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The Best Online Casino Software: Ready-Made Turnkey Business

The gambling industry is showing a tremendous development rate. By the end of 2018, the total earnings of the gambling market exceeded the amount of 44.1 billion euros. As reported by analysts, in the next five years, the turnover of this segment will increase by more than 80%. It is high time to think about own gambling business and buy reliable, approved casino software.

The best casino software

Table of Contents:

1. What Are the Criteria for Operators in Choosing Gambling Software

2. Some Statistics

3. The Reasons for the Popularity of the Online Market

4. Main Formats of Gambling Projects

5. Classification of Software for Virtual Websites

6. Online Casino Gaming Content

7. Live Casino

8. Useful Tips for Choosing Software

9. About the Leading Providers of Software for Gambling Projects

10. Unique Alternative: The Development of an Exclusive Software

11. Conclusion

What Are the Criteria for Operators in Choosing Gambling Software

Aspiring entrepreneurs, of course, might ask: software for online casinos — what is it? The operating system is a collection of basic software solutions, the foundation of any platform, providing the efficiency of the institution. This is a factor that determines the success of the project and the demand for service in the conditions of fierce competition.

Let us understand how to choose the best casino software. Before reading the list of the best gambling providers and detailed characteristics of gaming software components, we offer you the main criteria and characteristics of high-quality casino software.

Hpw to choose a high-quality casino software

Quality software is distinguished by the following peculiarities:

  1. Intuitively clear and intelligible user interface.
  2. Unique visual design.
  3. Availability of a decent selection of services for financial transactions.
  4. The actual set of games.
  5. The presence of the original bonus systems and loyalty programs.
  6. Security guarantee (reliable protection against unauthorized activities of users, owner or third parties).

Some Statistics

As mentioned above, the volume of the gambling industry is constantly increasing. According to the forecasts of experts of the independent consulting agency H2 Gambling Capital, by 2022 the income level of this segment will be about 59.3 billion euros. We should also mention the rapid development of the “clear” market. Confirming to statistics, within five years, the “shadow” part will account for no more than 10% of total income volume.

It is also worth mentioning the formats of gambling establishments and the most beneficial areas of activity.

At the beginning of 2019, the structure of online gambling income was as follows:

Prominent and profitable formats of gambling entertainments

Type of gambling activity

Percentage ratio

Total revenue of the global market

Betting market (sports betting, bets on artificially generated events)


19,5 billion euros

Casino games (slot machines, live broadcasts, card and desktop entertainments)


10,7 billion euros

Lottery draws (state and commercial draws)


3,5 billion euros

Poker (card game in different variations and tournament competitions)


2,5 billion euros

Acquirement games, skill entertainments


2 billion euros

Bingo draws and other types of games


4,5 billion euros

The Reasons for the Popularity of the Online Market

Virtual gambling has repeatedly “overtaken” the indicators of the largest land-based establishments.

Online gambling has gained such popularity and recognition due to the following factors:

  1. Availability. To start the user’s favourite entertainment, it is only required to have a personal device with Internet access. The player can enjoy the captivating world of excitement anywhere all over the globe (on the way to work, while travelling and country trips, after a hard day's work in a favourite chair).
  2. Security assurance. All user data are securely protected by unique encryption technologies and stored on foreign services.
  3. Anonymity. Each user has the right to keep incognito and enjoy the game for money without disclosing personal information. And in the case of running demo versions of the slots, there is no need to register on the service.
  4. Unique bonus program. Modern casino gaming software is equipped with a number of built-in bonus offers (for example, risky game, free spins, additional rounds, special symbols). As an additional means of increasing traffic, operators can implement seasonal and thematic promotions, charge funds for vivid activity (registration, first deposit, attracting a friend) and connect casino software with systems of accumulative jackpots.
  5. A large variety of solutions. Generally, even on small websites represented by a hundred kinds of entertainments, including table games, cards, traditional fruit slots and slot machines with unusual storylines.
  6. Free game. Leading developers of software for online casinos have provided the demo mode for any gaming solution. The free version of the software products can be used as a training course or an opportunity to tune into the game for money in the most opportune and comfortable environment.

