4Stop has been working on the online market for over ten years. During its activity, the company has created a unique technology for protecting virtual businesses from fraud and has performed more than 700 successful connections.

4Stop casino fraud protection

You can buy and connect 4Stop software to protect the casino in just two clicks. All that is required of you is to leave a request to 2WinPower managers. We will take responsibility for all the technical nuances, legal support of transactions, and the initial settings of the system.

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The Most Important Facts about the Brand

According to the manufacturer, casino security software from 4Stop resembles a DNA chain. Moreover, this technology has a unique feature. Any missing link in the code can be added to a working and well-established mechanism.

You can connect the verification for casinos from 4Stop to cover the following areas of online entrepreneurship:

  • assessment and control of project compliance with international standards;
  • creation of a global system for identifying gamers preferring to play real money games;
  • processing and analysis of streaming information in a real-time format.

The Benefits of the Product

The brand does not stop there. It continues to receive new achievements. As a result, customers got a combination of the following characteristics and benefits:

Reasons to connect 4Stop software to protect the casino

Evaluation criterion

Brief characteristic

Personalisation of resources

The product has a user-friendly interface and an extensive list of individual settings (the adaptation of the system to the specified parameters and separate control services for each of the internal tools and services)

Customer value

ID verification for casinos from 4Stop has a built-in mechanism for reprocessing false results. It will allow you to increase the efficiency of working with the audience

Working templates

The product lets an operator create client accounts and various layouts of the virtual market. At the same time, all the entered parameters will be combined into a single database automatically. This solution is considered a powerful and productive tool for forecasting risks


The system’s tools start working automatically immediately after the integration (there are no restrictions on access to internal services). Besides, the owner of a gambling project can order an information processing service by independent analysts


4Stop casino security software is relevant to the gambling business. The solution can be used by the owners of gaming projects (sellers of gambling services) or suppliers of related products (virtual wallets, banking systems, gaming content)


The level of protection of the system complies with the protocols of the European Union and the United States. Information processing takes place in a PCI-compatible data centre. HTTPS TLS 1.2 protocols are also used in the work of the software

How to Connect the Verification for Casinos from 4Stop

Verification for casinos from 4Stop

Casino protection software from 4Stop provides the safety of the game itself, as well as the stability of the internal processes and financial transactions within a gaming project.

4Stop casino security represents a set of such components and solutions as:

Consistency Control

4Stop casino fraud protection will give you access to extensive sanction lists. Thanks to a comprehensive database, operators can check their clients and potential partners. It is also possible to order an expert assessment of the identified behavioural disorders.

All the information collected by the system is visualised in the form of tables.

ID Verification for Casinos

The service is developed using KYC technologies. It has the following features:

  1. Biometrics. The product recognises customer biometric data automatically and identifies inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the information provided.
  2. Authentication. The system records a player’s current actions and evaluates his or her reputation based on the history of the connected device. Besides, the authenticity of the data is verified using requests to banking institutions or electronic payment systems.
  3. Verification of e-mail address and telephony. 4Stop casino fraud protection detects related accounts and monitors the actions of the audience to exclude participation in suspicious activities before the start of the game starts on a customer’s website.
  4. Geolocation. The technology identifies, remembers, and regularly checks the IP addresses used by the client when visiting a casino.
  5. Device identification. Recording suspicious actions related to the use of equipment (multiple accounts on one gadget, using different devices, changing geolocation, etc.).
  6. Blacklists. Thanks to a multi-level verification of users, a customer can create individual blacklists of dishonest users, developers, and distributors.
  7. Situation modelling. A casino owner can model the possible reactions of players due to the use of the current database of the system and templates for predicting risks.

Monitoring Tools

4Stop casino security is a good set of solutions for evaluating all activities of a company.

The benefits and opportunities of the product:

  • viewing actions (creeping line in real-time mode);
  • a wide selection of analytical tools;
  • report sheets (tables) available in one click;
  • individual interface settings;
  • large assortment of alerting signals;
  • processing and ordering information regardless of its volume.

Combating Fraud

ID verification for casinos from 4Stop has the following functions:

  • routing signals (automatic notification);
  • profiling financial accounts;
  • machine-learning tools using associative logic;
  • personalisation of blacklists.

All protocols of the internal service are automated to the maximum. Manual intervention is required only for initial configuration. The possibility of further human-factor errors is minimised.

Independent Expertise

Having decided to connect the verification for casinos from 4Stop, a start-up owner can count on close interaction with the developer’s staff. The manufacturer guarantees comprehensive technical support. It also offers the services of personal managers and round-the-clock monitoring of the system.


4Stop casino protection software

4Stop casino fraud protection is a multi-level technology for protecting the gaming business from unauthorised actions and behavioural “anomalies.”

  • 4Stop casino protection software is a universal solution for all participants of the iGaming market, ranging from service sellers (slot machine websites’ operators) to banking systems and gaming content providers.
  •  ID verification for casinos from 4Stop will allow you to check the biometric data of your customers, assess the audience’s reputation according to extensive sanctions databases, and create personalised blacklists.
  • To connect 4Stop protection software, just contact the 2WinPower team. We are ready to provide fast integration, personal configuration, and round-the-clock technical maintenance.

Cooperation with 2WinPower is a guarantee of high quality (certified solutions are available to our client), a wide selection of exclusive developments, loyal prices, and good discounts for regular customers.

Evaluate the benefits of working with our team with the help of a free demo version of our gaming platform.


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