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How to Start Your Own Online Casino Business Effectively?

1. How to Start Online Casino: 4 Steps

  1.1. Pick up a provider to start your own casino

  1.2. License your online casino business

  1.3. Decide on the payment method

  1.4. Promotion and marketing of casino website

2. Is There an Ultimate Way to Start Your Own Business Project in This Sphere Effectively?

Ever wondered how those successful business people managed to reach the peak? Look around: not everyone was born to a well-to-do family. There are plenty examples of prosperous people owing their career to own personal qualities. Of course, many qualities can be acquired through self-work because it is ambitiousness and determination that especially matter for an entrepreneur. And a good businessman would surely never rely on oneself if it is possible to use the skills and knowledge of professionals.

Start your own online casino website with popular games

If you want to start your project quickly and efficiently, you will most of all need some extra help from experienced entrepreneurs. You can always look up some information on different forums or ask a friend of yours whether they have already done something similar. It will be a stroke of amazing luck if you manage to find all the necessary information in a single source. However, it is still possible. You will ask how? For example, by resorting to such professional companies as 2WinPower. Our proficient team will gladly answer all your queries and resolve all your issues at first in theory and then in practice as soon as we manage to find a common language. All you need to do is just to contact our responsive managers and get ready to receive your own platform quickly and effectively.

If casino industry is your solid choice for holding commerce, we can only congratulate you. You have a strong supporting partner on the gambling market called 2WinPower ever willing to help realize all your great ideas whatever they may be. Be confident about this company. It has been a reliable assistant to hundreds of people for years, and so it will be for you.

How to Start Online Casino: 4 Steps

Starting an online casino is a challenging affair but knowledge of the right steps to take when going for it is a powerful weapon to armor yourself with. We hope the following advice will do you great service and clear many issues for everyone who wishes to own online casino.

1. Pick up a provider to start your own casino

Quality software for your online casino is the keystone to the whole thing. It is what a gambling establishment functions on: the very gaming products. Casino software is developed and provided by various suppliers promising the best of the best. Make sure to study this question thoroughly to make your own casino be truly unique.

Here are some criteria one should pay attention to when choosing a software vendor:

  • general reputation of the company and how long it stays on the market; positive feedback from previous clients is very important as well;
  • variety of services a company can offer: you would not like to ply about from one provider to another if you decide to change or enlarge the scope your business;
  • game portfolio a company offers.

You might spend a big deal of precious time looking for a provider perfectly fitting for all of the above, or save it by choosing the agency that guarantees them without compromises. 2winpower has years behind its back of partnering with customers, and casino technologies are their specialty. Individual software development, creative website concepts, server programming, hosting, turnkey slot games and online casino products, platform integration, analytics, consulting, and whatever you may need when starting an online casino.

Don not forget to analyze the offered software itself and its features:

  • software functionality;
  • size and updating frequency of the game collection;
  • interface characteristics: customizability, understandability, accessibility;
  • availability of demo versions for beginners;
  • professional technical support;
  • diversity of bonus systems and loyalty programs to attract more customers;
  • language options;
  • currency and payment services;
  • availability of several game versions (browser, mobile, live, for download);
  • attractiveness of graphics and design.

2. License your online casino business

Online casino license: where to get one

Anyone who decides to open a casino site faces a very touchy subject of the legality of the entire endeavor. Most countries have banned casino business as such but that does not mean that people stay deprived of opportunities to start an online casino. You can get a license from a number of states. Depending on which jurisdiction to registrate the business under, the price of a license and taxes to pay may vary. For example, you can start your own online casino by acquiring license from Malta, Seychelles, Costa Rica, Curacao, Dominican Republic or Philippines. Naturally you will have to comply with special requirements to start your own online casino no matter which country you choose but it’s worth it. For you to help make the right choice, consider these countries as the most popular destinations for the new operators:






Costa Rica


$1K (monthly)

1-2% of income

Reliable anti-money laundering system



$75K (annually)


Short licensing period (from 14 days)



$2K (annually)

5% of income

Highly protected jurisdiction



No renewal

5% of income

European coverage area

The Isle of Man


$43K (annually)

0.1-1.5% of income

Sports gambling is prioritized here

3. Decide on the payment method

Financial side is extremely important. You should provide customers with the most convenient ways of depositing and withdrawing money to make the game process as easy and pleasant as possible. Credit cards are popular and handy for players to pay with. Even if you don’t make it the basic payment method, we recommend you add it to the list of settlement means. Bitcoins are gaining traction real fast, so you may want to consider those as well. Plus no license or registration is needed if you want to start your own casino website that runs on bitcoins, which maybe a strong argument in their favor.

4. Promotion and marketing of casino website

Finally, you own online casino, have all formal and legal issues sorted out, got organizational and financial details pitched. Yet there remains one important thing to secure you in the world of online gambling. That would be advertising. Promotion today constitutes an essential part of any successful business launch, specially if we talk about browser gaming.

What are possible variants for online advertising?

  • Dozens of social networks and messengers are at service for your online casino. Free communication with a potential client and ad location in the zone of a customer’s maximal loyalty make this method so popular and valuable.
  • SEO is the today’s must of promotion helping your website to stay in the top requested results on the internet, which clearly what you may want to be.
  • Content marketing helps to form the target audience and make your casino widely recognizable bringing it to people via different sources, whether it’s a search engine or topical media resources.
  • Email marketing enables to create quality relations with your constant clients, remind you to active users and helps to attract new players.
  • Loyalty programs can significantly increase commitment and motivation of the customers, since they include bonus systems, free spins, players points and any additional special opportunities you can offer your casino clients.

Is There an Ultimate Way to Start Your Own Business Project in This Sphere Effectively?

Through the years of the existence of the industry, there have been thousands of platforms established in different ways. Some of them have been successful and continue staying at the top until now, while others never managed to attract many clients and “died” just months after. What is the reason for such a drastic difference if they all belong to a single industry? Well, the answer is preparation.

Of course, you can always do your best and dive into the endless world of information to get all the necessary for the platform startup. However, you will never get one vital thing that changes everything — experience. If you want to organize everything quickly and with minimum resources needed, you should resort to the professional companies that offer convenient solutions. There is no real need to refuse from such help as it will save you both money and time during your development process. Everything is as simple as that!

In fact, almost everything of the above is covered by the 2WinPower company, which will be delighted to render you assistance of any kind within the sphere of its competence. So feel free to address it with any gambling idea or project you may have as a business man.

Date of publication: 09/04/2017
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