Main Formats of Gambling Projects

Searching for the answer on the issue of how to select the best casino software, it is impossible to ignore the classification of gaming projects. What casino software should be, largely depends on the format of a start-up. It determines the products of which suppliers the operator should pay attention to.

Modern virtual platforms can be systematized according to several parameters.

Traditional Service

This is an entertainment website with a set of gaming content.

Gaming software for entertainment websites

Classical projects, in turn, can be divided into two main types:

  1. Downloadable product. This is a set of software for a virtual casino, which is installed on a personal user device.
  2. Browser service. Gaming content and other elements are available without additional activity on the part of the visitor. To start the application, just click on the selected icon — the game opens directly in the browser window.

Mobile Platforms

As maintained by statistics, mobile gambling accounts for about 60% of the world’s traffic.

The mobile casino software can be presented in two formats:

  1. Downloadable application. This is a set of programs based on the principle of other entertainment solutions for mobile platforms. The software is downloaded and installed on a personal device, allowing to play the game even without access to the Network. This format is considered to be the most reliable and secure.
  2. Mobile version of the casino website. An adapted version of the traditional platform, equipped with a set of options for navigation and play using the touch panel.

Blockchain Casino

This is a product made on the basis of decentralization technology: each element of the service is a separate information block available for viewing, but not for editing and other forms of outside influence.

When developing a blockchain casino, operators can choose the following ways:

  • Partial use of smart contracts (integration of unique mathematical algorithms on the website, providing absolute transparency in the number generation system).
  • Use of blockchain platforms (e.g. Ethereum-based projects). The casino is a full decentralized application — a set of blocks that contain information about all the processes of the website.
  • The connection of the cryptosystems.

Bitcoin Casino

Cryptocurrency start-ups are one of the most popular gambling trends. By the end of 2018, the revenue of this segment amounted to 1.2 billion dollars. According to forecasts, in 2022, every second website in the world will accept electronic money.

The rapid development of the industry can be explained by the peculiarities of bitcoin:

  • One hundred per cent safety. Transactions in bitcoin cannot be cancelled or tracked.
  • Anonymity. To conduct financial transactions, the user only needs to specify the wallet number, no other personal data are disclosed.
  • Instant transfers. Transaction processing is automatic and takes no more than a couple of minutes, regardless of the location of users or the amount of transfers.
  • No commissions. Bitcoin does not belong to any bank in the world, all payments are made without intermediaries. Accordingly, there is simply no one to pay the commission for the transaction.

When it comes to the formats of bitcoin casinos, gaming platforms can be classified as aimed solely at playing on cryptocurrency and hybrid services. The latter use electronic money as an accompanying method of payment and additionally offer users several traditional payment services.

There are a few more nuances:

  • Casino with one game. Oddly enough, but bitcoin establishments can be websites with one game offer. A striking example — the Bitkong website, the annual income of which exceeds 190 million dollars. The portal has only one game, based on the principle of “red/black”.
  • Work without a license. When deciding how to create software for bitcoin casinos, it is simply impossible to ignore such an aspect as the lack of need for business legalization. As mentioned above, electronic currency is not the property of a particular state. It is impossible to control bitcoin casinos: the modern world simply does not have the technology and computing power of this scale.
  • Quick entry to the market. Nowadays, there are many tools for creating personal gaming platforms based on cryptocurrency. Previously, the Ethereum system was mentioned, which allows generating information blocks in a single decentralized application. According to the developers of the project, Ethereum can be used even without experience, while the development of a personal start-up will take only a few weeks.

Classification of Software for Virtual Websites

Online casino software classification

Regardless of the format of the gaming resource, on the website can be presented several types of custom components:

  • Client services provided by the operator. This is a set of software, the main focus of which is to retain the audience. For example, the operating system generates notifications on current promotions, performs information and newsletters, reports on new bonus programs.
  • Third-party suppliers’ products. It can be only introductory information or various “helpers” (calculators, analytical tools, methods of gaming strategies development).
  • Payment services. The main functions of the products are to ensure the replenishment of gaming accounts, withdrawals of funds.
  • Products for partners. This is a set of casino software designed to expand the audience by means of advertising campaigns.
  • Hacking software. Important: the distribution and purchase of such software are illegal. Besides the risk of money down the drain, believing the scammers. A piece of advice: avoid any such offers.

