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Slot machine software

Online script and the gambling software on a turnkey basis for sale

The advantages of online slot machine software:


HTML5 slot machines are a relatively new kind of video gambling that has won the hearts of operators and players alike in a short time. For an establishment’s owner, slot machine games for sale is an excellent opportunity to earn money: they bring a decent portion of the whole casino’s profit. For a gambler, slots allow spending time on an exciting activity with a possibility of winning.

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In a few decades, thousands of new slot machine games with various themes were released (fruits, myths, fairy tales, jewels, etc.) while technologies made gameplay accessible and comfortable. Thanks to this fact, casino slot machines are now the main source of casinos’ income all over the world including UK/USA/Australia, Asia, and more.

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For both parties to be satisfied, video slot machine software must have three features: the high quality of production, the ability to capture players’ attention and the profitability. These are exactly what one of the slot machine software development leaders, 2WinPower, is offering.

The leading providers of software for video slot machines:

All the operators and gamers know the products Book of Ra, Pharaoh’s Gold, Bananas Go Bahamas, Sharky; all made by Novomatic. The company is one of the leaders making various kinds of software (slots, management software, lotteries). All the industry is looking up to them.

One of the most popular developers making safe software for high-quality game machines.

This company is a pioneer in the world of online gambling: it has been Microgaming that has developed the first casino gaming platform on the Internet and implemented other functions that are already familiar to us.

One of the iconic names in gambling is NetEnt. It produces slot machines for sale with beautiful graphics and stories.

The Austrian company with a wide products range, high level of security and a reliable reputation.

The developer specialises in creating live casino software. Online blackjack, roulette, baccarat — all that is masterfully done by the company.

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The history of casino slot machine games

The very first slot machine has been created in the USA at the end of the XIX century. It was invented by Charles (August) Fey, an immigrant from Germany. Old machines were devices with one reel and a limited set of functions. The interest in them started growing by leaps and bounds: they required no special skills and used to accept minimum sums of money.

Speaking of the classic symbols, fruit machines as we know them appeared in 1907. They had fruit characters, sevens, BARs, etc. In 1930, the first electronic slot machine was introduced; in 1996, the device was fully automated. The real breakthrough happened with the coming of the Internet: slot machines moved to the digital world. The first arcades appeared and began gaining popularity. With each day, the devices were becoming more functional; the multi-game machines stopped being something unusual.

What are HTML5 slots?

HTML5 slot machine games: another stage of the gambling evolution

In the 2010’s an updated version of the hypertext mark-up language was created — HTML5. The format includes the next programming languages: HTML (for placing elements), CSS (visual design), and JavaScript (interactions). The developers have soon understood that HTML5 is the best technology for the development of new gambling machines.

Top 5 reasons to use HTML5 in game development:
  1. The adaptability to mobile devices: you can play on both PCs and gadgets.

  2. The scalability of the picture.

  3. The cross-platform support.

  4. No need for downloading and installing additional software to play.

  5. An open-source code reduces the costs of the development.

The advantages of online slot machine software:


An opportunity of feeling the spirit of a real casino in a convenient place, at a time that suits you.


The anonymity which cannot be provided by land-based casinos. Not all the gamblers wish to demonstrate their hobby publically, so playing at home is the best option for them.


An online video game does not require such services as the real slot machines do. The Internet is a better opportunity for operators.


Online gaming machines are not just slots with random number generators. They are also live dealer games: classic poker, roulette, blackjack, etc. All the lovers of excitement will find something entertaining for them.

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I want a unique slot machine. Is it possible?

Of course, it is. First and foremost, we should note that many people are looking for a script or a game’s source code, not even bothering buying original games from well-known providers. It is not the best decision: such product may work incorrectly. On the other hand, custom slot machine software made for you will be of high-quality if you address a trustworthy developer.


If you have just a wish to get a unique game but no ideas — never fear. 2WinPower’s managers will advise you on what stories do gamblers usually prefer, which opportunities should be added and how to visualise the slot. Remember that you can also use a game as a marketing tool to reach your commercial goals.

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The 2WinPower studio will create a slot machine corresponding your requirements and wishes. It is a real exclusive opportunity since there will be no game like that anywhere else. You can add any functions, bonuses and special offers, your own visual design — only your goals and imagination are the limit.

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Where can I buy an online slot? How much does it cost?

Talking about the purchase, many things depend on the developer company. For example, the electronic slot machines for sale from Novomatic or Playtech can hardly be called cheap, especially compared to less known game manufacturers. However, the products’ quality will be guaranteed. Of course, the brand also matters: gamblers trust the casinos offering slots from trusted developers more. If you have been wondering where to buy games, a trustworthy company is the best answer.

The price of development depends on how many functions a slot will have and what technologies it will use. The more interesting, exciting and complicated the game (for example, a 3D slot), the higher the price — it is obvious. To know the final price of the product’s creation from scratch, address the developer and sound your wishes.

Calculate the cost of an online slot:

Why you should choose the gambling software from 2WinPower

2WinPower is:


Many years of experience — since 2001


Thousands of finished products


Leading specialists


Progressive technologies


Rewards from prestigious associations

Slot machine software from 2WinPower

The studio offers slot machines for sale and rent for a casino or a game room, the development of unique games and integration of software. The 2WinPower’s team guarantees the quality of work: the company puts much value on its reputation as one of the leading providers of gambling services.

Additionally, 2WinPower offers the development of turnkey casinos, betting software, bitcoin platforms and the promotion of gambling establishments; the full list of services is much bigger. Contact 2WinPower’s managers to get advice on products and order a demo version of the software.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to add HTML5 slot machines to your web page (from 2WinPower and other well-known providers), 2WinPower is your best choice.