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Online business on the basis of gambling projects is one of the most cost-effective and fast-payback business activities. But what if the experience in this segment is minimal, and the budget for own start-up is limited? The easiest answer is to buy a casino script.
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What Is a Script for a Virtual Casino?
What Is a Script for a Virtual Casino?

Online casino scripts — are multi-structured computer codes, sets of technical systems and functional parameters that make up almost ready-made scenarios. This is the initial component, the foundation of the future gambling establishment. Today, the market presents a lot of thematic versions, adapted to launch projects with certain sets of options.

You can buy codes for the following activities:

  • organisation and holding of lottery draws;
  • the acceptance of sports betting;
  • online casino with a built-in set of gaming content;
  • products for broadcasting live dealer games, other.
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White Label casino
40 000 euro 43 000
* The final cost is calculated individually
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Legal support Exclusive site design 24/7 technical support Multicurrency payment services Professional consultations
Turnkey web casino
40 000 euro 43 000
* The final cost is calculated individually
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Legal support Exclusive site design 24/7 technical support Multicurrency payment services Professional consultations
Bitcoin casino
40 000 euro 43 000
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What You Receive When You Decide to Buy a Casino Script in 2WinPower
Rich Line of Gaming Offers
Our catalogue consists of the latest news from the international leading suppliers. Also, you can always count on gratuitous updates to the system, get the opportunity to change the range of components at its discretion
Excellent Design
The best team of designers with many years of experience will undertake the realisation of your fantasies. We will be happy to turn into reality the most daring and creative projects, to offer the customer several solutions for logos and visual embodiment of the future establishment
Quality Assurance of All Solutions
In assortment are presented only products with the corresponding certificates. You can verify the excellence of each item by ordering a trial version of the software
Flexible System with Customized Settings
The online gambling venue is adjusted in full accordance with your wishes
Security and Protection of Users’ Personal Information
Multi-level encryption protocols and foreign servers are used to store personal information
Comprehensive Set of Analytical Tools
We are ready to integrate the most modern components for the collection and processing of any statistical information. The range consists of practical and effective “helpers” for the control and management of business processes
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What Problems Can the Ready-Made Casino Script Resolve?
Loss of Time
With a ready-made casino script, you can start your own business in recordingly short times: it will take no more than 2-4 months to develop a start-up
Financial Expenses
Compared with the start from ground zero, the purchase of the script will cost several times cheaper. Together with this, you get an all-encompassing product that does not require additional expenses for the integration of payment systems, the arrangement of affiliate programs and so on
Commission Deductions
Acquiring a casino script is an assurance of complete independence. You do not have to regularly deduct earned money for the operation of software components. The only exception is the fees for the extension of permits
Framework for the Marketing Program
Deciding to buy a casino script, you have every right to promote your own brand in any convenient way. For example, when working on a franchise, you would have to reckon with the established norms and accepted marketing strategies of the corporate parent
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How to Buy a Casino Script?

If you want to save your money needed for launching a project and get only a casino engine, consider these two options:

  • A free code. It is enough to open a browser and enter the query "buy a casino script" into the search line. You will see a lot of ads marked “free” on the very first page of the search results. We strongly recommend you to refuse such offers. At best, you will get just a non-functioning code. Do not forget about the risks of identity theft and malware integration.
  • The purchase from a trusted supplier. If you decided to buy a casino script, it should be a safe investment. Working with a time-tested brand is the best way to minimise risks and get guarantees for system performance.
Why Is It Worth Selecting 2WinPower?

You should buy a casino engine from 2WinPower for several reasons:

  • more than 10 thousand successful projects are in the portfolio of our company;
  • when ordering our online casino script, operators get professional all-round support, assistance in working with the code and maintenance during the launch of their businesses;
  • we propose a colossal selection of thematic software: gaming content that fit every taste, ready-made systems, partner services, multicurrency payment modules, and more other solutions;
  • before buying a casino script, you can test the software for free by connecting a demo version of the system (access is given for 10 days).

We guarantee the decent quality and good technical characteristics of our program products.

The entertainment segment is one of the major significant factors that have a tremendous impact on the global economy. As specified by the statistics provided by the analysts of the autonomous consulting studio H2 Gambling Capital, only during last year, the sphere volume enlarged by 4.3 billion euros, exceeding the mark of 44.1 billion euros. In compliance with forecasts, over the next half of the decade, the overall earnings of the entertainment segment will enlarge by 80%. 

