The ASAP Secured company was founded in 2002. For the time of its work, the manufacturer has earned an impeccable reputation, and today, he offers its customers only the most high-quality services. The brand has developed an exclusive line of solutions for the protection of an online business, and it also offers a wide range of products for land-based gambling locations (only for the enterprises that operate in Canada).

ASAP Secured casino fraud protection

You can find out more about the list of offers of the developer and connect the ASAP Secured casino protection software by turning to 2WinPower. We take care of the technical support, guarantee fast integration of solutions, and provide the primary interface adjustment services (the subsequent operation of the system is automated and does not require manual intervention).

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What Tasks Does the ASAP Secured Casino Security Software Perform?

Having decided to connect the ASAP Secured software to protect the casino, operators can predict the risks and identify an abnormal behaviour at the initial stages of interaction with a new audience. The system also allows them to instantly evaluate the potential of gamblers.

ASAP Secured casino security: capabilities of the development

The task of the system

The brief description

Access restrictions for gambling on the basis of the age of players

ASAP Secured casino security software is customised in accordance with the legal provisions that are in force in the territory where gambling services are provided: only those gamblers who are older than 18 or, in some cases, 21 years old can play a slot machine that they choose

Person’s verification

The ASAP Secured id verification for casino performs the following actions:

  • verification of the provided documents;
  • evaluation of the gambler's credit history;
  • fact-finding of the participation in illegal actions

Anti-money laundering

The aim of the ASAP Secured casino fraud protection software is to identify any behavioural anomalies with the priority processing requests for the withdrawal of large amounts of money

The right to get the prize

A transfer (regardless of the sum) cannot be approved without the ASAP Secured id verification for casino (we are talking about the verification of personal data and confirmation from a bank or electronic financial system)

Geolocation control

Taking into account a number of legislative restrictions regarding the iGaming industry, the ASAP Secured id verification for casino forms a personal customer base and automatically blocks users from countries where gambling is strictly prohibited

Why You Should Connect ASAP Secured Verification for Casinos

ASAP Secured verification for casinos

The ASAP Secured casino fraud protection software is a multi-component product that allows you to control all internal business processes and provide protection for online gambling establishments of any format.

Advantages of such a purchase:

  • full-fledged control (assessment of the quality of financial flows, keeping track of the reputation of users, suppliers, and distributors);
  • round-the-clock operation;
  • fast data processing regardless of the amount of the incoming information;
  • automatic operation (minimal manual intervention and almost complete absence of errors due to the human factor);
  • personalisation (customers can independently choose information processing priorities and format of the report and manually change the parameters of requests to the system);
  • consulting services (the company provides any assistance in maintaining the system’s performance in the round-the-clock mode).

ASAP Casino Security for the Land-Based Business

The company offers a large selection of services for the owners of land-based locations:

  • escort of the cargo transportation (transportation of hardware, point-of-sale terminals, and the furniture for gambling halls);
  • land-based security service (services of employees who wear both uniform and plainclothes);
  • the organisation of work of crossing points;
  • physical ASAP Secured verification system for a casino (installation of video equipment, operation with sensors and fingerprint systems, and verification of documents at the entrance to the gambling hall);
  • protection of the casino during the inoperable time or in cases of the absence of management.

ASAP Secured Casino Security: the Range of Offers

ASAP Secured casino security

When clients want to connect ASAP Secured software to protect the casino, they receive a multifunctional product that guarantees absolute security that protects against any unauthorised actions.

The decision to connect ASAP secured verification for casino gives access to the following tools and developments:

Operating Centre

Customer and technical services of the company work in the round-the-clock mode, and all issues related to the product performance monitoring are resolved promptly. Moreover, the company guarantees the integration and launch of the system within a few seconds after the processing of the request.

Performance Evaluation and Management

The ASAP Secured casino security software automatically analyses the effectiveness of the gambling platform and predicts the best business development paths.

The product consists of the following set of tools:

  • educational materials, as well as recruitment and training courses;
  • a training program for casino owners (familiarisation with the nuances of management processes);
  • evaluation of a web resource and setting up its correct operation;
  • report preparation (the service for analysing the financial flows of an enterprise is included);
  • control of the level of loyalty and user satisfaction.


This innovative development is designed to manage possible incidents and control the services to exchange information.

Modules of the product:

  1. Incident management. The system is responsible for analysing the behavioural reactions and generating reports on the identified inconsistencies in the actions of gamblers.
  2. Feedback. It is guaranteed that clients will get access to communication services that provide direct contact with services that support the system health.
  3. User interface layout. Products of the customers have a wide range of personalised settings designed to improve even the already good quality of interaction with the system modules.
  4. The flow of documents. The internal information of the casino website can be stored and transmitted through ASAP Secured systems, regardless of time and territorial restrictions. Besides, the amount of incoming data does not matter as well.

Planning Services

ASAP Secured casino security maximises the automation of internal workflows and allows you to create effective templates for working with the hired staff and customers (it is possible to make use of the tools for tracking incidents, visit frequency, and conflicts between a gambler and an employee).

 The “Work by Yourself” Project

This is a self-learning neural network, the interface of which is designed as a chatbot. The aim of the “virtual operator” is to minimise the time that is necessary to solve same-type problems.


The ASAP Secured casino security software is a multi-component solution, the aim of which is to ensure the security of all business processes on the gaming site.

  • ASAP Secured casino security allows you to predict risks, identify the abnormal behaviour of players and create effective templates for the relations with gamblers even at the stage of registering a new audience.
  • ASAP Secured products include a wide range of analytical tools, a user-friendly interface, reporting services, and training materials. Moreover, the provider guarantees round-the-clock technical support.
  • There is a range of solutions and services for owners of land-based gambling locations. The developer offers video surveillance systems, cargo escorting, and protection of the facilities of physical enterprises in Canada.

You can buy and connect ASAP Secured software to protect the casino in a few minutes — just contact managers of 2WinPower and describe your wishes in detail. We work only with the world’s leading suppliers and offer solutions certified by independent iGaming laboratories.

From us, it is also possible to purchase ready-made products or order a turnkey project development from scratch. You will be able to see the advantages of cooperation with us for yourself by downloading a demo version of the gambling platform.


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