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Advantages of individual slot games


Today all casinos have a similar set of games. In order to stand out against the background of competitors and become remarkable for players, you need to have a custom designed product.

Thematic slots

Thematic slots concerning the events that are interesting for your players (championships, holidays and other important events).


Slots should be tooled for your audience – only you know what your players are fond of.

Effective advertising

More opportunities for promotional actions, bonuses and marketing.

casino games development

What you'll get


Live animations, manually drawn elements, 3D effects – your slot machine will look like a true work of art.

Back ground sound

Professional sound directors work on the sound of each game. They create thematic background sound, corresponding to the storylines and preferences of customers.

Random number generator

Today, modern algorithms and RNG are used in all games, which makes gamblers lure into the gameplay for a significant period of time.

HTML5 and Flash

The development of a game on the basis of HTML5 or Flash technologies, in accordance with goals, expectations and wishes of customers.

Unique design

Slot machines are created with the help of the usage of neurolinguistic programming techniques. Colors and shades, sounds, visual effects and a combination of these components – everything seems so simple only at first sight.

Online casino game developers

2WinPower Studio of casino game development offers in-demand and popular casino slots from well-known companies such as Novomatic, Netent, Playtech, EGT and many others.

Find out the cost of slot game development

The price for the creation of a slot game depends on which vendor of the gambling software you choose.
The most favorable business arrangements will be offered by specialists of 2WinPower.



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