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One of the most technologically advanced countries in the world is now open for the gambling services that you can start providing with 2WinPower.
Our experts have already paved the way for your future operation, so it is only a matter of your decisions to start making a profit on gambling in Japan.

What is so beneficial about launching an online gaming business in Japan?

Limited local experience

Gambling hadn’t been so accessible here as much as it is now. That is why your gaming platform will quickly become a target of interest

Short pay-off period

With proper organization and correct advertising, your operation in Japan will be highly lucrative, even in the initial stages

High living standard

Japanese earn a lot. Therefore, they don’t mind spending much on leisure activities, and gambling is a perfect pick for unwinding after a long working day

Technological progress

Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world, so mobile accessibility is a much-sought-after option

No local establishments

The local government doesn’t allow registering any gambling venues on the territory of the country, so you will have no legal issues with your platform

Cultural opportunities

The ability to diversify your gaming website with particular cultural features will only increase the popularity of your establishment here

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Established connections with the world-renowned software manufacturers

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Where To Buy Reliable Casino Software In Japan? 

1. The Latest Trends in Japanese Gambling Market

2. Legal Aspects of Gambling Business in Japan

3. How to Choose High-Quality Casino Software in Japan

4. Software Providers Worth Your Attention

  4.2. Realtime Gaming

  4.3. Amatic

  4.4. Playtech

  4.5. Microgaming

5. Where to Buy Good Gambling Products for Your Project in Japan

Even though until recently, the Japanese gambling business faced some restrictions, the gaming sector in this country continues to develop rapidly. Online gambling business is especially relevant today. That is why more and more beginners and experienced businessmen are interested in buying high-quality casino software in Japan.

2WinPower has been operating in the Japanese gambling market for many years. Our experts have prepared a detailed overview of the gaming industry in this country to help you find the optimal format for working in Nippon.

The Latest Trends in Japanese Gambling Market

Gambling in Japan: the latest trends

It is no secret that Japan is a leader in the development of modern technologies. Local residents are taking advantage of using advanced technologies in modern life very actively. It seems that time is running much faster in this country and the future has already come here.

While online gaming is just beginning to gain momentum in some countries of the world, it has been popular here for several decades. In addition to the usual gaming projects, the Japanese also prefer some modern solutions. The gambling content with live dealers is rather popular in this state. This type of gambling allows operators to immerse players in the atmosphere of a real gaming hall.

The decision to open a live casino is a good opportunity for novice operators to earn good money since the main audience of such virtual establishments consists of high-income people.

Besides, Japanese citizens use various cryptocurrencies (in particular Bitcoin) most often in the world. This payment method has become quite commonplace in this country. 

Therefore, many casino operators working in Nippon pay great attention to such a new direction of online gambling as online Bitcoin casinos. Although this type of entertainment appeared quite recently, it is in great demand among the Japanese for several reasons:

  • Complete data privacy.
  • High-speed financial transactions.
  • Security of payments.
  • The opportunity to make small bets.

The possibility to protect payments and personal data as well as the opportunity to allow players to place small bets will attract a large audience of regular customers who are not ready to make risky bets, but at the same time, prefer to place them regularly.

Legal Aspects of Gambling Business in Japan

Until recently, many types of gambling were banned in the country. Citizens were allowed to play traditional slot machines in special gambling halls. However, the Japanese are great gaming enthusiasts. They wanted to access other casino games. Besides, Nippon is one of the most important tourist centres in the world. As it is known, the tourists bring the bulk of the ground-based gambling industry income in many states.

That is why the local authorities decided to permit the activities of land-based casinos after many years of discussion. The first establishments are expected to appear here in 2020.

As for the online sphere, the Japanese government does not allow the registration of virtual gaming projects in the country. At the same time, the activity of foreign resources is not prohibited here. The best option to open a website with online slots is to register and license your business in another country. Many states with simplified taxation and offshore zones are ready to offer favourable conditions for cooperation for businessmen from different countries of the world, including Japan.

How to Choose High-Quality Casino Software in Japan

Based on the fact that the Japanese are well versed in the field of modern technologies and have extensive experience in online gambling, you should consider the issue of searching for casino software in Japan very responsible. Here are a few things that you should pay attention to when choosing content for your project.

Advanced software creation technologies

Surprise your users with really vivid and attractive video slots and table games, created using HTML 5 technology. Make sure that the quality of the graphics and musical accompaniment meets the high demands of the Japanese gamblers

Large selection of payment methods, including cryptocurrency support

Allow the player to choose the best payment method for him or her. Do not forget about the relevance of cryptocurrencies

High level of safety

The Japanese are wealthy people who make rather high bets very often. They want to be sure of the security of their money and personal data. Find out what data protection mechanisms are used in a particular gambling product

Focus on live content

Do not forget about the popularity of online casino games with real dealers when choosing casino software in Japan. Make sure that highly qualified specialists work in the studio or gaming hall, presented by the provider. The game process should comply with all the rules and principles of the modern gambling business

The gaming business in Nippon is expanding actively and many new manufacturers are entering the arena. However, not every software company can meet the above criteria. Only a few providers were able to gain a good reputation and the trust of operators in the Asian region.

Software Providers Worth Your Attention

Software providers for an online casino

Familiarize yourself with the best manufacturers of gambling software. Pay attention to their strengths to choose a worthy variant for yourself.

Realtime Gaming

Realtime Gaming is well known for a wide audience of gamblers thanks to its vivid thematic slot machines and classic card games, suitable for users with different casino experiences. The main advantages of this manufacturer include:

  • A broad range of bonus features.
  • Cumulative jackpots.
  • The presence of an automatic game mode.


This provider is also known to the Japanese players for its high quality of products. Here are the key features of the vendor:

  • Creation of HTML5 content.
  • Large assortment of award-winning thematic slots.
  • Development of cutting edge live content.


This brand has been operating in many countries of the world. Many casino software sellers from Japan recommend its products to novice entrepreneurs. The company managed to become one of the best software developers of our time thanks to the following characteristics:

  • High level of safety.
  • A wide choice of payment methods.
  • The opportunity to work with cryptocurrencies.


Many gamblers remember the slots of this manufacturer since the time of the wide popularity of land-based gaming clubs. Moreover, this vendor was the first company that had switched to the online segment. Consider its advantages:

  • A huge assortment of games (over 800 options).
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Profitable built-in bonus opportunities.

Where to Buy Good Gambling Products for Your Project in Japan

If you are looking for decent casino software in Japan, you need to find a good partner for cooperation. Experienced operators prefer to work only with time-tested, reliable companies. When choosing live casino software for your website, you should not focus on the products of one brand. You should have gaming solutions from different providers in your arsenal.

Does this mean that you need to establish contacts with each company separately? No, you do not have to spend a lot of your time preparing the necessary documentation and conclude agreements with each manufacturer separately. Good intermediaries such as 2WinPower will provide a wide range of services and develop a unique project following your wishes and sketches.

2WinPower has been operating in the gambling market for many years. We cooperate with the best manufacturers of gambling content from around the world. Both novices and experienced operators from different continents use our services.

There are many solutions for players with various gaming experiences in our assortment, for example, original thematic slots, interesting variations of classic casino games and up-to-date live products.

In addition to selling casino software in Japan, our team also is engaged in the development of turnkey gaming platforms. This service includes the creation of a website, the search for suitable content, as well as financial and legal counselling.

If you want to find worthy gambling content in Nippon, pay your attention to the exclusive opportunity to test demo versions of our products for free. Besides, the possibility to rent gaming platforms is available to our customers.

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