Ways of Launching White Label Casino: Top 5 Recommendations

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Betting on the Internet (and beyond it) remains a recognizable way to invest, even with ever-changing legislation. And this is not surprising: in 2016, industry revenues worldwide amounted to almost $500 billion. Therefore, games of chance are really a beneficial business, which a lot of people dream of.

Gambling as a profitable business

What Must Be Done to Open an Online Gambling Venue?

  • Consummating your organisation.
  • Obtaining permits.
  • Ordering website advancement.
  • Entering into agreements with software manufacturers (the price of online casino operating systems is sometimes impressive).
  • Connecting payment systems.
  • Taking care of commerce strategies.

There are different approaches to keep away from these troubles and order a ready-to-use establishment from true professionals. These variants include the selling of amusement establishments, the purchase of an authorization from a recognizable institution, the script of an Internet amusement venue, White Label casino. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks, but we want to take a closer look at the last point, as it is not easy to find comprehensive data and materials related to it.

White Label Gambling Establishment: What Does It Mean?

This is a finished amusement institution, which can be purchased and almost instantly launch into operation. The name also implicates “empty tag”, that is, the operator acquires software that can be designed according to his identification and visualization. In fact, this is the major upside of such a solution — the favourable circumstances to establish your own exclusive commercial activity by means of the finished operating system.

The concept of White Label is common not only in gambling activities. For example, one equipment production plant can manufacture products for various trademarks. And it occurs quite often.

What Components Does the White Label Casino Solution Consists of?

  • Permitting papers — it is not required to register it on your own. Generally, this step takes the most time, as it is important to prepare the necessary papers accurately and expect the decision of the commission.
  • Casino gaming operating systems — a web venue will already contain them. This is another benefit, as the developers of Internet casino operating systems are reluctant to cooperate with unknown establishments. In turn, White Label casino suppliers have their own arrangements with manufacturers.
  • The server on which the virtual gambling venue will be located. This is an important peculiarity: it must be trustworthy and safe to make the institution work in a total absence of interruption.
  • Payment modules that ensure the security of payments.
  • Social services. If any questions about the casino occur, the owner will be aware whom address for assistance.

The Benefits of a White Label Gambling Venue

  • As mentioned above, the main benefit is own label. Unlike the same authorization, where someone else’s brand is used, White Label allows creating an exclusive production and by means of it to conquer the gambling industry.
  • Efficiency. Starting an Internet casino using the White Label service will take much less time than ordering the advancement from ground zero or even more than doing it on your own. Within at least seven days you will have a ready-to-use gambling establishment.
  • The price of White Label amusement venue is lower than almost all other options. It all depends on what kind of corporation you select. It is also worth considering that in these circumstances, there is a specified monthly payment for the White Label establishment.
  • You do not spend your attempts on starting a casino. The institution will be engaged in specialists who will undertake literally all the aspects.
  • White Label amusement venue is a finished production. It is not a basic script that has to be thoroughly refined, and there is no guarantee that it will run. White Label amusement institution will immediately begin to generate income.

White Label casino profit

Drawbacks of White Label Web Venue

Obviously, they are. Most importantly, the gambling venue website comes to the customer without any layout. It implies that it has to be improved and turned into reality. This is not a con, but rather a peculiarity, which takes place because, with White Label, a unique brand of the client is involved.

Secondly, you will not be able to select White Label gaming operating systems. If the external collaborator has installed slots of Novomatic or NetEnt authorship, removing them or adding others will be problematic.

Thirdly, the client will stand upon the license holder corporation. White Label gambling venue is entered into existing papers, so if there are changes in it, it will affect the “subsidiaries” of the institution.

What Are The Main Differences of White Label Casino With Other Methods of Starting an Online Gambling Business?

Apart from a White Label business solution, there are actually a few other variants, all having some unique features. In order to get a full picture of what services you are purchasing, we have prepared for you a comparison of the most popular business methods available:




An actual lease of software with the short organizational time because of the fully established operational environment

No real control over some aspect of the business since you are dependent on the parent company you are renting the software from


Quite an easy way to receive access to a promoted brand from a famous company

No your own business progress as you have to comply with all regulations installed by the parent company


Online casino from scratch with a unique name, design, and actual competitiveness level towards other enterprises on the market

Distinguishes with quite a high cost since all the aspects of the project must be developed or purchased without any initial foundation


The basic code of your online gambling platform for a low price

Implies a necessity to adapt a lot according to your needs

Stages of Running a White Label Amusement Venue

Running a White Label casino

  1. Selling a casino website is a service that a lot of distributors can provide. Select a corporation, taking into consideration the reviews of former clients, its good name in this industry and time of existence. The more knowledgeable and well-known the corporation is, the more possibilities of accomplishment with White Label establishment will be.
  2. Search out which license the chosen corporation has. An authorization issued by a respectworthy commission proves the trustworthiness of the institution in the minds of players.
  3. Appraise the games that the corporate parent offers. It is good, if approved software providers for Internet casinos will be presented: Playtech, Greentube, Microgaming, Mega Jack, etc.
  4. Take creating a label and configuration serious. This is something that will highlight you among other establishments, so it is worth working on it.
  5. Decide on promoting strategies. Right, as a result, you will have a finished production with an exclusive brand, but it still there is need to attract players. And it can be implemented only by means of targeted advancement.

It is obvious, there is nothing difficult or special about the launch of White Label amusement establishment: any undertaking involves careful preparation. And to open an amusement institution is not enough just to download iGaming operating systems or receive permitting documentation.

Can You Start a White Label Gaming Establishment Without Any Real Business Experience?

Well, you will actually need some basic knowledge of how to communicate with clients and partners as well as some primitive concepts of profit, expenses, and taxation system in general. Good for you, there is nothing complicated in this. Moreover, when it comes to the actual White Label solution, here you need to worry the least. There are a lot of professional companies that make convenient offers with clear prospects of future success.

But if you choose 2WinPower, by means of White Label casino, you will be able to make an effective business. Contact us today!

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