Gaming Program

This type of software is categorized as a third-party product. As a rule, these are strategies and training programs that demonstrate the tactics of the game.

The most popular and well-known formats of software for casino games:

  • blackjack;
  • roulette;
  • poker;
  • statistics programs for games.

Partner Services

We call your attention to a list of the most popular and demanded affiliate programs designed to maximize the traffic of gambling establishments:

Top 5 affiliate services according to 2WinPower

Name of offer

Brief description


The system is designed for the Russian-speaking audience and involves the payment of fixed amounts for the involvement of each new user. The award is paid after the registration of the client and his participation in three different games

LVK Partners

It is the property of the Vulcan trademark. Partners are paid a reward for the following actions:

  • placement of advertising banners on personal websites;

  • social media ads;

  • mailing campaign;

  • links to the gaming platform;

  • performance a specific set of actions on the casino website

Lucky Partners

The system has signed contracts with 12 establishments. Partners receive a fixed percentage of the gaming service revenue from attracted users. Payments are also available on a mixed formula: a one-time registration fee (from 50 dollars) and a percentage of the establishment revenue (about 25%)

RioBet Affiliates

The service works, paying 40-60% of the establishment income from each involved client


The system cooperates with such brands as JoyCasino and Casino X. The Main focus is the distribution of advertising content through banners, demos, landing pages and gifs

Analytical Services

Most of the gaming platforms from the leading providers have built-in business software for online casinos, designed to study the effectiveness of the establishment and compiling a cut-off of the audience. Products are designed to optimize the budget, systematize all incoming information and develop effective strategies. But, as a rule, built-in systems are not enough to control and analyse the gambling business in a highly competitive environment.

2WinPower experts recommend paying attention to additional software components with advanced functionality.

We are ready to offer licensed casino software with the following advantages:

  • Easy and fast installation with the possibility of integration to any platform format.
  • Possibility of individual improvement and settings in accordance with the customer’s requests.
  • Receive a quick overview of the current state of the business.
  • No technical overloads (analytical software does not affect the performance and quality of the gaming processes on the website).
  • Preparation of detailed reports for a fixed time period (day, week, month).
  • Monitoring the gaming content effectiveness (for example, the ratio of bets made from one machine to the percentage of the total profit of the establishment).
  • Analysis of the players' behaviour of those who have not been registered (the main purpose of the tool is to understand the motives of users who refused to become regular customers).
  • Alerts on deviant behaviour with the ability to track and then block accounts of unscrupulous users.
  • Data segmentation (viewing statistics on certain sectors of the gaming service and categories of players).

Payment Service

Internet business cannot be imagined without the availability of payment resources, providing financial interaction between the service provider and the customer.

The most popular payment services are:

  • credit cards Visa/MasterCard;
  • electronic services of international format Neteller, Skrill, Pay2Pay, PayPal;
  • virtual wallets WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money;
  • Bitcoin and other electronic currencies.

Online Casino Gaming Content

Online casino slot machines

Covering the issue of how to choose the best online casino software, you should pay special attention to the gaming content.

Basic on the Operating Principle of Slot Machines

All modern products are based on a random number generator. The system is a complex, multicomponent code working according to the MD5 algorithm.

At the moment, the market uses two main formats of RNG:

  • A hardware generator (usually an external device that generates random numeric combinations based on completely different starting points).
  • The generator of pseudoscientific numbers (this is the program code built-in by the software developer and continuously calculating each next position in a row).

Classification of Slots

Online content presented in the modern market can be divided into several categories.

Classical Solutions

It is a modernized analogue of the traditional “one-armed bandits”. This concept applies to any slot machine with three reels and a single prize line.

