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The casino license is official permission to conduct gambling activities, which opens up the possibility to provide gambling services in a particular country. It has to cover an elaborate application process to gather the necessary documents and ensure matching requirements.

Online casino license

Contact the 2WinPower managers, and we tell you more about the principles of the gambling industry regulation. Our legal experts will ensure your gaming company or a sports betting brand receives sufficient aid for official operation. You will learn the advantages of casino licensing and find out the cost of online gambling licenses.

Order assistance in permit acquisition for your online gaming project and receive solid support in such jurisdictions as the United Kingdom, Curacao, and more.

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The State of the Gambling Market

Having decided to launch your own online gaming business, you should know that the legalization of casino and sports betting start-ups is possible in more than 80 countries. Moreover, about 130 countries imposed restrictions on gambling (the total number of gamblers is 56% of the world's population).

Check out the information from the KeytoCasino portal:

The state of the global gambling industry in 2023

Industry control format

Number of states

State ban on organizing any kind of real money entertainment


Strict restrictions for local entrepreneurs and the absence of control standards for foreign suppliers


Players have access to online gaming and sports betting services. Control is exercised only over local enterprises in the domestic market


The absence of prohibitions for developing gambling projects, internal control systems and legalization of the industry


Visiting online casinos and participating games of chance threatens the user with criminal prosecution


Participation in gambling activities is punishable by an administrative fine


Free market and loyal conditions for all participants in the gambling business


The statistical coverage of the study is 95% of the existing states. Besides, a new gambling market, Ukraine, was opened in 2019.

Such a pushing adaptation of regulations underlines the following favourable aspects of the sector:

  • a growing tendency of improving local regulations;
  • minimising money laundering;
  • diversifying the types of licenses;
  • enhancement of the general image of the sector in a particular country and across the world.

Other states that have recently advanced their casino and sports betting industries by introducing additional regulations and rising gaming commission impact:

  1. The US. In 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned a federal ban on sports betting, providing separate destinations with the power to grant online gambling licence support. Since then, each gaming commission, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, has moved to introduce betting license acquisition.
  2. Sweden. In 2019, new regulations for online gaming were announced in the country. It instructed all platform owners to file for an application process at the Swedish Gambling Authority — the main administrative body regarding entertainment. As a result, it implemented more rigorous guidelines for popularisation, gaming tax imposition, money laundering, and responsible interaction according to innovative regulations.
  3. Spain. In 2020, the country saw new legislation, limiting advertising of gaming company services on the Internet during particular hours. The administrative body concluded the necessity to use standardised alerting notifications in all ads by all managers. Promotional changes were the primary amendments after the review by the local gaming commission.
  4. Germany. In 2021, a new regulatory framework for casino and sports betting portals was presented. It simplified the application process, allowing proprietary operators to get permits for different types of licenses. The approved changes by the gaming commission included stricter rules for marketing, money laundering monitoring, and responsible gambling.
  5. The Netherlands. In 2021, the country presented a new regulatory framework for sports betting and gaming company officials on the Internet. The application process instructed operators to get in touch with the Dutch Gambling Authority. In addition, some changes to advertising, principles of responsibility, money laundering protection, and more security enhancements were made by the gaming commission.

If you are eager to start working in any of these jurisdictions, contact 2WinPower and our proficient legal team will guide you through the application process. Order professional assistance in obtaining different types of licenses at our company.

The major point of holding an official operating permit is functioning without issues and problems from authorities. Gaming tax requirements are covered, all money laundering preventative systems are connected, and a manager can enjoy legal activity.

On top of that, the official gambling permit brings the following benefits to the operator: 

  1. Good banking relationships. You can use the services of the best international institutions to hold reserve capital and your website's revenue.
  2. Honest financial services. A casino with a gambling license can offer customers the most popular payment systems: bank transfers, e-wallet transactions. Moreover, you can order a business modernization service for performing Bitcoin payments from 2WinPower.
  3. Certified software. A casino license will allow you to count on cooperation with the world's largest software providers (Playtech, Microgaming, Igrosoft, Novomatic, and others).
  4. The loyalty of the audience. The online casino license guarantees fair payments and is considered the key to a positive reputation for the gaming company.
  5. Reliable partners. The operators of legal gambling clubs can conclude agreements with the largest partner networks, count on significant investments, and create their own affiliate systems.
  6. Access to the international market. Obtaining an online gambling license is the best opportunity to distribute gambling services without unwanted attention from the authorities.
2WinPower offers these and other undeniable benefits of official operation, including different types of licenses, gaming tax optimisation, application to the most renowned jurisdictions (i.e. the United Kingdom), and more. Order professional assistance in firm registration at our customer support.

