Cyber fraud has existed from the very beginning of the Internet era. At the same time, some areas that are exposed to illegal actions with great frequency. Online casinos belong to this category. This promising niche that attracts thousands of intruders every day.

Casino fraud Alpha Protection

To protect your gambling platform from unauthorised actions, think about purchasing well-thought-out Alpha casino security software. You can order this solution from 2WinPower.

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Brief Information about the Brand

Alpha Protection is a well-known American provider. Its activities are focused on providing services for business security. The headquarters of the developer is located in New Orleans (Louisiana, USA).

Like many companies working in this industry, Alpha Protection has two main development vectors:

  • Offline business. The manufacturer installs reliable alarm, fire protection, and intrusion detection systems. The brand’s customers are representatives of retail and manufacturing, as well as companies engaged in commercial real estate.
  • The online sector. This direction includes multi-tasking software for the security of online businesses, as well as advanced access control and authorisation systems. The products of the brand are very popular in such areas as e-commerce, financial services, insurance, and the iGaming industry. Special attention was paid to the gambling direction. As a result, up-to-date Alpha casino security software was developed.

Benefits of Security and Fraud

To guarantee casino security, Alpha Protection offers well-designed and effective software.

The finished product has the following advantages:

  1. Adaptability. Casino fraud protection from Alpha can be adapted to the needs of operators with little effort. Changes may be associated with increased user traffic or entering the international market. It is worth noting that the manufacturer has provided maximum flexibility for all of its solutions. This feature is associated with the extensive experience of the developer in entirely different areas. Over the years, the Alpha Protection team has realised that standard template products are not always a good solution for the business.
  2. Complexity. The engagement of key business processes plays an essential role in casino security, Alpha Protection experts are well aware of this feature. Therefore, the brand presents a multi-tasking product. It is based on the overarching processes of any gaming website. The software takes into account both ID verification for casinos from Alpha Protection and transactions performed within the gambling platform.
  3. Reliability. The concepts of reliability and security are inextricable. The provider managed to carry these parameters to apogee. The products of the brand were appreciated by many foreign laboratories. For example, all solutions have the international ISO / IEC 27001 certificate. It is highly valued in the USA, Europe, and Asia.
  4. Instant integration. The connection of Alpha software to protect the casino is a rather simple process. Thanks to API integration, it can be installed easily, without changing the source code of a working gaming platform.
  5. Regular updates. The IT industry is evolving rapidly. At the same time, new fraudulent schemes and ways of stealing money are appearing every day. The manufacturer monitors all methods of cheating to make immediate adjustments to software functionality. The customer always receives the latest software. Moreover, the updates are free.
  6. Simple administrating. The management of the software is very convenient due to the presence of some useful filters and settings. A user-friendly back office helps the operator get oriented in any situation very quickly. If the customer has any difficulties, he or she can always contact the technical support team. It works around the clock and is ready to answer any questions.

Structural Particularities of Alpha Casino Protection Software

Alpha casino protection software

As already mentioned, Alpha casino protection software is a multi-component script. The provider involves all the main business processes in the structure of a gambling platform to the maximum.

This approach ensures absolute casino fraud protection: Alpha Protection focuses on four basic responsibility centres.


Short description

Security Assessment

This is a universal service for assessing potential risks and threats. The module tests a working gambling platform carefully to identify its weaknesses and offer necessary solutions for eliminating them

Integrated Security System

This effective block is responsible for the overall security of a gambling website.

The module prevents unauthorised interference from third parties and guarantees the complete safety of the platform in case of incompetent actions of employees of a gambling resource

Payments Risk Management

This tool is responsible for checking payments and detecting risks. It also tests transactions for compliance with the legislation of a particular jurisdiction

User Verification

ID verification for casinos from Alpha helps an operator identify all users of a platform and divide them into two groups (real players and potential scammers).

The first category receives improved, personalised service, and the second one is immediately blocked by administrators

The division into responsibility centres ensures the security of slot machine websites at all stages of their activities. It helps operators concentrate on other, more important things, for example, strategic planning business expansion. It is easy to do because many basic processes are well-established and protected.

Prompt Response to External Threats

Integrated Security System is the main chain in the software structure, connecting other elements. The customer receives a powerful, simple, and clear tool. It can ensure the safety of a gambling website using several functional peculiarities.

 Alpha casino fraud protection can cope with the following tasks:

  • protection against external threats (targeted attacks by hackers, phishing, spam);
  • prevention of illegal modification of source code;
  • protection against internal threats (insiders, imprudent actions of personnel, technical failures);
  • combating reverse engineering, piracy, and theft of intellectual property;
  • fighting multi-accounting and other types of unfair play.

The effective operation of the Integrated Security System would not have been possible without the use of such innovative technologies as SIG, powerful Firewalls, additional filters for ads, and third-party web elements.

Thorough Analysis of Financial Transfers

As a rule, the theft of an enterprise’s financial assets is the primary target of fraudulent schemes. That is why the company developed casino security software Alpha Protection with an emphasis on enhanced control of payments.

Payments Risk Management is based on the use of such advanced techniques and technologies:

  1. SSL protocols ensure the safe transfer of banking data of each user from a casino to a financial institution (or payment system) and vice versa. Information is encrypted. Attackers will need special secret keys to decode it.
  2. PCI DSS Standards. These are international information security standards. Companies approved by PCI DSS (including Alpha Protection) are entitled to conduct and verify up to 6 million transactions per year.
  3. Antifraud systems can detect and block suspicious user traffic instantly. An operator can be sure of the safety of his or her financial assets and money of users.

The use of modern instruments helps to cope with such problems as stealing money, advertising abuse, and money laundering perfectly.

Reasons to Connect Verification for Casinos from Alpha Protection

Verification for casinos from Alpha Protection

Authentication is based on innovative 3D-Secure technology. It allows an operator to confirm the identity of an account owner and his or her bank card (or electronic wallet) data as accurately and as fast as possible. As a rule, such verification takes place using a phone call or SMS with a one-time secret code.

Thus, ID verification for casinos from Alpha Protection is an essential element of the multifunctional software.

In some cases, an operator may request a two-level check. In this case, in addition to entering the password from the SMS, a user must provide copies of supporting documents (driver’s license, ID-card, etc.). Most often, this method is used to identify players with VIP status.

You can connect verification for casinos from Alpha Protection during the registration of a new user, his or her visits to your website, or and when the player tries to make a transaction. Everything depends on the characteristics of a particular online casino.

To connect verification for casinos from Alpha Protection, it is not necessary to order a separate program module. The product is the primary component of Security and Fraud software. You can buy it from 2WinPower.

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Software for protecting the gambling business is a key solution in the arsenal of the Alpha Protection team.

  • This is a multi-tasking product focused on such issues as illegal access, stealing money or intellectual property, and multi-accounting.
  • The authentication system helps to identify potential scammers and real gamers that can bring good profits to an online casino.
  • The technical support team works around the clock. The consultants are ready to answer all customer requests.

If you want to connect Alpha software to protect the casino, contact 2WinPower managers. We will be happy to help you create a project from scratch, ensure its safety, and make it profitable in the shortest possible time.

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