Having started as a small enterprise, the developer Gamingtec managed to achieve global recognition and win the loyalty of thousands of operators. The iGaming provider offers a wide range of business solutions for traditional gaming and betting services.

Turnkey casino from Gamingtec

If you want to find out more about the opportunities of the brand’s products and connect a casino from Gamingtec, contact 2WinPower managers. Our experts will help you with software testing and platform configuration. You can also order marketing support with a guarantee of quick payback from us.

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Casino Software by Gamingtec: The Overview of the Brand

The online casino provider Gamingtec began its history in 2013. The brand owes its existence to Sapar Karyagdyev. The first representative office of the developer was opened in London. A couple of months later, the company organised a second headquarters in Kyiv. Today, the manufacturer’s team consists of 85 specialists. Most of them, 62 experts, work in Ukraine.

The Achievements of the Brand in Figures

  • partners' profits increased more than 30 times;
  • casino software Gamingtec is used by 45 thousand gamblers;
  • the total turnover of gaming platforms using the developer's products exceeded 680 million euros.

Why do Investors Choose Gambling Software from Gamingtec

After ordering a turnkey casino from Gamingtec, an entrepreneur will receive a multifunctional and innovative product.

Reasons to connect a casino from Gamingtec

Offers and opportunities of the supplier


Interactive advertising

Instead of typical static banners, the casino owner can use "live" widgets (innovative dynamic solutions supporting animation and text messages)

The segmentation of the audience

Manual segmentation of gamblers has been replaced by automated services with an adaptive system of settings

Customer churn control

Casino software from Gamingtec is equipped with systems for predicting any behavioural reactions. It also includes the function of creating business valuation reports and strategies for increasing its profitability


Instead of typical promotional offers created for all customers, the developers of gambling software Gamingtec propose customised solutions for each player or specific categories of users

Audience retention

A wide range of templates for loyalty programs, built-in bonuses and analytical tools to predict effective ways of attracting and increasing the lifetime value of gamblers is available to operators

Integration systems

Users can connect casinos from the Gamingtec in three ways:

  • using the API protocol;
  • Widget;
  • Frame


Casino software from Gamingtec is developed using machine learning technologies. The system can detect behavioural anomalies and predict the most promising variants of interaction with new and regular customers

Business expansion

Regardless of the market specifics and the turnovers of gambling companies, the supplier guarantees high standards of service to all its partners.

The brand works on 5 continents, has 7 own data processing centres and provides the highest performance (processing external requests takes about 3 seconds, regardless of the system load)

Casino Software from Gamingtec: The Assortment of Solutions

Casino software from Gamingtec

The manufacturer focused on the development of software components and services in three main areas:

Casino Software from Gamingtec Deluxe

The developer offers a comprehensive solution with a large number of games based on RNG and live technologies. Moreover, the assortment includes a full set of administrative tools (control over new users, management of gaming accounts and content, payment options, etc.). The product’s interface can be customised according to the requirements of the clients.

The company cooperates with the largest iGaming providers:

  • Betsoft;
  • NetEnt;
  • Evolution Gaming;
  • Playson;
  • Ezugi and others.

Turnkey Online Casinos from Gamingtec

The package includes the following components:

  • bookmaker software;
  • the casino platform with the adaptive interface;
  • gaming content (free demo versions and multifunctional software for gaming enthusiasts preferring to play real money games);
  • multicurrency payment systems (more than 50 options).

All products of the company can be run on desktop and mobile devices.

The vendor provides each client with full technical support and assistance in business legalisation.


The supplier's software is designed to interact with any platform correctly (it is relevant for online and mobile operators). After connecting the service, the customer will get 500 thousand sporting events and 80 competitions.

The characteristics and benefits of the purchase:

  • risk management services are available to operators;
  • detailed game statistics and the possibility to make bets during the event;
  • a good selection of personal settings;
  • wide range of customisable templates for loyalty programs and promotions;
  • innovative protection against fraud (neural network technologies).

