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Opening of a Turnkey Bookmaker’s Office
Opening of a Turnkey Bookmaker’s Office

One of the advantages of cooperation with 2WinPower is the ability to order business services at any stage of project development.

Our team is ready to take upon itself all the technical nuances and create a startup from scratch, provide support and assistance during the first weeks after the launch of the system, and help with the modernisation of existing platforms. From us, it is also possible to order the development of exclusive mobile applications and promotional marketing.

A turnkey online bookmaker’s office with an advertising campaign from our specialists will pay off after two-six months of cooperation.

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White Label casino
40 000 euro 43 000
* The final cost is calculated individually
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Legal support Exclusive site design 24/7 technical support Multicurrency payment services Professional consultations
Turnkey casino
40 000 euro 43 000
* The final cost is calculated individually
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Legal support Exclusive site design 24/7 technical support Multicurrency payment services Professional consultations
Bitcoin casino
40 000 euro 43 000
* The final cost is calculated individually
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Legal support Exclusive site design 24/7 technical support Multicurrency payment services Professional consultations
Betting Software: Characteristics of a High-Quality Product 2023
Technical Support
This is not only the prompt failure recovery in the system but also communication with customers, provision of answers to their questions, and resolution of the disputes. Also, some providers who offer the sportsbook software for sale, render free psychological assistance services, the main purpose of which is to prevent the development of addiction (such a service is provided by such brands as Playtech, Microgaming, and others)
The gambling industry is one of the most competitive spheres of action that works by the strict rules. An unchanging requirement for any gambling platform is functional and safe software, the quality of which is confirmed by the appropriate license and the conclusion of an independent laboratory
High Reliability and Safety
Decent betting software must include a built-in multi-level protection system designed to avoid hacker attacks and any financial manipulations. Trust our reliable and time-tested developers proposing an extensive assortment of effective security solutions
Real-Time Mode Support
This useful technology will allow you to receive current results of updates on the page without having to reload the website. It simplifies the interaction with the system and accelerates a lot of operations, ensuring the continuous functioning of the software
The online business that is based on the people’s passion for casino games is developing in a mobile format, which, by the end of 2019, will take more than 60% of the global traffic. CMS of the bookmaker’s office should work correctly regardless of which operating system is used by gamblers
Simple Product Integration
The process of connecting bookmaker software is simple. Do not spend a lot of your resources installing and configuring the product. A convenient interface will allow you to understand the functionality of the programs fast
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Advantages of Cooperation with 2WinPower
Financial Benefits
An independent start costs several hundred thousand dollars, and with our help, the price can be much lower
Support after the Launch
Free support and consulting services during the first stages after the launch of a project
An Individual Approach
Each client will be provided with advice and assistance of a personal manager
It Will Save Your Time
Your gaming site will be ready for launch in just a couple of months
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What Does the Development of a Sportsbook Website Include?

When ordering exclusive bookmaker software from 2WinPower, you will receive:

  • High-quality visual design. We will prepare an original bookmaker website design and offer several logo options.
  • Payment services. The sportsbook project development is impossible without the integration of financial modules. We propose time-tested multicurrency aggregators and our assistance in the connection of the software.
  • Professional support. The technical base of the platform is updated regularly. Moreover, we take responsibility for the organisation of support service.
  • Analytics. Turnkey bookmaker websites have built-in multi-level modules for reporting on all key business parameters.
  • Work in real-time. All reports on the platform's operation are generated in a real-time environment. The product has sufficient capacity for an instant response even with a large volume of incoming traffic.
How to Open a Bookmaker Business?

We offer an efficient scheme for launching sportsbook start-ups:

  • the registration of a legal entity (obtaining the status of a captive company);
  • the legalisation of activities (legal betting business is impossible without a specialised licence issued by a local or foreign regulator);
  • the selection and purchase of bookmaker software (we are ready to provide full technical support);
  • the creation of a financial reserve (this is an inviolable fund for large pay-outs);
  • the development of relevant gaming offers and limits;
  • the recruitment of staff (customer support operators, accountants, managers, moderators, and administrators).

An independent start is associated with significant time and financial costs (for example, obtaining a licence will take about 3-6 months). A beneficial alternative, in this case, is to buy a sportsbook website from a reliable supplier.

Do You Have Bookmaker Scripts in Your Assortment?

