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What Services Are Included in Our Business Plan?
Detailed information on the registration process, including the best jurisdictions selected particularly for you
Platform Development
Individual recommendations on how to build your website, considering the target audience you plan to work with
A list of the most reliable software providers to supply you with high-quality gaming and administrative content
An in-depth guide on the most widely used payment methods and the installation procedures on your platform
Technical Support
Comprehensive suggestions on what you should consider when choosing a support team to assist your clients if they happen to have any issues
Advertising instruction on how to promote your gambling project legally using the most official channels
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What Are the Benefits of a Business Plan Made by 2WinPower Experts?
Efficient Project Realisation
Detailed application of theoretical knowledge into a real-life project
Competent Administration
Successful completion of all stages based on your preferences
Detailed Financial Analytics
Immaculate growth progress with the ability to avoid the hidden pitfalls
Participation in the Process
Profitable online gambling establishment at the end of the development process
High Return on Your Investment
Comprehensive revenue/expenses calculations using the precise formulas
Lucrative Business in Any Region
Rewarding entrance on the chosen market due to proficient tutorial guidance
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I have been working with 2WinPower for 2 years already. There were no critical problems; I applied to customer support only 3 times. Then I understood that I had to add something new to attract more players. So the company and I decided to add bitcoin as a payment method. This appropriate solution made players, especially foreigners, satisfied.


We needed to buy HTML5 slots. We had not had them before, so we decided to increase attendance. In the beginning, we wanted to purchase ready slots, but the manager offered to order development of new ones. We decided to test: we bought one slot and had another one developed. In general, both of them were a success, mobile traffic increased. But all in all, own slot is cooler because no one else has it. We are thinking to have a few more slots developed.


We ordered everything from 2winpower: a turnkey casino + slot development + promotion. Now the casino is working stably, bringing substantial constant income.


I had a ready casino, but it needed promotion. The company and I chose SEO and affiliate programs. The traffic increased by 56% (real numbers, my partner and I did not believe at first). We are going to improve these channels, for now; later we will make up anything else.


We ordered games for 3 casinos at once and software for a betting office; we expanded, so to say. In the end, we got our order before the discussed deadline, and our slots are on the top of the most popular. In half a year we plan to add a new portion of slots from 2WinPower.


I work only with 2WinPower, for almost 10 years. During this time everything happened, but quality, the speed of work, games (I have never come across such a wide assortment) and customer support (in particular) are perfect.


I noticed that in Greentube slots appeared jackpots. I have never seen this, so I bought several games at once. Players and I are satisfied. Attendance increased much, and the income from this very slots is much higher than from others. What else makes slots from 2WinPower stand out from others is that there are free spins. This option is much better than jackpots, judging from clients' reviews. But thank you for this and that — the more bonuses there are in games, the more profit we get)


2WinPower executed a unique order for me — a slot devoted to the Sochi Olympics. Perhaps such software is rarely ordered, but everything was developed quickly for me. And the image is very cool. Other operators even asked me where I had ordered such a curiosity). So I can recommend this company.


The software is of good quality, but this review is not about it. The coolest things are an admin panel and inner analytics. I have never come across such comfortable interface; everything is clear and understandable. I sorted everything out in a couple of minutes. Analytics is more than enough to evaluate the work. I have nothing to add because everything works properly.


I searched for new games. Market — CIS and Latin America, each has its peculiarities. I was recommended to contact 2WinPower. And they did what was needed. They advised slots from Igrosoft for CIS. And we will order new slots for America.


I ran a casino from another company. Anything went wrong regularly: payment systems broke down, now and then it took the system a long time to load. Everything changed after I started cooperating with these guys. It was a surprise to me that customer support can answer immediately but not in a day after applying, and a website can work correctly. So I am grateful to 2WinPower.


We did not know that it was so fast to get a casino. Our order was not a complicated one. A usual casino + several HTML5 slots though unique ones that were developed specially for us. For a month affairs are going fine because we feared for these very developed games. Anyway, we want to add 2-3 slots from Novomatic.


Thanks! I am a beginner, so I decided to seek professional help. The 2WinPower team helped me create an effective business plan.


Online casino management has never been so easy and clear. I have purchased excellent CRM tools here. I recommend this company to everyone who is looking for something worthy and high-quality.


Wow! Vibrant, exciting, and amusing slots, which were created following my sketches, amaze all my clients. I like to play them too in the evenings or on weekends.


Thank you for the opportunity to test the products before purchasing them. By the way, demo versions have full functionality. This is wonderful!


Cooperation with 2WinPower is a pure pleasure. Now I am confident in the stability and security of my business. Protection systems are incredibly effective. I can already see the result.


If you want to promote your business in profitable markets quickly, contact these guys. They know all the ins and outs of effective gambling marketing. My project has grown from a small regional start-up to a large international business.


Be sure to download some demos to choose what you really need. If you are in doubt about which options are worth trying, contact managers, they will offer you some decent variants.


A correctly organised advertising strategy is the key to the success of any business. I am lucky because I work with real experts in the field of marketing and promotion. Thanks, 2WinPower.

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 Before you start doing literally anything in your life, you have that moment in your head when you plan the actions that are about to happen. It concerns every single aspect of your existence since mindless behaviour always brings destructive results. The same can be said about business. All stages of a project-development process should be thoroughly thought out to eradicate the slightest possibility of failure. With this in mind, if you are planning to create a casino website, you should prepare an elaborate online casino business plan.

Turnkey casino business plan

The modern world of progressive technologies provides you with immense possibilities to dive into the world of the internet and find all the necessary answers that can also teach you how to make up an efficient online casino business plan. However, you will not find any experience there — a key component to a flawless and productive organizational aspect of any project.

