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Novomatic BTD games. When everything is clear without words

We believe there's no point in explaining why the operators should buy Novomatic BTD slot machines. The gamblers played, play, and will play the games from the Austrian developer regardless of what's in the trend at the moment. It's amazing but the slots released more than 15 years ago still remain in the tops of most online casinos.

Reasons to buy Novomatic BTD slot machines

The Novomatic BTD games are the foundation of a gambling club. The BTD abbreviation is decrypted as Beat the Dealer, which means the a player has to beat the dealer card with a bigger one.

It presupposes the risk game in each slot of the series. Players have to guess the color of the upside-down card. There are only two options: everything or nothing. Some slots feature another option: a participant has to pull a card of a higher rank than the dealer's card.

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