Multi-reel Games

Among the most common solutions is worth mentioning:

  • 5 reels. The widest range of offers, characterized by a large number of paylines (from 50 to 100) and the presence of additional components in the form of bonus rounds, a series of free spins and special symbols.
  • 7 reels. This entertainment has not gained wide popularity, although it offers loyal conditions for winning. The field has up to 10 paylines and a limited number of symbols.
  • 9 reels. Such machines have appeared relatively recently. The highlight of the solution is a random rotation of the reels independently of each other, as well as the location of the winning sequences horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Multi-line Entertainments

From the title, it is clear that the slots have an expanded number of cash combinations. A more precise classification is not possible because of the huge variety of solutions.

Three Dimensional Models

3D technology allows creating truly bright and original solutions, each element of which has a special dynamism and atmosphere. Vivid graphics greatly enhance the sense of the reality of what is happening, allowing the player to enjoy the game with maximum efficiency.

Amusement with Prizes

Entertainment dates back to the era of land-based “one-armed bandits”. Devices, installed in the British bars, had no protective glass that the regulars loved to use, just holding the reel with their fingers. Virtual analogue also has a similar function: the player just has to click and “hold” or “push” in time the desired symbol.


It is a brand line of interactive products, presented exclusively in establishments based on Rival platforms. A distinctive feature — the presence of additional locations with parallel storylines. The amount of winnings depends not only on the results of the RNG but also on the personal skills of the visitor.


Slot machines can be classified according to the format of the main prize fund of the game:

  • Individual reward (variable amount accumulated by different users on one particular slot).
  • Internal jackpot (fixed prize set by the product developers).
  • Progressive or cumulative jackpot (the reward is collected from the burned bets on several slots, united in the network, while it is possible to hit the jackpot on each of the machines included in the list).

Live Casino

Another popular entertainment format is playing with a live dealer. A special set of software solutions is used to provide broadcasts. The main game is played in a closed room, from which a visual and audio signal is transmitted. All received data are transferred to remote servers equipped with systems of automatic calculation of winning combinations.

Online casinos with licensed software for live games have gained wide popularity due to the following features:

  • Game with a professional dealer. The establishments employ only competent professionals with extensive experience.
  • Huge selection of entertainments. It can be poker casino software, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, craps, bingo and other popular formats of desktop and card games.
  • Low betting limits. As a rule, most establishments provide ample opportunities for initial contributions (for example, bets from one dollar). For fans of the game for large sums, operators offer special VIP-solutions, bets which starts from three-digit numbers.
  • Transparency and honesty. The dealer does not play against a particular gambler: an unlimited number of clients can be present at the table at the same time, so the result of the session is only the chance success.

Useful Tips for Choosing Software

Starting own business, many operators are wondering how to choose the most reliable and high-quality casino software.

When buying operating systems, we recommend paying attention to the following aspects:

  • License and certificates of excellence. All products must be certified. The availability of appropriate documentation ensures smooth and stable operation of the software, as well as allows repeatedly increase the confidence level of the audience.
  • Positive feedback. Information about leading suppliers is publicly available. Before purchasing, we strongly recommend that you read the basic provisions of the supplier’s policy, testimonials of partners and the reviews of users who have already had experience with the products presented.
  • High-quality picture. Visual design plays an important role in attracting the audience. Graphics effects create a good impression of the software and are designed to maximize the session time.
  • Bonus policy. The presence of loyalty programs and built-in bonus systems is a significant factor in favour of a certain supplier. For example, most Microgaming slots are connected to the network of accumulative jackpots, and Playtech offers interesting storyline games with additional rounds and separate thematic locations.
  • The adaptability of software components. It was mentioned above that the mobile segment is gradually taking over the market. Accordingly, manufacturers strive to develop universal solutions suitable for both traditional websites and mobile services. Moreover, new products are available for iOS and Android platforms and only then modified to connect to standard web venues.

About the Leading Providers of Software for Gambling Projects

Online casino software providers

2WinPower team has prepared a list of the most popular and recognizable gaming providers, not only occupying the first place in the rankings but also having a significant impact on the entire industry development.