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How to Open a Licensed Online Casino

Gambling license: collection of documents

The process of assembling a gambling platform typically begins with ensuring its legality. One of the most popular offshore opportunities is the Curacao gaming license. Alternatively, an entrepreneur can resort to such renowned commissions as the United Kingdom for a casino or a betting license and local activity.

To legalize a gambling start-up, the operator needs to take the following actions:

Collection of documents

There is no single list of documents for obtaining a permit. Each jurisdiction has the right to require an individual set of information from the entrepreneur. This comprises casino and betting license applications.

The basic package includes:

  • identity documents of each interested person (project founders);
  • evidence of registration of legal status;
  • confirmation of the presence of a physical representative office (utility and telephone bills, etc.) 
  • certificate of criminal record;
  • verification of sufficient experience in senior positions.

Financing of the project

To buy a casino license, the applicant must confirm his or her financial solvency. A bank statement about the availability of a reserve fund (capital heeded to cover jackpots and other significant wins) must be submitted along with the application for legalization. The reserve amount is calculated individually for each jurisdiction. In addition, some countries require opening a bank account only at local institutions.

The gaming license cost determination differs from country advancement. For example, a popular permit obtained in the United Kingdom will be more expensive than an offshore document due to its recognition and immaculate reputation. A Curacao gaming license is another way of registering the brand, often used for unregulated locations.

Contracts with suppliers

To confirm the seriousness of the operator's intentions, the authorized authority may require the applicant to provide agreements with software developers and sellers. Supervisory authorities will check not only the gaming content but also the security systems, as well as technical support and information storage software.

Application commission fees

To open a licensed online casino, the operator must make a non-refundable fee and be prepared to pay for the annual maintenance of the permit (this sum is set individually in each jurisdiction).

This amount goes additionally with gaming tax requirements. The sum is typically the same for a casino or a betting license.

Casino Licensing: An Alternative to Independent Start

Casino licensing: an alternative to independent start

The launch of the project with an online casino license from scratch is an expensive and time-consuming process. The preparation of documents and legalization procedure can take from six months to several years. The gaming license cost under such an operation can even have unexpected financial losses. Moreover, there are no guarantees of success.

A turnkey online casino with a license is an excellent opportunity to avoid "pitfalls" and save your time.

Leave a request to 2WinPower managers and learn more about the best offers:

  • the gaming license of Malta;
  • permit of Belize jurisdiction;
  • certification of business in Costa Rica;
  • gambling license of Alderney;
  • legalization of your business in Curacao.

We guarantee the absence of financial risks, minimal gaming license cost, the high speed of the procedure, and the full legal support at every stage.

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How Much is a Casino License

There are no single international standards for the legalization and taxation of gambling business. An online gambling license can cost from 10 to 500 thousand dollars (annual maintenance) in different offshore zones.

The permit of Costa Rica is the most affordable option. The service costs $15 thousand. Besides, there is no tax on gambling projects. It should be noted that this is not a full-fledged gambling license. The operator will receive the so-called "permission to process data." The combination of the appealing gaming license cost and official project registration makes this option picked quite frequently.

Entrepreneurs aimed at the European audience should buy a casino license from Malta. This offshore zone has an impeccable reputation and many years of experience in the gambling market. The price of the document starts from 50 thousand dollars.

The Curacao gaming license allows managers to offer legal services in a variety of destinations and is issued by the eGaming Licensing Authority. It is a popular choice due to its low taxes and responsive regulations. Granting players security and confidence when accessing platforms, the Curacao gaming license is also considered to be reputable.


Obtaining an online casino license is an excellent opportunity to enter the international arena without double taxation and administrative prosecution.

The 2WinPower team will save you from any problems related to the legalization of gambling projects. We will solve all the legal tasks (from the registration of a legal entity to the opening of a representative office in the territory of the selected offshore zone as well as the resolution of contentious issues). In addition, you can always order a turnkey casino development service from us.

You can evaluate the prospects of cooperating with us after downloading the free demo version of the gaming platform.


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