Casino security software from Abilott is an ideal tool to provide absolute protection and transparency of the financial flows. The company offers a wide range of products that can solve various business problems (from monitoring and evaluating the current state of the project to achieving the quality conforming to ISO 27001).

You can test and connect Airnow Cybersecurity (Abilott) verification for casinos from 2WinPower. Contact our manager to get detailed information about the developer's products, and the current conditions of cooperation (purchase, rental, attractive discounts for regular customers).

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Characteristics of the Company

Casino security software from Abilott

During its operation, the manufacturer has created and implemented several effective products for such online business sectors as:

  • virtual financial services;
  • retail;
  • software components for electronic government projects;
  • the iGaming industry;
  • telecommunication services.

The company has gained a unique experience for more than ten years of work. It is ready to offer its customers full technical support during the cooperation. According to the assurances of the developer, such collaboration can reduce the implementation time of a gaming project by 20-30%.

The interaction with new users is carried out according to this scheme:

  1. Customer assessment. The company checks the level of knowledge of the entrepreneur regarding compliance and application of ISO standards. The company monitors the entrepreneur's awareness of compliance and implementation of ISO standards.
  2. Informing the user. Employees provide informational materials and conduct a brief overview of the capabilities of Abilott casino security.
  3. Checking the gaming project. The developer evaluates the technical parameters of a slot machine website, assesses compliance with standards, and implements the GAP management systems.
  4. Audit of the enterprise. After familiarization with the technical characteristics of the gaming project, an independent examination of internal business processes is carried out.
  5. Evidence base. Casino security from Abilott will allow you to generate detailed reporting information on any identified anomalies. Besides, the company provides access to specialized training materials for the staff of the gaming platform.
  6. Implementation of ISO-protocols. After evaluating the enterprise, the supplier connects the Abilott software to protect the casino and maintain the gaming project until it complies with the established standards to the full.

The decision to connect verification for casinos from Abilott is a good opportunity to secure your establishment and raise its level of protection to international norms. Compliance with international standards will have a positive effect on website performance, the loyalty of the audience, and traffic increase.

Compliance Tools

Abilott casino security: protection services

Airnow Cybersecurity (Abilott) casino security is two complementary environments — project compliance solutions and virtual protection services.

System Audit

Abilott Casino Protection Software is designed to simplify the network of recommendations and the certification procedure of the project. The program allows the user to create detailed statistics and reporting tables with a list of available opportunities to improve the efficiency of the enterprise.

The certification of the gaming platform is performed following the requirements of the UK Gambling Commission. The supplier is ready to provide support during the submission of the application and when conducting an independent audit.

Cyber Essentials

This is the regulatory framework for organizing tenders. The ID verification for casinos from Abilott will allow you to create an effective distribution network and demonstrate your interest in improving interaction systems to potential partners.


This is a set of services and software components for bringing a client project to the level of international standards in the field of processing, transferring, and storing financial information of gamblers and partners of the gaming platform.


The system of ID verification for casinos from Abilott was developed, taking into account the new regulatory requirements that entered into force in the spring of 2018. The set of legislative requirements is relevant for the entire European iGaming market.

Compliance with current parameters will allow you to organize real money games on legitimate grounds.

Content Compliance

Given the absence of a unified regulatory framework for gambling enterprises, Abilott casino fraud protection is an adaptive service with the possibility to personalize it according to requirements of the target market and the offshore licensor.

The Benefits of Connecting Verification for Casinos from Abilott

Verification for casinos from Abilott

The company's unique protocols guarantee absolute protection against behavioural "anomalies" and attempts to play dishonestly.

Casino security software from Abilott: Technical capacity


Short description

Browser application evaluating

The system tests the gaming application and compiles a detailed summary of the identified vulnerabilities automatically. The report contains a description of the problem and personal step-by-step instruction for resolving it

Infrastructure checking

You can connect the Abilott software to protect the casino and identify the possibility of external interference in the project structure.

The system report is generated in the form of a table with a list of existing "anomalies," ways to address them and a description of possible future risks

Mobile application testing

The system is designed to detect vulnerabilities of mobile services and identify unauthorized actions using malicious software.

The specifics and benefits of the solution are as follows:

  • simultaneous analysis of several operating systems;
  • assessment of a large-scale network of external mobile devices;
  • the operation is based on international security protocols (taking into account the provisions of Open Web Application Security Top 10)

Control of wireless networks

Abilott casino protection software detects current irregularities and predicts risks in wireless networks. The result of the work is a detailed report and step-by-step instructions for fixing vulnerabilities

Gambling project scanning

Machine learning technologies are used for the development of software components. The system constantly monitors current business processes. Only initial configuration is needed (manual intervention and human-factor errors are minimized)

Simulation of cyber-attacks

The ID verification for casinos from Abilott can detect any fraudulent activity and use this information to test a customer's project.

Simulating the actions of attackers will allow you to evaluate the project's productivity in real conditions and create an individual program to combat fraud and money laundering


Airnow Cybersecurity (Abilott) casino fraud protection is a unique complex of technical solutions that will allow you to protect the project from external interference and ensure the legal operation of your website in the international arena.

  • Abilott casino protection software is a multi-structured product based on two main components — tools for assessing the compliance of a gambling project and a fraud control system.
  • Abilott casino security software is developed using machine learning technology. The system requires only initial manual adjustment. Further operations are performed automatically (reducing the number of human-factor errors).
  • The company offers a unique "cyber-attack imitation" service, which will let you identify the vulnerabilities of the system and behavioural "anomalies" in real conditions.

You can connect verification for casinos from Abilott with just a few clicks. You need to contact 2WinPower managers and describe your wishes. It is possible to buy or rent the leading iGaming suppliers' products on the most favourable terms from us.

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We guarantee confidentiality, individual approach, constant updating of the catalogue and professional support during the entire period of cooperation (personal manager, customer support service, legal counselling, personalization of the back office, and other options).

You can evaluate the benefits of cooperating with us by downloading a demo version of our gaming platform.


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