Therefore, 2WinPower offers you to resort to professionals and order a turnkey casino business plan from our experts that guarantee a successful product at the end of the organization. Let us give you a detailed insight into what is included in an efficient online casino development process from the proficient experts.

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How Much an Online Casino Costs — Key Aspects

Indeed, money is an essential aspect of any new operator who is trying to create a casino website. Different budgets get access to various possibilities that are all implemented into a unique project. So, your online casino business plan must include all development stages with precise pricing to ensure you have enough resources.


Official registration is a vital step towards a successful operation. Of course, you can still open an online casino without a license, but with the enhanced protective measures, you can have it banned within just a few days. Besides the reliability, you also get a lot of other perks if you include registration in the online casino development process:

  • guaranteed cooperation with the world’s most popular banks to secure your transactions;
  • the installation of most widely used payment methods for secure deposits and withdrawals;
  • flawless relationships with official software manufacturers and high-quality assistance from their experts;
  • an immediate status of an international company to have your brand in the public eye for both partners and potential clients;
  • positive reputation and trust from your players.

If you download a casino business plan from 2WinPower, you will also find a list of available jurisdictions with detailed descriptions of requirements and prices for your reference.

Check out these most popular destinations with the average cost and estimated licensing time:

  1. The Isle of Man (registration time — 4+ months; price — $35,000)
  2. Malta (registration time — 6+ months; price — $17,000-$650,000)
  3. Kahnawake (registration time — 1+ months; price — $40,000)
  4. Gibraltar (registration time — 6+ months; price — $130,000)
  5. Curacao (registration time — 1+ months; price — $5,000)
  6. Costa Rica (registration time — 3+ months; price — $15,000)
  7. Alderney (registration time — 3+ months; price — $90,000)

Software Providers

No guide on how much it is to buy an online casino can do without the most popular gaming content manufacturers. On average, the software package will cost you around $100,000. Considering there are possible scammers on the market, you should know the reliable identities by sight:

Provider type


Particular Suppliers

Online gaming manufacturers

Game vendors and studios who have installed their business model and maximized growth during the boom of the gambling sphere

NetEnt, Microgaming

Land-based gaming manufacturers

Gaming content suppliers with popular titles from land-based venues, which have been made possible to reach online

Novomatic, IGT, Scientific Games, Aristocrat

Exclusive content manufacturers

Vendors of live casino and lottery content that adapted individual game variants particularly for niche verticals



Manufactures that give access to several content providers through a single integration and agreements, offer a back-office, and supply content management tools

Betconstruct, Slotegrator, Spin Games

When purchasing a ready-made casino business plan, many new operators are curious about how they can provide their clients with a competitive environment.

We have asked the US online gaming and marketing consultant expert what he thinks about this, and here is an attractive solution: 

If you are not a single huge platform owner, you should be working on a network. It means the operators are going to send their players to the same environment to play against each other to enable the viability of this offering. Large operators are going to do it on their own. However, now that we are moving away from the global operation, this is a lot more challenging to upkeep.

Money-Transferring Process

Money-transferring process: payment methods

Any viable business plan for slots websites must include information about the payment methods for your clients. Today, the most popular options range from cash, banking transactions, and credit cards to e-wallets and cryptocurrency.

During a licensed online casino development, the installation of a standard package will cost around $10,000 and will include the following methods:

  1. E-wallets provide fast deposits and withdrawals. They allow you to maintain centralized monitoring of transactions and have much lower commissions in comparison to banks. The most popular options include Trustly, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller.
  2. A credit card is a reliable and widespread transaction method. However, due to several stages, it may impose extra commission fees from users. The most popular options include Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Amex.
  3. Cryptocurrency has become so widely used due to incredibly swift transactions and total anonymity. Some ready-made casino business plans are designed to use only this method, but you can also offer Bitcoin transfers as one of the possible variants.

How Much an Online Casino Earns — Numbers You Should Expect

When you buy a casino business project, you are probably extremely eager to know how much an online casino earns. Well, good news you are going to make some decent money; bad news nobody can tell you the exact amount since it all depends on your budget.

The better you will have your platform developed, the more audience you will have. And that’s exactly where we start to do the math. The Return to Player (RTP) term comes in handy when you calculate the percentage of wager that a game will pay your clients.

The CEO of American iGaming Solutions mentions: 

While different types of games have different RTP percentages, in general, most casino games will return between 90% and 99.5% to a player.

Your profit will be a result of total wagers made in your online casino minus the overall win. Also, if you order our ready-made casino business plan, you will receive detailed guidance on how to calculate your income precisely, considering all deductions, taxes, and other expenses.

Turnkey Casino Business Plan

Casino business plan from experts

Unfortunately, inexperienced operators are only obsessed with the question of how much online casino costs when they want to buy a ready-made online casino. They often forget that it is of utmost importance to download a casino business plan or order it from professional companies.

It is the only possible way to see the general state of affairs and embrace the entire picture of a turnkey internet casino, including:

  • the total price of the project;
  • the necessity of official registration;
  • reliable software support;
  • most popular transaction systems;
  • possible earnings of your turnkey internet casino.

Even if you wonder how to create a casino app, 2WinPower has a perfect business solution for this as well. Of course, you can easily download a casino business plan from free resources. However, you will not receive professional assistance, and extensive reliability as our company can offer. Do not hesitate to resort to experts — buy a casino business project from 2WinPower.

Buy in 1 click!

Enjoy the benefits of cooperation and start your own gaming business with 2WinPower today:
Andrew Price
Posted by Andrew Price
2WinPower Partner, owner of the gambling establishments network.

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Updated: 17/01/2023
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