JDB168 is one of the best iGaming providers in Southeast Asia. Although the company is focused on an oriental audience, the developments of this brand became extremely popular with users all over the world.

JDB168 online casino software

You can connect a casino from the JDB168 provider and buy its software at 2WinPower. It is enough to fill out an application form and indicate a convenient time for feedback. We guarantee an individual approach, professional advice, and good discounts.

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What you Need to Know About the JDB168 Provider

The company was founded in 2010. Throughout its existence, the JDB168 online casino provider has obeyed the rule “Just do better”.

All solutions of the developer are subject to the mandatory testing and certification in the GLI laboratory. The enterprise's business is controlled by the regulators of the eastern gambling market, thanks to which investors can order the JDB168 turnkey casino in several Asian regions (Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and other countries).

The quality of the developments of this manufacturer has won prestigious awards, such as “The Best software solution for digital B2B platforms” from Asia Gaming Awards in 2017.

Why Operators Choose the Gambling Software by JDB168

Gambling software by JDB168

The first thing that is worth noting is that all JDB168 casino software complies with the principles of fair play and is subject to independent certification. The second point is a large selection of the game content and its unique characteristics.

JDB168 casino software has the following advantages:

  • more than 250 products from the world's leading suppliers;
  • more than 100 proprietary solutions;
  • regular updates of the catalogue of games (new products are released monthly);
  • detailed graphics (the software is created with pictures in the Ultra HD format);
  • adaptive interface (from the setting of personal limits to options for adjusting the returning percentage).

Payment Module in the JDB168 Turnkey Casino

By purchasing a ready-made solution, customers get access to an innovative financial aggregator.

Features of the product:

  1. More than 30 payment services. For money transactions, gamblers can use the following systems: Visa/Mastercard, PayPal, Alipay, GCash, UnionPay, and others.
  2. Multicurrency. The JDB168 payment software supports international fiat and local Asian currencies (e.g. Vietnamese dong).
  3. Methods of payment. Those who like to play casino games for real money can choose transactions via bank accounts and cards, mobile transactions, transfers from electronic wallets, and cryptocurrency payments.
  4. Personalization. Having decided to connect the casino from JDB168, operators will be able to adjust the percentage of commission fees and limits and use other built-in tools to manage the financial flows of their gambling establishments.
  5. Risk management. Products of the brand are equipped with powerful security services that instantly block suspicious transactions and any manipulations that look like a fraud.

Additional Services From the Asian Provider

When ordering the JDB168 casino software, an investor automatically gets access to products and services that take a lot of the hard work out of the project administration.

Additional iGaming services from JDB168


Physical servers of the brand are located in the Philippines, Vietnam, and other eastern countries. The equipment is used within the legal framework and is reliably protected from hacker and DDoS attacks


The module includes such elements as:

  • adaptive services that allow operators to work with affiliates;

  • options for integrating third-party affiliate networks;

  • observation of market trends;

  • services that help operators to create the PR content, and much more


The manufacturer offers consulting services and assistance in setting up the project in accordance with statutory requirements and characteristics of the region where the services are distributed


The JDB168 software is equipped with a powerful analytical module with various tables, summaries, and other forms of reporting.

The product displays relevant information on the functionality and profitability of the project, the level of realized earnings, and the effectiveness of marketing programs that were used

Customer service

The developer guarantees professional round-the-clock customer support. On the supplier’s website, Skype, mobile telephony, and chat are used for feedback

How to Connect a Casino From JDB168 as Soon as Possible

Connecting a casino from JDB168

Features of the integration process:

  • thorough testing of the system the aim of which is to identify security vulnerabilities and technical inconsistencies;
  • almost instant connection with the use of the seamless API integration technology;
  • built-in services do not affect the basic administrative protocols and structure of the project;
  • round-the-clock customer support.

It is possible to order the integration of JDB168 casino software as an additional element into an already existing system or the independent turnkey solution.

The Main Things About the JDB168 Casino Software

It is an innovative product that was duly appreciated by both Asian and European gamblers.

  • All products of the company are independently certified and comply with legal regulations. Solutions of the brand can be legally purchased and used in a number of eastern countries (such as Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand).
  • The JDB168 software includes 250 games from well-known suppliers and more than 100 exclusive solutions. Users can choose an arcade, a slot machine, card emulators, and much more according to their preferences.
  • One of the features of products of this brand is flawless Ultra HD graphics.
  • In addition to the game content, the provider offers a range of iGaming services that can help operators to improve the efficiency of their business: reporting systems, payment modules, hosting, customization services, and promotional marketing.
  • A casino from the JDB168 provider can be connected as an independent resource or as an additional element of an already existing project.

The best way to buy functional and profitable gambling software is to turn to 2WinPower. We offer turnkey casinos, card and table games, slot machines, arcades, and VR content. It is also possible to purchase live dealer casinos, financial modules, security systems, marketing materials, and much more.

A free demo version of the casino platform will help you to see the benefits and functionality of our solutions for yourself.


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