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This company is very popular nowadays. Now, we will tell you more about the history of this brand, describe all its famous online slots and other products, and provide our assistance in choosing the best casino.

The launch of the Amatic casino had only one goal: to let players know that, much to everyone's delight, the slots of this company, which were previously available only in land-based location, can now be played online. Moreover, gamblers were offered a large selection of online clubs, where they will definitely enjoy playing popular online games. And there is more ― as soon as users choose an online casino, they are entitled to get a welcome bonus provided under the terms of the selected website.

Гемблинг-компания Amatic Industries

Amatic Industries is an Austrian manufacturer and distributor of different casino technologies. Its history is full of landmark ideas ― for example, it includes the creation of slot technologies for casinos with the “multi-game” function developed by Roulette Grand Jeu, as well as the distribution of online slots that are still in demand. The branded started with the development of automatic selling machines. Over the past twenty years, Amatic’s business has expanded significantly. The company has become a leader in the creation of the land-based machines and has never stopped exploring and developing new spheres of the gambling market.

Lately, the brand started a new businesses line: provision of the most in-demand online games. The developers have mostly focused on meeting social needs, trying to make games achieve the expectations of all kinds of players. Besides, new technologies allow users to enjoy the gameplay wherever they want via a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.

The Range of Games

Amaic games for an online casino

Today, on the Internet, there are so many gambling clubs that players often feel lost and do not know what would better meet their requirements. Amatic helps them to get acquainted with the in-demand slots, explains their rules, and tells users about all the possibilities of a particular game. Knowing the positive and negative aspects of the game, players will be able to select the one that, in their opinion, will bring them the greatest luck and the biggest prizes. There is also a list of all online gambling locations that use the Amatic software. All casinos have the same products but each of them has its own design and features. Gambling clubs have different bonus systems and many options for users, and more detailed information on this can be obtained from the Amatic specialists.

Considering the illustrations provided by casinos and their explanations, gamblers decide where it will be more comfortable to play, building upon the language, the currency, the offered bonuses, and other aspects. Amatic offers its clients a list of the best and the most reliable casinos in Europe. By carefully selecting gambling locations, you can find the best payment methods. Thus, users always will find a suitable way to deposit money and withdraw winnings. There is also a customer support system that will help users to resolve any issue or provide an explanation of any problematical situation. Among other things, all casinos have many bonuses that can help players to win bigger prizes. All that clients have to do is just to relax and enjoy the game.

Amatic Industries has many games for land-based casinos, and now, the brand has decided to make the most famous of them available on the Internet.

There are three main categories of products:

Type of gambling entertainment Characteristics

The games look classically, just like the mechanics they operate on. The developers themselves call these games “hot and wild”. In total, there are fifteen of them. Although the slots are rather traditional in mathematics and visual design (fruits, sevens, and bells), they are regularly included in the top-list of reviews.

There are other slot machines as well ― more modern, even fantasy-themed. They have the latest graphics, show parallel worlds, and create an amazing atmosphere of the exciting journey. Among the most popular ones, we can name stories about the underwater world, witches and sorcerers, treasure hunting, etc.
Board games Amatic provides a wide selection of table and card games ― from the royal roulette to blackjack. Technologies allow gamblers to use several bonus features to increase their winnings. Thanks to it, this kind of entertainment is always in-demand
Video poker The Amatic poker software pleases users with many types of games. Everything can be found here ― from the classic version with traditional rules to unusual layouts with bonus cards and “crazy” rules

The product range of this brand will be more than enough for a powerful launch and the rapid growth of your business. And the Amatic casino platform will bring even better results.

The COS System

The COS system for Amatic casino

The software of this brand is flexible and qualitative. For example, the Casino Online System (COS) has become the embodiment of all the best that was released for more than a decade.

With the COS system, you can:

  • track the behaviour of users;
  • collect the statistics on bets;
  • control all the financial transactions that were carried out via the website.

A most important thing is the overview of the current state (or for a certain period) of the online casino, which can be received just in a couple of clicks. Thus, operators can flexibly manage their business and offer players the best content.

The COS system gives a good account of itself both in the management of small casinos, which have just been launched and are still fighting with competitors, and large networks with dozens of resources.

The Jackpot Software

Another original solution is the special software for the jackpot drawings:

  1. Local programming modules for the gambling halls, which allow operators to draw prizes only between visitors to the club or on a small website with slots.
  2. Mystery Jackpots ― this is the software for big projects or those online casinos, which combine all the connected slots into one network and organise drawings between players for each of the slot machines.
  3. The world-known jackpots with four levels: micro, mini, cash, and megapot. Due to their special features, they quickly became popular with players, and today, their presence is a kind of a “quality indicator” of an operator since he can offer such drawings on his website.

The jackpot software will attract more visitors to your website and make some of your games even more in-demand. Therefore, its installation is strongly recommended.

Amatic Online

All Amatic games without exception can be played on a mobile device. This is how gamblers can enjoy their favourite slot at any place since they can use their smartphones or tablets. For more information, please visit the Amatic Casino website.

Here, you will learn more about the history of the firm, and it will make you understand how it achieved such a success. You can also look through the most popular Amatic games and choose those slots that are suitable exactly for your online casino.

All gambling establishments, presented by Amatic, were reviewed and analysed by us personally, and that is why they provide players only with reliable and verified information.


The software from Amatic is of the highest quality and can both increase the involvement of players in the process and the profitability of a casino within a short time.

You can order the Amatic software from 2WinPower. We will provide you with the necessary software in a matter of hours, and integrate and test it. Do not postpone the development of your business ― contact us right now!

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