A popular option for starting a betting business is a bookmaker script. The purchase of a ready-made code has several undeniable advantages:

  • low price (it is possible to find even free scripts);
  • the flexibility of the system (you can adjust the functionality as you wish);
  • the compatibility with the software of other providers (a high-quality bookmaker script allows operators to integrate products from different vendors);
  • the launch of an independent network (you can create several standard projects based on one code).

One of the main disadvantages of the decision to buy a sportsbook script is the need to adapt the program code.

What Does the Bookmaker Platform Include?

High-functional bookmaker software is a complex multi-level digital system, consisting of two large program modules:

  • Back office. This is an administrative betting software. Visitors of the institution do not have access to these programs. The system includes analytical services, programs for working with an audience and tracking user traffic, financial instruments, and other technical solutions that are responsible for the functionality of the platform.
  • User interface. The "external" bookmaker software includes the following components and options: the visual design of a website, external navigation, product catalogue, promotional offers, players' accounts, advertising materials, and more other tools.

Bookmaker’s offices are one of the oldest and most profitable areas of the gambling industry. For example, in 2018, the market turnover has reached 22.1 billion dollars (according to Research and Markets), and the sector continues to grow rapidly, even despite the worldwide pandemic and the cancellation of the majority of sports events.

Sportsbook software for sale

The 2WinPower team will consult you on how a bookmaker's script differs from a full-fledged turnkey business, which sportsbook software providers it is worth turning to, and why it is profitable to launch a project together with our studio.

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Sports Business Organisation Scheme

Independent development of a betting site is a long and painstaking process that requires solid financial investment, knowledge of the nuances of working in the gambling industry, and professional analytical skills.

There are the following stages of organising a startup on your own:

  1. Legal arrangements and acquisition of a licence. Operators must register a business and obtain a work permit from a local authority or international offshore jurisdiction.
  2. Purchase/rental of software. Online sportsbook software is a key component for the organisation of further operation of the gambling platform. All internal business processes and the quality of interaction with the audience depend on the reliability and functionality of the product.
  3. Website design. According to statistics provided by H2 Gambling Capital, more than 80% of internet traffic comes from the mobile audience. A betting site should not only have a convenient, intuitive interface but also accept mobile users.
  4. Connection of payment methods. Multicurrency turnkey sportsbook software is the key to successful work. The volume of traffic directly depends on the number of means of payment presented on the website.
  5. Recruitment/training of personnel. Operators must take care not only of high-quality customer service but also to form a powerful team of analysts responsible for bets and odds. The level of loyalty of the audience and overall business efficiency will depend on their work.

Advantages of Turnkey Sportsbook Solutions

Turnkey sportsbook solutions: advantages

Attempts to independently launch a gambling project care connected with serious risks. As a rule, from 10 to 15 enterprises that do not have the necessary capacity to compete with other brands are closed annually.

The best way to protect yourself from financial losses is to buy sportsbook software on a turnkey basis.

The service includes:

  • professional website design with simple navigation;
  • integration of payment processors (there is a single control module that allows you to work with digital systems and control land-based equipment);
  • backend debugging and setting up the bonus program (welcome deposits, cashbacks, free bets, etc.);
  • the organisation of work of customer and technical services;
  • connection of powerful analytical modules.

Why 2WinPower

One of the key advantages of such cooperation is the ability to order the sportsbook management software and related services at any time of the project implementation.

We are ready to start cooperation with beginning entrepreneurs at the stage of the development of a strategy and with experienced businessmen at the stage of scaling an already existing project.

Our offers and warranties:

  • round-the-clock support (each project is accompanied by a personal manager and a technical support team; besides, we take care of all organisational and legal issues);
  • legal status (having decided to buy the best sportsbook software from 2WinPower, you get a full-fledged digital ecosystem with a ready-made licence and assistance in adapting the service to the requirements of local authorities);
  • speed of launch (operators can enter the market within a couple of months after the conclusion of the contract ― the startup time directly depends on the wishes of customers);
  • analytics in real-time without page reloading (the system supports special control software);
  • security (our sportsbook betting software has built-in protection against crashes and external interference).

In addition to basic betting services, we offer a number of services, the aim of which is to optimise business processes.

Offers that will increase the level of profitability of a gambling startup

Mobile services

In our studio, you can order the development of specialised mobile products.

