Belize is a Central American country located on the Yucatan Peninsula. It is one of the most popular gambling offshore zones in the world today. The jurisdiction is continuously improving the legislative regulation of the gaming industry and striving to provide operators with the most comfortable economic conditions.

The last update of the legal regulation of the gambling market took place in 2000. The new list of provisions, called the Gaming Control Act, is based on the most popular norms that have proven themselves to be effective in the international gambling arena. As a result, about 14 thousand gambling companies were registered in this offshore territory by 2014.

Casino license in Belize

The 2WinPower team has prepared detailed information on how to legalise a casino in Belize. We will tell you about the types of licenses that can be received by applicants, requirements for operators, and the cost of the permit.

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Belize License: Types of Gambling Permissions

The legalization of the gambling business and the subsequent control of the project is carried out by the Gaming Control Committee of Belize.

Three types of permissions are available for operators:

  • Belize license for organizing ground-based clubs;
  • legalization of slot machine halls (a permit is issued to all hardware devices with an electromagnetic mechanism);
  • a document for launching an online start-up.

The jurisdiction is characterised by the following regulation features:

  1. A single permit for Internet projects. A license of Belize covers all formats of virtual entertainment, from traditional fruit slots to sports betting, sweepstakes, and live broadcasts.
  2. The speed of processing. If the operator has fulfilled all the requirements, getting a permit for opening an online casino in Belize can take only 24 hours after the submission.
  3. The validity period of the certificate. It is important to remember that a license is issued for one year, and its validity expires on March 31, regardless of the date it was obtained.

How to Open a Casino in Belize: Requirements for Operators

To start an online project with a Belize license, an investor must comply with the following requirements:

  • The company must be registered in the territory of the country and have international status.
  • Availability of detailed information about all interested participants: investors, shareholders, partners, founders, and the board of directors. The fingerprints of project organizers must be attached.
  • All company founders who do not reside in the offshore territory are required to apply for local citizenship.
  • Along with information about the founders, a bank statement confirming the solvency must be submitted (the credit history and the debt report must cover the last three years before applying).
  • Participants in the project must present a certificate of a criminal record. The document should focus on the last ten years before applying and must cover financial sectors, the degree of loyalty to law enforcement agencies, and non-involvement in drug trafficking.

Gambling Certificate of Belize: Rules for Entrepreneurs

Gambling certificate of Belize

Online casino owners must comply with the following rules:

Bank deposit

The authorized capital of an enterprise should be kept only in the Central Bank of jurisdiction. The size of the reserve deposit is determined depending on the type of license.

Financial liabilities

If the company has run out of funds, the operator is obliged to inform the controlling authority about this fact immediately.

The Belize license obliges the entrepreneur to pay cash prizes to users without unnecessary bureaucratic delays.

Interaction with the local population

Only the owners of ground-based establishments can work with local gamblers. Online casinos can propose their services to foreign players.

Licensing of the Gambling Business: Financial Issues

The cost of legalising an online casino in Belize
Service format
Price in dollars
Service format
Applying to the authorized committee
Price in dollars
18 thousand
Service format
Registration and commission fees (for the trade association)
Price in dollars
5 thousand
Service format
Guide services
Price in dollars
Service format
Certificate maintenance (annual fee)
Price in dollars
15 thousand
Service format
Annual payments for the trade association
Price in dollars
5 thousand
Service format
Price in dollars
Tax deductions are calculated depending on the annual revenue of the company:
  • 0,07% of the turnover of an enterprise, which revenue does not exceed 15 million;
  • 0,06% of turnover (up to 50 million in revenue);
  • 0,05% of revenue (over 50 million per year)


Gambling license of Belize is an excellent solution for companies aiming to work in an international format. This offshore zone guarantees applicants a stable economic environment, loyal taxation, and the fastest legalization procedure (24 hours for online enterprises).

Contact the 2WinPower team, and we will solve all the legal issues, from collecting documents to opening a physical representative office in the selected town.

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