How the Provider Keeps Up-to-Date, Stylish, and in Demand

Let us consider what characteristics help the vendor to stay relevant:

  1. Continuous market research. Gamingtec stays ahead of the competition by conducting proper entertainment environment analysis. The firm explores industry trends, as well as player preferences and demands to ensure its content remains relevant and engaging.
  2. Cutting-edge technologies. The vendor leverages advanced tools to develop and deliver its software. The studio invests in state-of-the-art programs and infrastructure to create a seamless gaming experience for users. By utilising up-to-date technologies, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain, the provider can offer innovative features, stunning graphics, and smooth gameplay.
  3. Creative design team. The company boasts highly skilled employees. These professionals are dedicated to developing visually appealing and stylish interfaces for their games. The focus is on incorporating modern design elements, captivating animations, and intuitive user menu options to enhance the overall aesthetics and user experience.
  4. Customisation options. The studio provides such tools to operators to tailor the content to the specific target audience and regional preferences. By offering customisation, Gamingtec ensures that its software remains relevant and appealing in different markets. Entrepreneurs can adjust themes, features, and product selection to meet the unique needs of players.
  5. Regular updates. The supplier understands the importance of keeping the content fresh and engaging. It regularly adds new games and updates existing ones to provide a diverse and captivating experience.
  6. Multilingual support. The supplier recognises the global nature of the online entertainment industry. To cater to a wide audience, the brand offers customer assistance in different languages. By providing localised versions of games and platforms, the studio creates accessibility and a personalised environment for users around the world. The multilingual support enhances the demand for the content.
  7. Cross-platform solutions. The company prioritises responsive web design to optimise the user experience across different devices. Its software can be adapted seamlessly to various screen sizes and resolutions, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  8. The integration with social networks. Gamingtec understands the influence of Internet resources in today's digital landscape. The studio interacts with the audience through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular sites. By utilising social media channels for promotions, updates, and player engagement, the supplier generates excitement and increases demand for its products.
  9. Collaboration with influencers. The studio collaborates with industry experts and famous bloggers to promote its content. By partnering with personalities who have a strong presence within the iGaming community, the provider can reach a broader audience.

How to Connect a Turnkey Casino from Gamingtec

Casino from Gamingtec provider

If you want to order gambling software from Gamingtec, just leave a request and describe your wishes to 2WinPower managers. This process will take only a few minutes.

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The advantages of cooperation:

  1. Time-saving. The purchase and launch of a turnkey project will take about 2 months. At the same time, the independent start of a start-up can take several years.
  2. Minimisation of risks. You can connect security systems from leading international providers, order a project efficiency prognosis and a set of services guaranteeing the fastest possible payback from us.
  3. Legal work. We are ready to take responsibility for full legal support (from collecting documents to opening a local representative office on the territory of the chosen offshore). Our company offers time-tested software certified by the best independent iGaming laboratories.
  4. Competitive prices. You can buy casino software from Gamingtec or rent program components. 2WinPower proposes the best prices and discounts for regular customers.
  5. Technical support. Our team will set up the back office. Moreover, we will offer you up-to-date tools for maintaining statistics and predicting the behaviour of the audience. 2WinPower experts guarantee the stable operation of the system, prompt elimination of technical failures and regular free updates of the platform.

The Main Things about Casino Software from Gamingtec

Casino software from Gamingtec is a practical and effective solution. It will allow you to enter the international gaming market with minimal risks.

  • The company works on 5 continents and offers ample opportunities for attracting a new audience and retaining active users (innovative advertising widgets, statistical systems, behavioural monitoring services and more other tools are available to operators).
  • Casino software from Gamingtec is realised in three main areas: gambling platforms, complex turnkey casinos Gamingtec and betting products.
  • To purchase the products from Gamingtec, just contact 2WinPower consultants. We propose reasonable prices, professional technical support, a large selection of security systems and other software components for gambling businesses of any format.

2WinPower offers the development of turnkey online casinos and the opportunity to order exclusive HTML5 games based on your sketches. Our specialists are ready to start cooperation at any stage of the project implementation (from drawing up a business plan to promoting working slot machine websites).

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