The TransUnion Company (iovation) set itself a very ambitious task — to make the Internet safe for the business — and successfully performed it.

The brand has collected the most extensive database of commercial enterprises and their online reputation. The developer also has a good set of tools and technologies that ensure secure transactions and multi-level user authentication.

iovation casino fraud protection software

You can find out how security services work and connect the iovation casino protection software from 2WinPower.

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iovation Casino Security Software: Achievements of the Manufacturer

  • 54 billion successful financial transactions.
  • 83 million notifications of the attempts of fraud.
  • 700 thousand suspicious transfers that are prevented daily.

We are ready to answer all your questions and provide technical support for your project. The cooperation conditions will please you: we guarantee a flexible discount program and pleasant bonuses for regular customers.

Connect iovation Software to Protect the Casino: Technological Developments of the Brand

iovation casino security is a unique multi-component system, and to ensure its smooth operation, a complex of the following innovative technologies is used:

iovation casino security software: the main tools for the protection of a casino

Area of focus

Brief description of products

Fraud management


The product automatically monitors the related accounts and history of personal gadgets in order to detect suspicious actions


This is a set of software components based on AI and programmed to track financial flows and develop behavioural patterns, with the help of which you can predict fraud attempts even before the active actions of a player

iovation id verification for a casino


The aim of the service is to register secure devices of clients in a single database of a casino operator.

iovation casino security software indicates such “anomalies” as:

  • noncompliance between the physical location and with the information provided by the gambler;
  • anonymous proxies;
  • the use of the tools that help players to avoid identification procedures


The purpose of the development is to provide individual methods of working with clients and simplify the procedure for re-authorisation

Having made the decision to connect the iovation casino fraud protection software to protect a casino, operators are able to identify abnormal actions before you play any slot machine and process the request for withdrawal of winnings.

The manufacturer provides the following options:

  • different accounts can be activated from one device;
  • one account is operated by several gadgets;
  • in the history of the gambler’s device, there are suspicious operations;
  • the player’s personal gadget is associated with accounts or devices with a bad reputation;
  • change of location;
  • overindulgence of the support chat for the gaming site;
  • over limits;
  • violation of the security policy clauses and other rules for the use of an online resource.

iovation Casino Security: Anti-Fraud Methods

iovation casino security: anti-fraud methods

The iovation casino protection software gives the operator of gambling platforms the following tools and capabilities in risky situations:

  1. The capture of an account. Software components ensure the stable operation of systems of the primary and re-entry to the account, as well as the services that control gambling processes.
  2. Suspicious use of applications. The iovation id verification for casino system improves competitive requirements in the issues related to the fight against fraud through uninterrupted customer support services.
  3. Bonus control. The purpose of the software is to improve the quality of service for a new audience and the segment of VIP users.
  4. Data processing from credit cards. The neural network controls the level of false cancellations and interruptions of financial transactions and monitors abnormal changes in credit limits.
  5. Inconsistency of information. The iovation casino security indicates false information at the stage of the initial identification.
  6. Analytical tools. The product is aimed at foreseeing financial risks and improving the quality of customer service.
  7. Lending activities for gamblers. The iovation id verification for casino allows not only to evaluate the credit history of visitors to the website but also to develop relevant loyalty programs to retain the audience.
  8. Promotional programs. The developer offered a list of products to activate and control new accounts and stimulate players with a good reputation.
  9. “Synthetic” verification. The software indicates inconsistencies in personal data (for example, a combination of real and false information).

Connect iovation Verification for a Casino

iovation verification for a casino

Having made the decision to connect the iovation verification for a casino, the owner of a gaming site receives a unique multi-component product based on neural network technology. The software not only works according to the specified templates but also constantly self-learns, allowing you to identify unfair users even at the stage of their first authorisation.

iovation casino security allows you to configure protective services to individual requests of partners and provides customers with the following tools:

Adaptive Programs

The system provides 2 options for user identification:

  • biometrics and identity authentication with the help of documents (an excellent choice for websites with a high level of risk);
  • one-touch access (a good choice for setting up the re-entry or providing the developing platforms with a small flow of customers).

Multi-Level Verification From a Mobile Platform

This is a system of “linking” a personal gadget to a single database of a gaming site. This solution allows you to configure identification parameters, taking into account the ability to change the geolocation.

Verification Based on Statistical Risks

The system “protects” a loyal audience from regular verification requests. For such clients, a simplified procedure for entering the website and withdrawing money is provided.

Two-Step Verification

The service offers standard parameters that meet 2 main criteria:

  • provision of a reliable connection;
  • minimum time for the user login.

To connect iovation verification for a casino, just contact our employees.

The 2WinPower team will provide you with detailed information on all the advantages and nuances of the system. We guarantee quick connection and personalised customisation of the service.

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iovation casino security is a convenient and effective way to create the most comfortable conditions for all participants in the game process.

  • The iovation company has collected an extensive database about the reputation of virtual business enterprises.
  • The iovation casino security software is a learning neural network that can not only detect fraud but also predict an abnormal behaviour of gamblers even at the stage of registration on the gaming site.
  • A couple of clicks are enough to purchase iovation software components — just leave an application to the managers of 2WinPower, and the rest will be done by our specialists.

You can connect the iovation casino fraud protection software and buy new releases of slot games at any time convenient for you.

We constantly monitor the market and are ready to offer our customers the best range of solutions from the world’s leading suppliers. There are tools for the casino back-office and the game content for startups of any format — from standard websites with slot machines to exclusive social, Telegram, and bitcoin casinos.

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