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Prevention of Mobile Casino Fraud
Protect your resource from cybercriminals and scammers who use various mobile devices
Protection against Bonus Abuse
The identification of dishonest users and the creation of a reward program for VIP-clients
Control of Credit Card Transactions
Detection of suspicious financial operations and bankcard fraud prevention
Monitoring and Reporting Systems
Keep track of player activity with the help of casino security systems to protect your website from potential cyber intruders
Forecasting and Analytics
The analysis of received data and the development of an efficient strategy to combat digital fraud
Reliable Verification
Multi-level user account authentication using the best security mechanisms and algorithms
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Fast User Verification
Personal data of your clients will be processed automatically in just a few minutes
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Security software can be installed by operators without the help of professionals
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Solutions from the best manufacturers will allow you to provide stable protection
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Casino security on the Internet is organized based on a completely different principle than in ground-based locations. Such systems operate quietly and efficiently. 2WinPower experts propose you to learn how casino security software works. Besides, find out the criteria for choosing the best solutions for the gambling business.

Casino fraud protection software

Characteristics of Gambling Security

In addition to the primary function (casino fraud protection), gambling security software components perform the following actions:

  • interconnectivity support;
  • virus protection;
  • prevention of technical failures;
  • combating the theft of personal information;
  • data encryption.

Given the number of requests to the casino security systems, online platforms have become “pioneers” in the development of electronic security.

The 2WinPower team collected comprehensive information on how to evaluate the effectiveness of the purchase, how to configure casino security software, and connect ID verification for casinos in the shortest possible time. We work with leading suppliers and are always aware of the latest innovations in the industry.

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Online Casino Security: The Most Popular Protection Technologies

Online casino security: technologies

Gambling security software is a multi-component product with a flexible system of personalized settings. The safety of the game process is supported by the following complex solutions:

Casino Security: Technologies


Short description

Network protection

Software components are designed to detect such anomalies:

  • the attempt of unauthorized access to the back office of the slot machine website;
  • improper exploitation of a network resource;
  • error, denial of access

Information stream encryption

SSL technology is the result of a complex algorithm. No one has been able to crack it so far.

Such casino security systems turn the incoming information into code that is transmitted to the operator instantly. It is impossible to decrypt data without a unique “key” (a set of ones and zeros, 128 characters generated especially for the client).

Encryption technology guarantees not only the complete safety of data but also the inability to use personal information by third parties.

The visual sign indicating the protection is the green lock in the search box and the address, starting with “https”


Casino ID verification is a set of software components, which help the system processes and confirm the authenticity of the client’s identity. These tools provide access for gamblers to gaming resources.

Two-component authentication is considered the best way to protect the casino from hacking (for example, a personal password and a randomly generated code sent to the user by SMS or email is used to login on the website)

System audit

Regular independent testing is a good way not only to identify “gaps” in the protection of a gaming platform but also to obtain a certificate of compliance (it can impact on the audience loyalty significantly)

Imitation of cyber attacks

Such gaming and casino security solutions can allow you to evaluate the performance of the system in real conditions.

The service is provided by the company Abilott (contact 2WinPower managers for more details)

Specifics of Working with Information Flows

Interaction with personal information is performed as follows:

  1. Data transfer. Casino fraud protection software prevents any attempts to intercept the information. The use of special encryption protocols provides the maximum level of protection (even in case of information theft, it is impossible to decode the received data without a unique cypher).
  2. Server storage. Access to servers is issued for a limited circle of people. Each login is recorded and checked by internal casino security services.
  3. Certificate of conformity. Independent verification of the casino security system is carried out by external auditors. If the casino security meets the established standards, the operator receives a special certificate. The agency Thawte is considered the most authoritative auditor (the brand works with 40% of the virtual gambling market).

Cookie Services

Casino fraud protection is performed using cookies indirectly. These are sets of text messages that can be processed after the consent of the user. The refusal to provide information does not affect financial transactions or the operation of data storage services.

The main objective of the use of cookies is to give the gambling operator the opportunity to provide customers with maximum comfort.

Such services will allow you to perform the following actions:

  • automatic saving of initial user settings (for example, the system can remember the selected interface language);
  • personalization of functionality (improvement of a personal account, selection of relevant games, etc.);
  • work with statistics;
  • development of exclusive advertising products;
  • monitoring the work of the customer support service;
  • identification of violations of the privacy policy.

ID Verification for Casinos

ID Verification for casinos

The main task of the service is to verify the conformity of information provided by the user during registration. The system of casino ID verification will be activated during the processing of the first withdrawal request.

Casino security software requests the following documentation:

  • copy of the passport;
  • a sealed bank statement (the user’s personal data and account number must be indicated in the document);
  • scan of the electronic payment system page with the wallet selected for the transfer;
  • photographs of a bank card (both sides).

ID verification for casinos is designed to collect and process information for the following purposes:

  • protection from cash flow fraud (priority is given to large transfers to combat money laundering);
  • preventing the payment of winnings to third parties;
  • a ban on the admission of minors to play.

How to Connect Casino Protection Software

2WinPower employees will help you ensure the complete safety of online casinos. We are ready to offer solutions from leading manufacturers and exclusive developments:

  • software for casino security from 4Stop;
  • ID verification for casinos from AA Casino;
  • protection tools from iovation;
  • cybersecurity systems from Abilott.

You can connect verification for casinos or order a complete turnkey solution (development of a gaming project from scratch) from us.

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The decision to connect software to protect the casino is the only right way to secure all participants in the game process.

  • Casino security is a multi-component system designed not only to detect fraudulent activities but also to protect the gambling project from viruses, technical failures, identity theft, and cyber attacks.
  • Connecting verification for casinos will allow you to protect your website from hacking, prevent money laundering, and block access to gambling activities for minors.
  • You can buy and connect software to protect the casino on favourable terms from 2WinPower. Our catalogue includes a decent selection of developers and exclusive products. Besides, you can buy a turnkey project from us.

Cooperation with 2WinPower will bring you access to the latest gambling novelties and comprehensive technical support for your business. We are ready to take responsibility for the internal management of the system.

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Posted by Andrew Price
2WinPower Partner, owner of the gambling establishments network.
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