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Essence of VR Casinos
Essence of VR Casinos

Modern VR technologies allow developers to create unique gaming solutions. Accurate imitation of real gambling establishments will take any player from his or her apartment to Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Macau, and other well-known gambling centres.

Cutting-edge visual effects are combined with an impeccable sound design perfectly to create a realistic ambience. Users experience the unique sensation that increases their interest in the gameplay. These features make VR casinos more profitable.

The company 2WinPower partners with leading VR content producers. We ensure a stable flow of high-quality user traffic and full payback of online projects.

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White Label casino
40 000 euro 43 000
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Turnkey web casino
40 000 euro 43 000
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Legal support Exclusive site design 24/7 technical support Multicurrency payment services Professional consultations
Bitcoin casino
40 000 euro 43 000
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Legal support Exclusive site design 24/7 technical support Multicurrency payment services Professional consultations
Benefits of VR Casinos
Global Popularity of VR
Take advantage of VR technologies to promote your online entertainment business
Fast Payback of Start-Ups
Earn a substantial sum of money during the first months of your online casino operation
Low Level of Competition
Hurry up to take a worthy place in the profitable industry, avoiding stiff competition
Solvent Potential Clients
Encourage the attention of loyal high-income gamers owning expensive VR equipment
Constant Audience Accumulation
Attract players from various target markets due to the growing relevance of the format
Technical Support of Every Project
Trust our experienced specialists to resolve any technical malfunctions promptly
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What Does the Service Include?
Imitation of a Real Casino
Provide users with a complete immersion into the world of incredible VR entertainments
Excellent Graphics Quality
High definition and the detailed image will blur the lines between the game and reality
Impressive Sound Effects
Flawless musical accompaniment will make the online gaming process more fascinating
Exciting Casino Games
Our clients receive the best gambling entertainments from renowned content vendors
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What Is a VR Casino?

Virtual reality is an artificial digital world created by designers and programmers.

VR casinos are a realistic version of land-based gambling halls. Here you can:

  • take part in card sessions;
  • communicate with other participants and croupier;
  • interact with non-playable items (for example, drinks at the table, furniture, user pictures of other visitors, etc.).

It should be noted that it is necessary to use special technical devices — a VR headset and controllers to immerse oneself in the gaming reality.

This technology is getting cheaper every year. Today is the best time to buy a VR casino with content from leading suppliers:

  • Microgaming;
  • NetEnt;
  • PokerStars and others.

To familiarise yourself with a detailed assortment, please contact 2WinPower managers. We will help you open a gambling business in record time and with minimal financial risks.

What Are the Stages of Creating a VR Casino?

To launch a VR casino, an operator needs to cope with the following tasks:

  • the evaluation of competitive proposals and the development of a business strategy;
  • the purchase of ready-made software for a VR casino or the creation of a website engine from scratch;
  • the search for suppliers and the acquisition of content;
  • the connection of payment modules;
  • the registration of a gambling licence;
  • the organisation of customer and technical services;
  • the testing and the launch of a project;
  • the promotion of a gaming resource and the expansion of the client base.

We offer an excellent alternative to starting a VR project on your own — a turnkey business.

You will get a well-functioning back-end and casino software, individual design, payment tools, and other services for opening and developing your business. We create a technical base — you receive an independent start-up with the possibility of customisation at any time.

How Much Does It Cost to Open a VR Casino?

The total price of a VR casino depends on the following factors:

  • technical supply of the system;
  • the assortment of additional administrative options (for example, real-time statistics, chatbots, CRM systems, etc.);
  • the content catalogue;
  • the adaptability of the system to the interaction with mobile traffic;
  • the connection of outsourcing services, etc.

The 2WinPower website contains prices for several basic gaming platforms. To order a test version, please contact our managers.

Ready-made VR casinos for sale from 2WinPower is your safest and safest investment!

What Is the Profitableness of a VR Casino?

The turnover of an enterprise and the payback time of a project depend on numerous factors:

  • the diversity of gaming content;
  • the quality of technical support;
  • the reliability of payment instruments;
  • the region of distribution;
  • the efficiency of customer service, etc.

One of the most important aspects of a start-up's lucrativeness is a high-quality marketing program.