If we consider the Internet business on the basis of the income structure of individual gaming industries, the picture is upcoming:

Earnings of the online sphere by the format of gambling

Entertainment type

Percentage ratio

Approximate amount

Betting (sports betting, wagers on artificial events)


20,1 billion euros

Gambling games (slots, cards, desktop entertainments, live broadcasts)


10,6 billion euros

Lottery draws (state and commercial projects)


3,9 billion euros

Poker (a game with a live croupier and tournament competition)


2,4 billion euros

Logic, skill games


1,9 billion euros

Bingo draws and other forms of amusement for money


4,4 billion euros

Ground Basis for the Intensive Advancement of the Amusement Sphere

Virtual gambling business has gained wide recognition due to the upcoming characteristics:

  1. An immense selection of gaming content (even the most sophisticated player will find amusement for the soul).
  2. Availability (to launch the game, it is only required to have mobile or desktop gadget with World Wide Web access).
  3. Anonymity (the customer can hide any personal information, and to run the trial games do not even need to be authorized on the service).
  4. Security (information is protected by ultramodern encryption technologies and stored on remote foreign servers).
  5. Wide betting limits (there are lots of offers with minimal deposits and a separate category of entertainment for fans to play with large sums).
  6. Free games (the content can be used as a training material).
  7. Operational technical support.
  8. Regular updates of the range.
  9. Unique bonus system (visitors of virtual services receive pleasant monetary rewards for almost all active actions on the website).

The reasons for the enormous popularity of gambling projects have been sorted out. It is high time to decide how to start your own gambling business with minimal time and money expenses.

The Peculiarities of Choosing the Engine for the Gambling Website

The main criteria that you should pay attention to during the purchase:

  1. The range and availability of opportunities to update the directory. The ideal option is code with built-in HTML5 solutions and gaming models for flash platforms.
  2. Date of issue of the production and the time of the last update.
  3. Convenient and simple installation system with a flexible system of individual settings.
  4. Integrated security systems and protocols.
  5. The capacity of the archive.
  6. Options for authorization through social networks.
  7. The occurrence of the partner programs.

A little more about the last point: affiliate service is a compulsory attribute that has a direct impact on website traffic.

Let's look at the list of the most demanded and popular affiliate programs:

Best partnership services 2019
according to 2WinPower

Title of the scheme

Concise description

Welcome Partners

The program warrants a weekly update of the collection of promotional materials (landing pages, trial games, banners, etc.), as well as offers exclusive solutions for webmasters on individual orders. For attracting players are awarded bonus points, which can be exchanged for gadgets, besides, there is a system of calculation of establishment revenue (40-60%


The platform is adapted for the Russian-speaking audience. The system provides individual reporting statistics for each id. Commission remittances to partners are about 50-55% of the overall earnings for the attracted visitors


There are two payment options: interest of the online venue earnings and the deposit fees (50-60% and 25-30%, respectively


The platform offers an interest of income from each attracted player (50%), there is also an internal affiliate system with 5% deductions


The system has an English interface, but the technical service responds to the demands of the Russian-speaking society. There is a system of accruals from the earnings of attracted players (from 12,5 to 45%) and one-time payments of up to 300 francs, as well as internal bonuses

A set of administrative systems deserves special attention.

Casino script is the best solution to save money and time. Daily, hundreds of people order web scripts from GitHub, but we recommend you to resort to a trustworthy gambling aggregator who knows the crucial things needed for building a successful online gaming platform.

A quality script for a casino should have the upcoming tools and options:

  • Integrated content management system (replacement, renewal, correction payout, interface adjustment, etc).
  • Adding new players and options to control visitor activity (registration field, archive, statistical means).
  • A set of adjustments for partner programs (specifying a certain scheme and the necessary part of commission fees to affiliates).
  • Processing of monetary transactions.
  • Safeness (along with the ability to block the accounts of dishonest gamblers).

Our team offers the best casino engines at the most attractive prices. Start promising gambling business by means of operating systems from 2WinPower today!

Enjoy the benefits of cooperation and start your own gaming business with 2WinPower today:
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  • Skype: twowinpower
  • Telegram: @Win2Power
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