10 Major Achievements in the Gambling Industry

Andrew Price
Posted by Andrew Price
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In the gambling business, it is important to catch the slightest changes, because it is thanks to them that you can increase profits. Over the past century and a half, the perception of gambling and casino has changed significantly due to innovations that occurred naturally or through the efforts of developers. We offer you a list of things that have changed the casino.


Roulette for online casinos

The creation of roulette dates back to the late 19th century and is traditionally attributed to Francois Blanc, who was a famous French gambling personality. Due to the roulette wheel, casinos have become so popular that it has contributed to the prosperity of this field of activity for the past two centuries.

Slot Machines

Players of real and virtual casinos around the world prefer slot machines, which have existed since 1905 when the first and most famous one was created in America — Liberty Bell.


The originator of the first scheme of this game was Edward Thorpe, and after the introduction of the card account, the influx of players in all countries of the world and the level of use of mathematical calculations have increased so much that casino owners had to pay more attention to security and carefully ponder over the proposed games.

Valuable Prizes

What can interest the consumer more than the opportunity to win, for instance, a car or an impressive amount of money? All casino owners began to draw valuable prizes, and this was especially active in Moscow 20 years ago when it was possible to win such wonders as the island or BRDM. Until now, the drawing of valuable prizes remains a dainty lure for players.

Provision of Free Services

Please the customers with a free senior suite or a delicious dinner — all this greatly increases the likelihood that they will want to come back and play again. Now, these incentives are common among all casino owners.


Poker with live dealers

Las Vegas is the ancestor of not only tournaments but even poker championships. Eye-watering sums, universal respect and admiration attract players, and gambling establishments actively use it.

Online Games

Despite the numerous discussions about their harm and benefits, online games attract more and more players and are now the most in demand. Providing remote access and the opportunity to play, sitting on the couch in own apartment, the online casino has become a separate area of gambling.  


This game is luck in its purest form. To bet one rouble and to win one million — expenses are small, and pleasure in case of a prize is indescribable. The progressive jackpot in various forms is available today not only on slot machines but also in poker and roulette.  

Real-time Game

Modern technologies allow the participants of one game to be geographically in different parts of the globe, that is why the convenience and, consequently, the popularity of games only increases.

Games on Smartphones

A kind of breakthrough in the gaming industry was the availability of games for everyone who has a smartphone connected to the World Wide Web. According to experts, the opportunity to enter the online casinos in this way is the source of the greatest profit for their owners.

Certainly, not all the innovations, that this huge industry has been undergone, were listed above. There has always been and will be a lot of concepts and their implementations, which will be able to keep the interest of consumers without letting it fade away.

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