15 minutes

No commission

No minimum bet

Fast conversion of a bitcoin into any currency

of a bitcoin-

Irreversibility of payments made

Great potential
and development

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How to start
a bitcoin casino?

Creation of an institution using bitcoin is no different from the development of a regular online casino and runs according to a standard scenario.

Two important points:


There has to be a bitcoin wallet account for both the casino
and a gambler. All the transactions are made
between the two.


Only the payment systems that support the bitcoin are suitable
for conducting transactions.

Get a demo version of a bitcoin casino
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business solution

Get a demo version

You do not want
to start a club
by yourself?

Choose a turnkey bitcoin

Which one?

A bitcoin casino for sale

You are purchasing a ready-made solution with all the necessary components: platform, slots, license, etc.


Create a bitcoin casino

In this case, you order the development of the institution from scratch according to your requirements.


White Label Casino

According to this scenario, you will also receive a ready-made solution that can be branded with your own logo.


Buy bitcoin casino script

This is the code that you need to integrate into your site. The low price of the solution is compensated by the attention it requires.


How long does it take to start a bitcoin casino?

Most of the times, it takes up to three months to create one.
At the same time, the terms may vary depending on the functionality
that you need.

For example, using a bitcoin gambling script requires a thorough work. However, if you are wondering how to make a bitcoin gambling website, there are other options.

Therefore, we advise you to discuss this issue in more detail with a manager.


Why is a ready solution better than the bitcoin casino script?

1 The finished product does not require any modifications
2 Increased security
3 Multi-functionality
4 Technical support from the developer
Buy a ready-made solution
Buy a ready-made solution

Who makes bitcoin
gambling software?

There are enough bitcoin online casino software vendors in the bitcoin casino market, even
among the leading companies.

However, 2WinPower has a number of advantages that
the company among others:

An integral approach to work

The best specialists
in the industry

Exclusively advanced software for
bitcoin casinos

Technical support around the clock

Calculate how much money is needed to start a bitcoin casino

The price for the creation of a bitcoin casino depends on which
gambling software
vendor you are going to choose. The most favourable terms will be offered
to you by a specialist of the 2WinPower company

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Profit of a bitcoin casino: is it worth it?

We can confidently say «Yes».
Bitcoin casinos are very popular among gamblers because they allow you to play anonymously. Respectively, when the institution boasts such an option, the attendance grows. As a result, the income also increases.

Besides, do not forget that the profit of any club depends primarily on the software and the slot machines. From this perspective,
a bitcoin establishment is no different from a land-based one.

Do I need a license for an online casino that uses the bitcoin technology?

It depends on the goals of the institution’s operator. The advantage of cryptocurrency is that it keeps the anonymity of all parties,
therefore, you do not need a license to work with it. You can address a 2WinPower company manager on this issue.

Do bitcoin gambling projects have future?

Why not?

It is already obvious that the cryptocurrency is holding its positions firmly and not going to give up anytime soon. Perhaps this is exactly what will replace money in the way we understand it. In addition to the bitcoin, there are other types of digital currency: Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, etc. They also have every chance of being involved in the gambling industry.

Get a demo version of a bitcoin casino for free

and find out about all advantages of this
business solution

Get a demo version

Why is 2WinPower the ideal
bitcoin casino developer?

Nearly 20 years on the market, during this time thousands of projects have been completed
National and international awards
One of the first companies to introduce bitcoin into development
Free spins in all slots
Development of products for mobile devices using the HTML5 open source technology: the most popular platform for gambling
Constant development and search for new unusual solutions

Bitcoin casinos are the future of gambling, which has already come. Be on the top with 2WinPower, follow the trends and attract more and more

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