Reliable online casino protection becomes a priority for many operators, especially when a gambling project manages to attract decent user traffic and reach self-sufficiency in a short time.

Arxan casino fraud protection

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Information about the Brand

Arxan Technologies is a famous American manufacturer of effective software for protecting different areas of business. The provider began its activities back in 2001. For almost 20 years, it managed to achieve impressive results in the field of IT technologies.

The primary vector of the brand's development is an online area, given the rapid growth of Internet communications and e-commerce. The company's solutions are in great demand in the financial, insurance, and public procurement sectors, as well as in medicine. Particular attention is also paid to such a promising area as the iGaming industry.

All products of the developer can be divided into two main categories:

  1. Code Protection is the software for protecting mobile, land-based, and server applications. It is based on the patented method of multilevel encoding of elements and converting them into complex binary files.
  2. Cryptographic Key & Data Protection is a perfect solution for protecting your business based on cryptographic encryption. The provider applies the unique technology White-Box Cryptography. This is a set of tools for obfuscation, encryption and mathematical transformations to protect keys and sensitive data inside applications operating in untrusted environments.

The brand is headquartered in San Francisco (California, USA).

Focus on the Gambling Industry

Casino security software from Arxan is responsible for the high performance and profitability of a gaming platform.

The problem of fraud in online casinos is becoming more and more urgent every day. Attackers are attracted by this highly profitable business, given the huge involvement of users around the world.

In 2019, Arxan commissioned a large-scale study from Aite Group analytical centre. Its goal was to assess the spread of vulnerabilities of gambling platforms.

Brief results of the study:

  • attackers need only 8.5 minutes to crack an unprotected gambling site;
  • the risk of identity theft is increased by 83% due to incorrect storage methods;
  • the probability of an unintentional data breach due to an unprotected exchange between gambling platform services, players and third-party services (payment modules, affiliate programs) can reach 90%;
  • the risk of embedding malicious code into the structure of a working gambling resource is increased by 43%;
  • the possibility of unauthorised access to the account of an administrator or casino owner is raised by 40%. This means that attackers can disable security and emergency response services and copy data on financial transactions of the company.

As can be seen, ignoring the security of a gambling website may heighten the risk of hacking and information leakage significantly. To avoid such a situation, pay attention to Arxan casino fraud protection.

Characteristics of Code Protection

The main principle of the provider is to consider absolutely all vulnerabilities in the structure of the gambling platform. To guarantee casino security, Arxan is focused on overarching business processes when developing its products. ID verification for casinos from Arxan and the stages of conducting money transactions are taken into account.

The software structure includes four responsibility centres:


Brief description

Enterprise Solution

Effective casino security software from Arxan detects and combat threats in a real-time mode.

Its goal is to protect the operator from reputational and financial risks, theft of intellectual property, and loss of system data as well as from fines issued by the government

Threat Analytics

Detailed analysis of potential threats, the exploration of new fraud schemes


ID verification for casinos from Arxan helps operators identify real customers and separate them from intruders

Customer Success

These customer-oriented services simplify and accelerate the management of the gambling platform in modern realities

The multi-component structure of Code Protection with well-established basic processes allows an entrepreneur to concentrate on his or her strategic goals, for example, expanding a business, launching new affiliate programs, or entering foreign markets.

Key Features of Enterprise Solution

Arxan security software

To ensure casino security, Arxan presents software with a wide range of opportunities.

The finished product effectively copes with such illegal actions as:

  1. Reverse engineering, program code falsification.
  2. Encryption key hacking and API manipulation.
  3. Financial fraud, theft of personal data, and money.
  4. Malware embedding, data spoofing, and deleting information representing a company's trade secret.
  5. Theft of games, additional applications, and other content of a gambling platform.
  6. Multi-accounting and other methods of cheating, allowing users to play games with a particular advantage.

Powerful Technological Platform

Casino protection software from Arxan would not be so effective without the use of several advanced technologies and unique developments. Let us consider some of them in more detail:



App Code Obfuscation

This tool turns software components into a hard-to-decrypt code. The finished cypher has the same functionality as the original one.

Thus, the software retains its functionality. At the same time, it remains extremely complex for reverse engineering by fraudsters

Comprehensive Code-Level Security

This instrument launches protective measures automatically when suspicious activity is detected.

The set of such tools includes the emergency shutdown of a gambling platform, blocking the "problem" gamer, transferring the user to an isolated software environment, and code self-healing

Key and Data Protection

It encrypts static or dynamic keys embedded or contained in the application code.

The tool protects confidential data within a gambling website or during the transfer of information between a platform and a physical server.

The technology supports basic cryptographic algorithms with the FIPS 140-2 certification

Threat Analytics System

To guarantee casino fraud protection, Arxan thought about providing a good monitoring service for operators. Such an analytical instrument helps users optimise and adapt the security system based on current information about attacks and trends.

An online casino owner gets dozens of detailed tables, statistical summaries, and diagrams for quick decision making. Information is presented in the clearest way. The developer has provided flexible filters to customise the analytical block with little effort.

ID Verification for Casinos from Arxan

ID verification for casinos from Arxan

The full-fledged operation of Code Protection is not possible without a well-thought-out authentication service.

ID verification for casinos from Arxan helps entrepreneurs identify real players and potential fraudsters. The first category of customers receives better service, and the accounts of users belonging to the second group are subject to blocking by a website administration.

You can connect verification for casinos from Arxan during the registration and each next visit to your website, as well as when a player will try to make a financial transaction (money transfer, withdrawal of winnings). Many operators prefer two-level authentication. In this case, verification is carried out both when visiting a platform and withdrawing money.

The system is based on 3D-Secure technology. This tool is widely used in the banking sector when a quick customer identification with a 100% guaranteed result is needed. When a user enters a correct username and password, a one-time SMS code is sent to confirm the previously indicated mobile number. Sometimes a phone call can be used instead of SMS.

The connection of Arxan verification for casinos is a rather simple process due to the use of seamless API integration. It allows an operator to install any related applications without interfering with the source code of a gambling project.

Additional Opportunities

Arxan Technologies has developed an individual Customer Success module. It includes some useful services that can facilitate resource administration greatly.

  1. Apperian App Management is a convenient tool for the independent development of games for mobile casinos. You can buy or create simple slot machines, as well as expand the gameplay of existing entertainments here.
  2. Technical Support is a competent maintenance service, working around the clock. It is incredibly useful in the early stages of cooperation with the brand when many technical details are not understood and adjusted to the full.
  3. Consulting — professional counselling aimed at the legal, advertising, and financial support of online casinos.


  • Arxan casino fraud protection has such advantages as flexibility, adaptability, and reliability.
  • This is a multi-component product. Both the basic code of a gaming platform and the ability to combat external threats (hacker attacks, reverse engineering, and piracy) are subject to verification.
  • Software is based on the use of innovative IT tools and encryption of vulnerabilities using cryptography.
  • The connection of Arxan software to protect the casino is a fast and simple procedure. The developer has provided instant API integration of the product.

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