Informational security of an online casino plays a primary role in its formation and subsequent generation of profit. In some cases, special software is built into the gambling platform. However, most often, operators need to buy and install protection tools additionally.

Accertify casino fraud protection

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Useful Information about the Company

The Accertify team is engaged in the development of comprehensive solutions for informational and financial security. The first platform for system data management called Interceptas was launched in 2007. The product received positive feedback from investors and entrepreneurs. This fact determined the supplier's vector of development significantly.

Today, the manufacturer is focused on the creation of software solutions for four main areas: 

  1. Casino protection software from Accertify.
  2. Software for companies engaged in retail and e-commerce.
  3. Products for travelling, including protected applications for ticket booking and reservation of tours and hotels, as well as well-thought-out insurance services.
  4. Software for the protection of companies working in the field of financial, investment, and payment management.

The software modules are in high demand in both offline and online business. At the same time, the main emphasis is gradually shifting towards the Internet sector. The reorientation is associated with the transition of many business processes to the Internet.

Advantages of Casino Security Software

Having sufficient experience in product development, the brand presented Fraud Management, the most well-designed Accertify casino security software.

The product is characterised by the following advantages:

  1. Multitasking. Casino security software from Accertify is characterised by a comprehensive approach to solving problems of any complexity. The product takes into account all the main business processes of the gaming platform, ranging from user identification to money transactions. The connection of verification for casinos from Accertify is simple and fast. 
  2. Innovative technologies. To ensure casino security, Accertify applies a whole set of up-to-date tools. It includes Firewall security screens, payment gateways, multi-layer emergency backup systems, and other advanced components.
  3. Instant integration. Users can connect Accertify software to protect the casino incredibly quickly, thanks to API technology. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is not needed to change the source code of the platform when installing any additional products. This is a very convenient, effective, and economical approach. 
  4. Adaptability. The software can be adjusted to the needs of a gambling platform. The manufacturer cooperates with dozens of IT professionals and managers who can help you with the implementation and configuration of the script.
  5. Relevance. The developers do their best to make Accertify casino fraud protection meet the needs of the modern iGaming market. New schemes of fraud, reverse engineering, and piracy are detected by this professional team instantly.
  6. Impeccable quality. To ensure casino security, Accertify certifies all its inventions. For example, the brand's products comply with ISO 27001.

Fraud Management: The Main Centres of Responsibility

Fraud management: centres of responsibility

As already mentioned, Accertify casino fraud protection is a multi-component solution. Consider the main modules of Fraud Management in more detail.


Brief description

Risk Assessment

This is an original system for identifying and assessing risks. They can be associated with both external threats and the low competence of online casino employees.

The system includes the following tools:

  • a comprehensive audit of informational security of the resource;
  • certification of information systems;
  • analysis of static application script;
  • multi-stage scanning for identifying vulnerabilities;
  • penetration testing


Financial analysis of all transactions for their compliance with the laws of a particular jurisdiction


Full protection of the gambling platform from unauthorised access by third parties


Module with over 30 reports, good detailing and systematic analysis of the main business processes of an online casino

Global Support

This is a professional customer support service working around the clock. The consultants speak several languages ​​(English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese). This fact indicates the international focus of the brand

Analysis: Effective Payment Management

To ensure casino fraud protection, Accertify offers a universal module for managing payment risks. The company is certified as an international level 1 service provider, according to PCI DSS. It makes it possible to analyse and verify more than 6 million financial transactions per year, which are somehow related to the iGaming industry.

The Analysis module performs the following tasks:

  1. Structural analysis of payments to identify their risks. Rejection of suspicious transactions.
  2. Fighting multi-accounting (the same user plays casino games using different accounts to get additional benefits).
  3. Preventing bonus abuse (welcome bonuses and other rewards).
  4. Combating money laundering (online casinos can be used as a clipboard for illegal transactions).

Thus, ID verification for casinos from Accertify protects operators from illegal actions by intruders and dishonest players. It also helps to minimise financial losses of gambling platforms associated with the organisation of fraudulent schemes.

Security: Prompt Response to Hacker Attacks

Analysis of risky transactions is not the only task set by the operators. Ensuring the technical security of the resource and safety of confidential data are of great importance too.

The Security module can solve the following tasks:

  1. Protection against malicious codes (viruses, spam, spyware, WAV-files, cross-site request forgery).
  2. Fight against reverse engineering, piracy, data leakage, and intellectual property theft.
  3. Detection of hacker and DDoS attacks designed to deactivate the slot machine website.
  4. Prevention of technical failures associated with the actions of staff members.
  5. Deterring attempts to steal confidential data.
  6. Protection against zero-level threats (there are no effective defence mechanisms against such malicious programs yet).

Fraud Management responds to all security incidents instantly to save online casino assets (financial, informational, and intellectual ones).

How to Connect the Verification for Casinos from Accertify

Verification for casinos from Accertify

The full-fledged work of an online casino is impossible without the competent identification of all its customers. The ID verification for casinos from Accertify can cope with this task perfectly.

Its main functions are as follows:

  1. Identification of users. ID verification for casinos from Accertify can be activated both when visiting a gambling website and when attempting to perform a money transaction (for example, withdrawals of winnings).
  2. Separating real gamers from potential scammers. The first category of users receives personalized service, and the second one is blocked by the system.
  3. Control of access for minors or persons suffering from gambling addiction. This aspect helps operators to work within the framework of the law.

The connection of Accertify verification for casinos is a rather simple process thanks to the availability of the main software components. It can be integrated into the structure of working a platform instantly, without changing the source code of the program.


Accertify is a well-known developer. The company’s software solutions can increase the safety and productivity of any gambling website significantly.

  • The software of the brand is a multi-component product based on advanced technologies and IT techniques. It guarantees a thorough assessment of transaction risks.
  • These products are ideal for comprehensive protection of the platform from reverse engineering, piracy, malicious codes, DDoS attacks, and other interventions.
  • Technical support and convenient reporting services make the management of a gambling resource much simpler.

If you want to connect Accertify software to protect the casino, contact the 2WinPower team.

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