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Curacao is a small isle that is part of the Lesser Antilles archipelago (Caribbean Sea). Because of its location, the jurisdiction has been initially developing as a meeting point of the routes of ships that went from South America to Europe. Moreover, the country is considered to be part of the Dutch territory, due to which it has the status of a member of the European Union.

Such features of legal regulations, combined with a developed infrastructure and minimum tax rates for foreign investors, make this offshore zone one of the most popular places for the registration of gambling companies from every corner of the world.

Curacao online casino license

The 2WinPower team has gathered comprehensive information on every advantage of gambling license in Curacao, requirements that are applied to business owners, and the cost of legalisation of a gambling project.

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Curacao Online Casino License: Formats of the Gambling Permit

The registration of the activity in the gambling field has been conducted since 2001. Decisions on the issuance of certificates and subsequent control of the work of online operators are made according to the view of Curacao e-Gaming. The land-based industry is regulated by another authority — the Casino Games Control Board.

The Gambling Commission issues 2 types of permits:

  1. Master License. The certificate allows you to perform activities in any format: betting, sweepstakes, poker rooms, traditional online casinos, and much more.
  2. Sub-License. The Curacao casino sublicense is also issued for all types of gambling operations. However, operators must take into account several restrictions: a ban on the provision of gambling permits to third parties and the inability to accept bets from the local population and gamblers from France, the Netherlands, and the United States.

An interesting feature is that taking into account the large-scale popularisation of cryptocurrency, the offshore zone has introduced additional standards for monitoring projects that are based on blockchain technologies.

The new Curacao bitcoin license is a bit different from the basic one because of several additional conditions — for more detailed information, you can turn to the managers of 2WinPower.

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Curacao Casino License: Advantages of the Offshore Licensing

A gambling permit of the jurisdiction gives operators the following benefits:

  • Speed of the process. The Curacao casino license is issued in 2—4 weeks.
  • Tax rate. Foreign investors are excused from VAT, sales tax, and import taxes. Also, there is no commission on the turnover from the placed bets. The only compulsory deduction is an annual profit tax of 2%.
  • Sublicense. Having a basic certificate for the organisation of a Curacao casino, operators can provide limited licenses to third parties. An important nuance is that the responsibility for the actions of sublicensees lies with the holder of the main license.
  • A single permit. Operators do not need to buy separate certificates for each kind of the game since the jurisdiction issues a single license for all types of casino games for money.
  • Additional services. The local regulator not only certifies the business but also offers technical and financial support for casinos that obtained a license in Curacao.

An interesting feature is that the Curacao gaming license means that there will be no interference of the gambling regulator in the resolution of all the issues between the service provider and players.

Gambling License in Curacao: Stages of the Acquisition of a Permit

Gambling license in Curacao: stages of the acquisition of a permit

Those who want to obtain a permit should pass the following stages:

Collection of Documents

The mandatory package of documents includes:

  • the corporate charter (a copy);
  • scans of passports of all the founders of the project;
  • notarised bank statements that confirm the solvency of an applicant;
  • confirmation of the presence of a physical address of the enterprise (household bills for the last quarter);
  • certificates that confirm a clean record (they must be issued no later than 3 months before the application filing);
  • a business plan of the enterprise (a copy) with a detailed description of goals, investments, and the expected profit;
  • evidence of the presence of the website and domain and the fact that they belong to the licensed legal entity;
  • a location scheme of servers that are used for the organisation of the work and data storage;
  • agreements with suppliers of software components (copies);
  • detailed descriptions of games (title, functionality, percentage of payouts, and so on);
  • a list of countries on the territories of which gambling services will be provided.

Prior Approval

Before applying for the legalisation of business, applicants must obtain prior approval from the provider of corporate services. The process is completed after the main package of documents is prepared and a fee for the consideration of an application is paid (1,500 dollars).

As a rule, the indent is satisfied within 24 hours.


The completed form is attached to the main package of documents and a certificate of payment of the fee. All papers are sent to the Gambling Commission.

Applicants must be prepared to pay all the fix costs that are necessary for the business evaluation.


In case of non-compliance with the requirements of the offshore zone or the provision of incomplete data, the authorised body will contact the applicant and provide a list of mandatory revisions. The Curacao gambling license can be issued only after reexamination and full compliance with all the requirements of a regulator.

Commencement of Work and Audit Examination

The license is obtained and now, operators must proceed to business. The gambling platform should start accepting customers within 60 days after the satisfaction of the request for certification.

The Legalisation of the Gambling Business: the Financial Matter

Legalisation of the gambling business

Having made the decision to purchase a gambling permit in a foreign offshore zone, operators can count on the following amounts of money:

How much does the Curacao gambling license cost

The service

The price in dollars

Opening of a bank account (the authorised capital of the enterprise must be kept at the local institution)

1 000

Registration of legal status in the offshore territory

3 600

Annual maintenance of the local representative office

3 600

Application for casino licensing

1 000

The necessity to pay a fee for every third domain every year

2 400

Annual maintenance of a casino with the Curacao license

4 800

Purchase of equipment for the office and software components

From 1500

Annual establishment of the server

6 thousand (for the equipment unit)


The Curacao gaming license is the best confirmation of the honesty and good reputation of a casino. With this document, you can guarantee your customers the maximum variety of games and transparency of financial transactions.

Cooperation with 2WinPower is a good way to avoid paperwork and reduce the time of the resolution of legal issues.

We are ready to join the project at any stage of the implementation (from the creation of a step-by-step guide for beginning investors to the promotion of ready-made websites with slot machines) and provide full support for your business.

With us, you can get access to the latest releases and the developments of the world’s leading suppliers. Moreover, you can always order exclusive solutions according to your own sketches.

You can become personally certain of the quality of the offered products by downloading a free demo version of the gambling system.


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