By turning to 2WinPower studio, you can open a VR casino with software from the largest gambling providers and achieve a net profit during the first year of operation.

We offer proven marketing cases and a whole range of services for business optimisation:

  • remote administration;
  • the connection of AI-based security systems;
  • the creation of mobile applications;
  • the development of exclusive gaming content and other options.

Contact our managers to find out the details!

The gambling industry has been setting global trends for the entire digital market for a long time. By turning their focus on the attraction and retention of the target audience, gambling software vendors create innovative solutions that guarantee an unforgettable experience.

The use of a virtual reality casino platform is one of the most impressive trends with great opportunities. In its first year of existence alone, the industry generated revenues of 3.4 billion dollars.

VR gambling industry: earnings

According to Juniper Research, in the next decade, the VR industry will “outbid” earnings from the TV sector. By the end of 2021, the total volume of bets in VR games will reach 520 million dollars.

Why is VR content so in-demand, how does it work, and what are the benefits for the owners of the gambling business? Experts of 2WinPower will answer all these questions and offer you to order the innovative software from the world’s leading vendors.

Buy in 1 click!

What is Virtual Reality

VR casino software creates an artificial digital world using innovative technologies and special devices (controllers, sensors of tactile interaction, and virtual reality glasses).

The first attempts to develop a game with artificial reality date back to the 60s of the last century. Since then, technologies have been improved but various modifications of HMD displays remain the most important devices that help players to immerse themselves in the digital world.

The VR technology should not be confused with augmented reality (AR). In the first case, gamblers can immerse themselves in the game and play in a completely artificial environment, and in the second case, new elements are added to the already existing reality. An example of AR is the Pokemon Go project with active characters.

VR casino software requires 7–8 times more production capacities than the creation of a traditional 2D image. However, despite the significant costs for the production of virtual content, the industry is actively developing and popularising.

The most experienced companies of the digital market are participating in the race, the aim of which is to attract the attention of users to VR technologies. For example, the portfolio of Google includes a cost-effective Cardboard service. Representatives of the gambling industry also did not stay on the sidelines.

The most famous developers of the casino game content in the VR format


While other providers release separate products, CasExe produces full-fledged casino systems that support VR technology. For this purpose, the brand has created a special department


The first branded game in an artificial environment (virtual roulette) was released in 2016.

Now, the manufacturer is actively expanding the range of offers and is working on the line of software with support for Oculus Rift and Leap Motion devices


So far, the developer offers only 2 VR products ― Jack's 3D World and Gonzo's Quest.

A distinctive feature of the solutions of this brand is the combination of virtual reality technology and dimensional sound effects, thanks to which its games are very realistic

VR casino software: popularity

Advanced technologies have allowed providers of the gambling industry to create unique content that promises gamblers an unforgettable experience.

Any virtual reality casino platform will be very popular due to the following features and factors:

  1. Full immersion. The artificial environment gives the feeling of absolute physical presence. All elements of the game are extremely realistic.
  2. Additional options. VR casino software pleases players with a large selection of interactive functions. For example, users can see their tablemates, “walk” around the gambling establishment and interact with objects that are not connected with the game session (put a cup of coffee on the table, look out the window, light a virtual cigarette or start a fight, throwing furniture and shooting).
  3. Image quality. The image on the user's screen is perfect: all elements have their own dynamics and intensity. They are completely similar to the interiors of the most famous land-based casinos. Unique locations are also created with the picture of the same quality.
  4. Live communication. Users can talk to the dealer and communicate with other players. Moreover, the social circle is not limited to one table: gamblers can start up a conversation with casual observers, the staff of a casino, etc.