The company is the originator of the online casino concept (Microgaming provider has created the world’s first virtual gaming platform). Another undeniable achievement is the introduction of an accumulative jackpots system. Today, the brand’s portfolio includes more than 850 gaming offers translated into 24 languages.

The developer covers a huge audience and is constantly improving its offerings. At the moment, the emphasis is on the production of three-dimensional slot machines and a line of branded games, based on the stories of the cult Western films.


A mega-popular Dutch provider with over 100 unique offers in its catalogue. The developer offers bright and atmospheric desktop games, a series of slot machines in the fantasy style, software for live broadcasts, along with poker tournaments, and much more.

Each product is characterized by an amazing quality, interesting storyline, excellent graphics, a high percentage of return and a huge number of built-in bonuses.


This Swedish company is recognized as one of the favourites among land and virtual operators. Having started working in the field of casino modules production, the company has earned fame as the largest supplier of unique gaming simulators, 3D slots and mobile applications.

The provider has long been working with well-known Hollywood studios and develops an exclusive series of storyline games. The company’s portfolio also includes card, table entertainments, live games, hosting services, staff training and promotion of gambling business.


Being created in the 90s of the last century, the British company has earned the title of the leading developer in the field of three-dimensional games. This is one of the strongest players in the market, dictating completely new conditions for industry development.

Each solution from this provider is impeccable quality, unique visual effects, an amazing variety of topics, absolute transparency of the system, intelligible interface and an attractive percentage of return.


Having started with the manufacturing of products for land-based casinos, the provider quickly conquered the virtual market, presenting to the world such iconic solutions as Book of Ra, Sharky, Riches of India.

Nowadays, the company owns a network of its own studios for live broadcasts and focuses on the constant updating and modernization of its proposals. Brand solutions are characterized by excellent graphics performance, multilingual, adaptability to any gaming platforms and a high percentage of winnings.

Unique Alternative: The Development of an Exclusive Software

Create your own exclusive casino software

It is becoming more and more difficult to run a profitable online business in an increasingly competitive environment every year. The modern player is no longer surprised by the three-dimensional picture, and traditional fruit slots have long lost their positions, giving way to themed entertainments and games of skills.

Accordingly, the question that has to be answered is how to create your own casino software that has no analogues? You have two options: independent work (and it is enormous time expenses, monetary injections and wide experience in the sphere of IT technologies) or the address to the competent intermediary.

2WinPower offers an exclusive service — production of gaming content based on your sketches. You just need to express your wishes and present an approximate layout draw of the future project, and the rest will be undertaken by a team of experienced professionals.

The best modern technologies are used in the development process. We have focused on the HTML5 language and are ready to offer universal solutions that are perfectly displayed both on desktop devices and on the screens of mobile gadgets.

Leave a request to our managers, and we will implement your most creative fantasies!


Choosing and purchasing casino software is one of the key decisions in the process of launching a personal gambling project. In today’s market, there is a huge number of products, and such a range can make confused even experienced entrepreneurs.

The best solution is professional advice and assistance in the development at each stage of the start-up. Leave a request to 2WinPower specialists, and we will show you how to create casino software, what you need to pay attention to when buying ready-made products and what supplier to choose.

Our catalogue includes a huge range of products from leading developers with a worldwide reputation. We are ready to offer services for the integration of software on existing online venues and take on the comprehensive development of the casino, from the legalization of business and ending with the promotion of the project.

Advantages of cooperation are loyal pricing policy, individual conditions, flexible system of discounts for regular customers, quality assurance, a wide range of analytical programs to control all internal processes of the gaming platform, the availability of software and related technology solutions for the implementation of projects of any format.

We are ready to help with the development of traditional casinos, mobile applications, platforms with the option of live broadcasts. Our staff will connect the software components for lottery draws and betting.

Do not miss your chance and become part of the 2WinPower team even today!

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Andrew Price

2WinPower Partner, owner of the gambling establishments network.


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