The downloadable bookmaker software not only duplicates the functionality of the main service but also can be equipped with additional gaming features (for example, fast bets, reduced limits, and special bonuses for the mobile audience)

Cryptocurrency wallets

We offer operators to buy a betting website with support for digital payments. The ability to conduct electronic transactions guarantees an increase in traffic because of the following factors:

  • speed of payments;

  • absence of commission fees;

  • minimum game limits (the size of an initial bet starts from 0.001 dollars);

  • absolute confidentiality for all participants

Remote administration

Support for user feedback, monitoring the system's performance, and the resolution of controversial legal and organisational issues fall on the shoulders of our employees. You just have to take care of the advertising program and calculate the profit

Promotion of the business

From us, you can order a comprehensive marketing program, including advanced promotional tools and analytical modules for assessing the effectiveness of investment.

We guarantee a return on investment within 12 months

The Best Sports Betting Software Providers according to 2WinPower

Best sports betting software providers

Our catalogue contains software from the world’s leading brands:

  1. Playtech. Its portfolio includes a powerful digital ecosystem that can work with record-high traffic. The platform is designed in the form of a modular constructor with a large number of filters: you can change the interface language, control betting limits, select the currency, etc. The system supports all classic events and offers a wide range of eSports.
  2. EveryMatrix. The supplier is famous for his professional organisation of various sweepstakes. The platform has a convenient, laconic design and is compatible with third-party products.
  3. Novomatic. Sports betting software of the brand is distinguished by an interesting visual design with intuitive navigation. Users have access not only to traditional pre-match services but also to live broadcasts. They are also offered a portrait play mode and adaptive sensor-based controls.
  4. Slotegrator. The brand’s platform pleases gamblers with a large selection of traditional sports and a well-developed section with virtual events. Football, horse and dog racing, as well as some other types of races, are available to users.
  5. 1xBet. The Russian provider has managed to win international recognition. His proprietary solutions combine a well-designed CMS module and a large selection of built-in bonuses. The platform is available for desktop and mobile users.

Options for Entering the Sports Market

One of the main advantages of the digital industry is the wide range of tools and methods for launching projects.

Investors can make use of the following options:

  1. Independent launch. A long and risky way with no success guarantees. All technical and legal issues, as well as customer feedback, fall on the shoulders of the owner of a bookmaker’s office.
  2. Franchise. An easy and safe way for beginning entrepreneurs. By concluding a franchise agreement, investors join the network of a parent company and operate under its name. This is an excellent option that will allow you to gain experience and establish your own business in the future.
  3. Betting script. Cheap but not the most reliable way to launch a gambling project. Customers do not receive any guarantees that the code will work, and they must have extra money to finalise the script and legalise and promote the project.
  4. Turnkey gambling establishment. A great alternative to other options, which allows you to enter the market with an exclusive product and promote your own brand. Cooperation with an experienced intermediary eliminates risks and guarantees comprehensive support at all stages of project implementation.

The Main Things about the Professional Sportsbook Software

The betting business is one of the most promising gambling sectors. Despite the severe competition, the market is still not overfilled.

Features and benefits of owning a betting platform:

  • Variability of launch. Investors can purchase a bookmaker's script, organise a project independently, enter the market under a franchise agreement or order an exclusive turnkey business.
  • Traffic volume. 52% of the total turnover of the gambling industry is accounted for by sports betting.
  • Market prospects. Despite the worldwide pandemic and the cancellation of the majority of sports events, the betting business grows rapidly. Today, the attention of online operators is focused on virtual and eSports tournaments.
  • Broad audience coverage. The number of constantly active users depends on the technical characteristics of the platform and the operator's policy. To increase the traffic volume, you can use multi-currency payment methods, crypto wallets, mobile applications, and other tools.
  • Convenient management. The 2WinPower catalogue contains interactive software modules that allow you to simultaneously manage the virtual business and land-based betting shops.

We always track the industry trends and offer advanced sportsbook software for sale that will help operators to improve the efficiency of their startups.

Buy in 1 click!

Our catalogue contains exclusive mobile products, software with support for live broadcasts, security and verification systems, and much more.

Enjoy the benefits of cooperation and start your own gaming business with 2WinPower today:
Andrew Price
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2WinPower Partner, owner of the gambling establishments network.

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Updated: 17/01/2023
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