With the rapid growth of the iGaming industry, the protection of gaming resources became a priority for many operators. Especially when basic software is not efficient enough in preventing hacker attacks or combating multi-accounting.

AFIMAC casino fraud protection

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Brief Characteristic of the Brand

AFIMAC is a renowned Canadian manufacturer of software solutions for business security. For over 25 years, the brand has been successfully supplying its products to all corners of the world. At the same time, such North American countries as Canada and the USA remain its main markets.

At the very beginning of its activities, the developer focused on the land-based business. The company was one of the first to provide professional products for responding to emergencies, ensuring security and business continuity in unforeseen socio-economic circumstances.

Unlike most insurance companies, AFIMAC offered not only financial compensation but also a real plan to overcome an unfavourable situation.

With the rise of Internet communications, the vector of the company’s development has also shifted towards online business. Today, the brand works with such promising niches as medicine, finance, and e-commerce. Besides, several government organizations cooperate with the brand too.

Having focused on 100% casino security, AFIMAC could not ignore such a promising niche as the iGaming industry. The company offers effective AFIMAC casino security software. Hundreds of operators around the world have already appreciated the advantages of these products.

Benefits of AFI Security

AFI Security is a multifunctional AFIMAC security software for casinos. The brand has developed universal products with a lot of advantages.

Consider the most significant benefits:

  • Complexity. To ensure casino security, AFIMAC has created the most well-thought-out software. It affects the main business processes in the structure of a gaming platform. The registration and ID verification for casinos from AFIMAC, as well as the stages of money transactions, are taken into account.
  • Adaptability. Casino security software from AFIMAC can be adjusted to the needs of a particular operator very easily. Developers take into account user traffic parameters, increase the volume of performed payments, and set limits for individual groups of customers. For example, the operator worked in a country where people over 18 had access to online casinos. In the case of expanding the business and transiting to other jurisdictions (with age limit below the age of 21), you do not need to buy a new software. Just change the settings.
  • Simple installation. The connection of AFIMAC software to protect the casino is not a complicated process. The manufacturer has provided a seamless API integration. It will allow you to implement the software in a working gambling project, without changing the source code and disrupting the established business processes.
  • Relevance. To ensure casino security, AFIMAC always updates and modernises its solutions. The changes are performed due to the emergence of new fraudulent schemes. The developer responds to threats quickly and improves the software. It is worth noting that all updates are free. You should just become a client of the Canadian brand or its distributor. For example, you can connect AFIMAC software to protect the casino from 2WinPower.
  • Impeccable quality. The products are certified by leading laboratories in the world. The brand is responsible for the maximum protection of each gambling project. Therefore, it offers high-performance solutions characterised by the perfect quality.

Key Responsibility Centres of AFI Security

Key responsibility centres of AFI security

Casino protection software from AFIMAC is a multi-component product. The supplier focused on the overarching business processes of gambling websites and the most vulnerable areas in the structure of any gaming platform.

As a result, AFIMAC casino fraud protection is focused on such key areas as user identification and payments. Any online casino may have some weaknesses. This peculiarity is often used by cybercriminals. Particular attention is also paid to the general informational security of a gambling resource.

Here are AFI Security Responsibility Centres:


Short description

Security and fraud

This structural module is responsible for the complete information security of a casino.

Its actions are aimed at the effective fight against mass attacks that, as usual, make a gambling resource unworkable

Payments risk assessment

The task of this component is to check online transactions performed within a casino. The operator can be sure of the absolute safety of all financial assets


ID verification for casinos from AFIMAC will help operators identify all users of their platforms. Real gamers will get the opportunity to play their favourite slot machines. At the same time, potential scammers will be banned by an administrator

The use of a multi-component approach when creating protection software gives another significant advantage to the customers. It lies in the opportunity to focus on strategic goals and plans thanks to well-established basic processes.

Security and Fraud

This is the key component in the structure of AFI Security software.

Security and Fraud can cope with the following tasks:

  • Protection against hacker and DDoS attacks, as well as intrusions into the operation of a casino.
  • Prevention of malicious code embedding.
  • The fight against piracy, theft of intellectual property, and illegal reverse engineering.
  • Protection against technical malfunctions and incompetent actions of personnel.
  • Prevention of personal data leakage (information about users and an operator).
  • Instant fixation of all suspicious actions and activities that encroach on the integrity and functionality of a gambling resource.
  • The fight against bots.

Thus, the Security and Fraud module is responsible for a whole range of interrelated tasks.

The developers used several innovative technologies and inventions to make the software work clearly and coherently (for example, Firewall and IPS). They block suspicious traffic. This function is essential in the initial stages of identifying attackers.

Special SIG generation gateways can also be included in the list of useful tools. They guarantee the transmission of the entire information flow over encrypted channels.

Payments Risk Assessment

Stealing money is one of the main goals of all fraudulent schemes. Most often, attackers act during a transaction. Therefore, payment security remains a critical stage in the formation of any successful casino.

The Payments Risk Assessment module is focused on the following objectives:

  • checking transactions for compliance with the laws of a particular jurisdiction;
  • automatic rejection of risky transactions and subsequent detailed analysis;
  • fight against the unfair game (collusion between users, using multiple accounts);
  • anti-money laundering and combating illegal transactions (including the payments performed for tax evasion);
  • fight against advertising and bonus abuse.

The software is based on PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Besides, such advanced tools as SSL protocols, 3D-Secure technologies, anti-fraud systems, and other useful components were used in the development process.

Connection of AFIMAC Verification for Casinos

Connection of AFIMAC verification for casinos

This is the most important element in the structure of the multifunctional softwareю Its primary function is the quick identification of all gambling platform’s users.

ID verification for casinos from AFIMAC is activated both during the initial registration of the gamer and at the time of all his or her subsequent visits to the gambling website. Copies of the passport, driver’s license, or ID-card are requested as supporting documents. In some cases, users can provide utility and rent bills.

SMS or voice verification is also used very often. A one-time code is sent to confirm a phone number. Identification based on personal data is also possible. In this case, the client is asked 1-2 questions. The answers to these questions are indicated in the system.

Contact the 2WinPower team to buy and connect the verification for casinos from AFIMAC.

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  • AFIMAC casino fraud protection is universal software for online casino security, consisting of three functional components.
  • The Security and Fraud module is responsible for the overall protection of the resource from unauthorised access by third parties.
  • Payments Risk Assessment focuses on the control of all transactions performed within a platform.
  • The connection of verification for casinos from AFIMAC is a rather simple process. The developers have provided quick API integration that does not violate the structure of the source code.

If you want to order AFIMAC casino fraud protection, just contact our manager. 2WinPower offers the development of turnkey online casinos, personalised service at all stages of cooperation, and lots of other good solutions for the iGaming business.

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