Gambling companies can be faced with scammers very often. The objectives of attackers may be different (stealing money, reverse engineering). However, the result is always the same — reputational and financial damage to casino operators. To avoid such situations, it is worth thinking about specialised security software in advance.

Bet IT Best casino fraud protection

2WinPower offers you to pay attention to Bet IT Best casino protection software and order products from this developer.

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Basic Information about the Brand

Bet IT Best GmbH is a well-known German company engaged in the development of unique software for the gambling industry.

The brand's activities began in the early 2000s with the creation of a small program for land-based bookmakers. Over time, the manufacturer shifted to the production of products for the online industry. This decision is quite logical, given the rapid growth of the industry.

The developer is focused on such areas as:

  • scripts for betting websites;
  • Bet IT Best casino security software.

Moreover, the company's solutions are incredibly popular among both owners of betting projects and operators of gaming platforms, as well as among end-users of gambling services.

The company presented the following products to its audience:

  1. A convenient sports betting website. Attractive odds for over 100 sports (for example, football, hockey, basketball, and tennis) are available on the platform. Bets on other types of competitions are also presented on the website, for both team and individual sports.
  2. The modern live broadcast system LiveScore. It will allow users to not only watch important matches but also play for any team. The game process takes place in live mode. This format is especially relevant in our time.
  3. Global sports news service. The system presents relevant information collected from various sources every day. It includes articles from leading news portals, interviews with players and coaches, opinions of analysts and market experts, insider information, videos from well-known television channels.

The head office of the provider is located in Munich (Bavaria). Over 300 qualified programmers, testers, administrators, managers, and lawyers cooperate with the brand. They are working on the creation of high-quality and effective casino security software Bet IT Best.

Reasons to Choose Software from Bet IT Best

Reasons to choose software from Bet IT Best

To guarantee absolute casino security, Bet IT Best has developed well-thought-out software. This turnkey solution is characterised by the following advantages:



Rapid reaction

Bet IT Best casino fraud protection detects and eliminates outages instantly. Such malfunctions can be associated with both external interference and incompetent actions of casino employees.

The development team monitors the emergence of new fraud schemes closely to build a competent strategy to combat them in the shortest possible time


Business processes within a gambling platform can change, and good ID verification for casinos from Bet IT Best should respond to such transformations on time.

These innovations may be associated with the company's entry into foreign markets or with the improvement of domestic legislation

Convenient integration

The connection of Bet IT Best software to protect the casino is a rather simple process. The structure of the product includes a special API integration tool.

It will allow you to install the script without changing the basic code of a slot machine website. This instrument speeds up the connection process and reduces its cost greatly

Simple administrating

The process of connecting the verification for casinos from Bet IT Best, as well as the management of the system, requires little effort. The manufacturer has provided flexible filters that will help you configure the software based on the specific requirements of your gambling project.

In case of any difficulties, an operator can contact the technical support staff. The company's managers respond to requests very quickly. Moreover, they are always ready to provide qualified assistance


The concepts of reliability and security are inextricable, especially when it comes to such a highly profitable niche as the iGaming industry.

The provider's assortment contains dozens of prestigious certificates confirming the impeccable quality of the software

Wide Opportunities of the Security Office

As it is known, operators are exposed to fraudulent attacks every day. The range of threats is constantly growing. Therefore, Bet IT Best casino fraud protection should respond to them instantly, creating innovative information safety protocols or using modernised testing systems.

The products of the brand comply with the requirements dictated by the modern gambling industry to the full.

ID verification for casinos from Bet IT Best can cope with the following tasks:

  • Combating multi-accounting. Many users are cheating to gain a significant advantage in the tournament. One of the common methods of fraud is multi-accounting (the same gamer uses multiple accounts). To avoid this situation, it is worth connecting verification for casinos from Bet IT Best. The module identifies violators instantly, maintaining interest in a website on the part of honest users.
  • Blocking bots. As a rule, bots' actions are aimed at stealing operators' money (in the form of bonus and incentive payments). Another purpose of using bots is to increase user traffic. This method is often applied by affiliates. This way to make money is also considered dishonest.
  • Prevention of intellectual property theft and reverse engineering. Unscrupulous competitors often resort to such actions. Their goals can be very different, ranging from the theft of copyrighted casino products to a complete stoppage of an operator's work.
  • Effective countering of hacker and DDoS attacks, as well as break-in attempts. All these actions are aimed at stealing the assets (intellectual, financial, labour) of the enterprise. This type of intervention is considered one of the most dangerous because it makes casino functioning impossible.
  • Analysis of risky transactions. It is no secret that many criminals use gambling platforms to launder ill-gotten money. Such actions threaten with reputational losses and even the cancellation of licenses in some cases.
  • Compliance with the age limit. An operator can also lose his or her permit by allowing minors to visit his or her gambling website. To prevent this situation, it is worthwhile to connect Bet IT Best software to protect the casino in advance.
  • Prevention of technical failures. Technical problems may occur rather often, especially when there are no backup systems or when physical server hardware is not protected enough. To ensure casino security, Bet IT Best presented a well-thought-out script. It can cope with any malfunctions very effectively.

ID Verification for Casinos from Bet IT Best

ID verification for casinos from Bet IT Best

To ensure casino fraud protection, Bet IT Best offers a convenient module for customer identification. The software separates real gamers from potential attackers. The first category receives a personalised service, and the second one is blocked instantly.

ID verification for casinos from Bet IT Best is based on the popular KYC authentication method.

This tool works in two directions:

  1. Recording information during the first user registration. The system records the technical data of the player (addresses of available files, personal IPs, domains, web browsers).
  2. Comparison of primary data with information identified during subsequent visits to a website. The process is carried out automatically. If the parameters do not match, the system initiates another check. For example, if a player uses the extraneous IP address, then he or she needs to provide additional information (ID card, geolocation).

Progressive IT Tools

Bet IT Best casino security software is based on several innovative IT programs and tools:

  • Anti-fraud solutions. These traditional banking technologies are used in the iGaming field successfully. They check all payments for signs of fraud very carefully. An operator is entitled to add the necessary filters independently (date and time of a transaction, issuing bank) to expand the Anti-fraud functionality.
  • UDP, TCP, DNS ports. These effective screens can process user traffic at the network and server levels. They block hacker attacks and suspicious activities. Users preferring to hide their real IP addresses using VPN systems are also subject to additional verification.
  • Online SIG. This tool provides reliable information transfer on an internal corporate network. Besides, this is a convenient mechanism for protecting confidential information using cloud storage technologies.


  • The German provider Bet IT Best specialises in the development of multifunctional software for betting websites and online casinos.
  • The software of the brand is characterised by reliability, quick integration, and simple administrating.
  • The finished product solves a whole range of tasks related to the protection of a platform from intruders, dishonest players, hackers, and unfair competitors.
  • The authentication system identifies potential violators, as well as sources of risky user traffic instantly.

Our company presents a vast selection of useful solutions for the iGaming business. You can order a turnkey online casino from us. This is a comprehensive service, including the development of a project from scratch, full technical support, as well as the connection of verification and security systems.

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