Virtual Reality Casino Platform: What is Worth Special Attention

Good software that supports games in the artificial environment must have the following characteristics:

  1. Security and reliability. SSL encryption technologies are used to protect the game session from illegal actions of third parties and guarantee the security of financial transactions. Transmission channels are effectively protected against data leakage.
  2. Technical basis. Given the technical capacities of VR systems, developers of casino platforms often use multilevel codes. This approach allows operators to guarantee an uninterrupted game session even if one of the elements of the script fails.
  3. Multi-user support. This is the best way to attract even more interest of users and provide them with an opportunity to communicate not only with the support team but also with other players. To make it possible, additional communication channels can be implemented into the system: a chat window, voice messages, links to instant messengers, etc.
  4. Cross-platform interface. Given the constant growth in mobile traffic, VR software must be launched in any operating system. This can be both browser content and special downloadable products with additional functionality (portrait mode, participation in several games simultaneously, etc.).
  5. Payment service providers. Complex systems with integrated financial services will be very useful. It is worth adding the option of buying a bet and withdrawing winnings in one click. It will allow gamblers to concentrate on the game as much as possible, without being distracted by the need to confirm transactions.

Features of VR Casino Licensing

VR casino licensing: features

In order to buy a VR casino and operate legally, operators must obtain a special gambling licence. The certification of virtual gambling halls is somewhat different from the standard licensing of gaming sites with slot machines.

The precedent was established by the Slots Million provider in 2014. The company has launched a platform that imitated one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas. The Maltese jurisdiction refused to legalise such a project due to the stunning realism of the location.

The brand has managed to obtain a licence only after it introduced several changes:

  1. Clock. You will never find the clock in land-based gambling clubs. This is done to make clients literally forget about the time. During the virtual game, gamblers must control the time of the session and not get lost in an artificial simulation.
  2. Tournament restrictions. Taking care of the physical and emotional state of players, the jurisdiction obliged the vendors of VR software to limit the duration of tournaments and the number of participants that can take part in them simultaneously.
  3. Customer balance. Initially, Slots Million planned to make the game accounts publicly available. The Maltese regulator spoke against it because the amount of money on the account and the sums of winnings or losses are considered to be confidential information that cannot be disclosed.

How Much Does it Cost to Play in the Virtual Environment?

Today, one of the main restrictions for the popularisation of VR products is the cost of equipment.

To explore the gambling hall of the virtual casino, you will have to pay:

  • 95–100 dollars for VR glasses;
  • more than 300 dollars for an advanced gambling helmet with built-in speakers, vibrating elements, and other systems that make the game session as realistic as possible;
  • more than 700 dollars for a complex system that includes several complementary screens, cameras for transferring physical objects into a virtual environment, trackers of the motion of the body, etc.

The Main Things About VR Casinos

The artificial digital environment is one of the most popular investment patterns.

Despite the high costs of its development and gambling equipment, the industry is showing rapid growth and good prospects. By the end of 2021, the total annual turnover will reach 520 million dollars.

We recommend operators to buy a VR casino for the following reasons:

  • Broad audience coverage. Modern content is produced with the use of HTML5 technology and is available for desktop and mobile gamblers. The speed of the network connection does not matter. All you need to play is to activate a casino account and have a gambling helmet or VR glasses.
  • High profitability and growth prospects. The money invested in a VR project pays off rather quickly. According to statistics of Juniper Research, the profitability of the virtual industry will exceed the turnover from the TV sector already in the next decade.
  • Constant traffic. The modern audience does not play to hit a big jackpot. People want to gain new experience. With the invention of more affordable gambling devices, the demand for VR casinos will only increase.
  • Technical and information security. For the production of artificial gaming locations, multi-level scripts are used. They guarantee a smooth operation even if one of the components of the system fails. All personal and financial data is protected by SSL encryption protocols.
  • Fast money transfers. In order to maximise the involvement of the audience, convenient financial modules are built into the VR software with the function of paying a bet and withdrawing winnings in one click.
  • Multi-user communication. Even if there is no free space at the table, players can talk to the dealer, other participants in the game or visitors to the casino. They can use chats, voice messages, instant messengers, and other communication channels.

From 2WinPower, you can purchase a virtual reality casino platform in one click. You will be offered ready-made solutions from the world’s leading representatives of the industry and individual components to scale an already existing business.

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We are abreast of all market trends, provide the best gambling services, and guarantee a short payback period, as well as secure transactions and no hidden payments.

Our exclusive offer is a free casino website in the 2WinPower constructor. Create an exclusive project in a couple of hours without any investment!

Enjoy the benefits of cooperation and start your own gaming business with 2WinPower today:
  • e-mail: info@2wpower.com
  • Skype: twowinpower
  • Telegram: @Win2Power
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