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Tunisia is one of the few countries that allow all types of gambling activities.
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What Is so Beneficial About Launching an Online Gaming Business in Tunisia?

Official licenses

Each operator has the opportunity to obtain a Tunisian license, or work under an international permit obtained in an offshore

Government’s support

The casino business brings large profits to the local budget. Therefore, the government strongly supports this promising industry

Mobile casino games

Tunisians like simple and convenient mobile games. Take advantage of this peculiarity to develop your mobile gambling project

High profitability

Tunisia is considered one of the most lucrative gaming markets in Africa due to the interest of locals in the gambling business

Payment services

The young population of the country is gradually switching to advanced payment methods (cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, etc.)

Young audience

The average age of gamblers is 21-45 years old. These are young, solvent people interested in the development of iGaming trends
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Buying an Online Casino in Tunisia: The Characteristics of the Market

1. The Specific of Conducting a Gambling Business in Tunis

2. The Tunisian Gambling Laws: Online and Offline Sectors

3. The Benefits of Online Gambling

4. How to Buy a Turnkey Online Casino in Tunisia

5. Where to Purchase a Ready-Made Gaming Project

6. The Main Things about the Gambling Business in Tunisia

Tunisia has an ancient history and picturesque nature. These features attract millions of tourists from around the world. Besides, the gambling business in Tunisia is considered one of the most profitable ones in the entire African continent.

If you want to buy an online casino in Tunis and start making good profits, you should know a few important nuances. Read this article from 2WinPower to open your own project in this promising country properly.

The Specific of Conducting a Gambling Business in Tunis

Gambling in Tunis: favourite entertainments

The African region attracts many operators due to its unique business environment. The fact is that a huge number of countries in Africa have legalised various types of gambling. Due to this, entering the African gambling market is a quite simple and quick process (in comparison with European and North American countries).

The gambling business in Tunis and other cities is no exception here. The state’s leaders allowed playing games of chance and placing sports bets.

The favourite entertainments of local gamblers are as follows:

  • poker and other card games;
  • bingo;
  • lotteries;
  • slot machines;
  • sports betting;
  • innovative entertainments (live, VR and AR casino games).

An important advantage of this region is the young age of the players. Most gamblers are people between the ages of 20 and 45.

It is noteworthy that not only men are gambling enthusiasts. More and more Tunisian women are trying their hand at different games of chance.

The Tunisian Gambling Laws: Online and Offline Sectors

According to the Tunisian gambling laws, all types of land-based gaming and betting are permitted within the country. Betshops and small gambling clubs are located throughout Tunisia. The well-known resort towns attract new visitors with luxury and stylish casinos. The minimum age of gamblers is 18 years.

When it comes to online gambling, the Tunisian regulator does not issue online casino licenses to operators. At the same time, the activities of foreign resources are not controlled by the government in any way. International gaming websites are not blocked.

If you want to open a casino in Tunis, Sfax, Sousse or other cities, consider purchasing a turnkey gaming project. Get an international license and start your gambling business in Tunisia on favourable terms.

The Benefits of Online Gambling

The benefits of online gambling in Tunisia

Despite the legality of land-based establishments, gamblers from Tunisia prefer online casinos. This format of gambling is very popular for several reasons:

  1. The affordability for a wide audience. Not all Tunisian citizens can afford to visit real casinos. Online projects have become an excellent alternative for a lot of gamblers. Live gambling software in Tunis is in great demand today.
  2. The absence of restrictions. People of any age (over 18 years old) and social status can play their favourite casino games on various online platforms.
  3. Such projects work around the clock. There are almost no financial limitations too. The amount of the minimum rate is affordable even for people with modest incomes.
  4. Comfortable gameplay. Gamers can visit gaming websites from anywhere. Tunisians often play video slots and make bets on public transport or during their lunch breaks.
  5. Advanced technologies. The use of innovative casino software in Tunis allows players to immerse themselves in the world of entertainment to the full and feel unknown emotions. VR and AR casinos blur the boundaries between reality and the game.
  6. High level of confidentiality. The personal information of online casino users is not disclosed to third parties. Also, crypto casinos provide the opportunity to create a new account without entering personal data. All that is required to register on such websites is entering a Bitcoin wallet number.
  7. Convenient payment methods. As a rule, transactions in land-based casinos take place using cash or bank cards. Clients of online resources have the possibility to choose the desired payment method from a variety of available options (electronic payment systems, virtual wallets, cryptocurrencies, and others).

How to Buy a Turnkey Online Casino in Tunisia

Inexperienced entrepreneurs wanting to buy online casinos in Tunisia face some difficulties. The search for reliable suppliers, website design creation and online casino licensing are rather complex tasks.

To avoid problems and get a finished project within the desired time frame, we recommend you to consider buying a turnkey online casino in Tunis.

This service package includes the following options:

The collection and preparation of documentation

The employees of the intermediary company will help you collect the package of documents needed to open a new project

Professional counselling

After purchasing a turnkey online casino in Tunisia, you will receive qualified informational support on various issues

The selection of the necessary content

Real professionals will help you select software products that will meet the expectations and requirements of gamblers from Tunisia

The promotion of your project

A unique marketing strategy will allow you to attract a broad audience of players and stand out from the competitors

The connection of security systems

Protect your website from bonus abuse, money laundering, hacker and DDoS attacks with effective protection instruments

Where to Purchase a Ready-Made Gaming Project

If you want to buy an online casino in Tunis, you should study the available offers on the market carefully. It is essential to find a reliable company that provides gambling services and is engaged in the sale of casino software in Tunis (Amatic, EGT, Greentube, Igrosoft and others).

Remember, a good company should have the following characteristics:

  • extensive experience in the Tunisian gaming market;
  • impeccable reputation;
  • wide assortment of gambling products;
  • the assistance in business licensing;
  • the protection of gaming websites;
  • the connection of payment modules;
  • high-quality technical support.

Trust only time-tested companies such as 2WinPower. Familiarise yourself with the response from operator and player, as well as online analytical reviews, to make sure the company is really reliable.

The Main Things about the Gambling Business in Tunisia

Gambling business in Tunisia: main characteristics

Opening an online betting establishment in Tunis or starting a casino will help you generate the desired income and reach a wide audience.

The local market has the following characteristics:

  • the popularity of online slots, poker, bingo, sports betting and other entertainments;
  • the legality of land-based gambling;
  • working under an international license;
  • the opportunity to open a turnkey casino to save the operator’s time and financial resources.

If you are interested in the specifics of the Tunisian gambling laws, you should contact our consultants. We will tell you about all the prospects of the gaming industry in Tunis. Our experts will help you choose the best option for the development of your online project.

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