Bitcoin Casino is the Future of Online Gambling

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During the last few years, the popularity of online casinos that use bitcoins has grown rapidly, and today such gambling clubs are even more in-demand than those where paper money is accepted. Experts from many countries have repeatedly projected that bitcoin casinos are the future of the virtual gambling industry. And it is probably so because the popularity of digital currencies is growing as well.

Bitcoin casino business

Further, in this article, we will name the reasons why bitcoin casinos are becoming a new trend, speak about the selling points of such gambling establishments, and also, we are going to tell you how online gambling will develop in the coming years.

Comparative analysis of a Bitcoin wallet and other payment systems
Characteristics Bitcoin Other payment services
Speed of transactions Instant transfers from anywhere in the world In some cases, the transfer takes from one to three calendar days
Anonymity A bitcoin wallet allows users to escape recognition Financial manipulations require the multi-level authorisation
Location of users Virtual currency is not tied to any currency notes and, accordingly, it is not controlled by the laws of existing countries Payment services can offer a limited set of currency notes and, as a rule, are focused on a specific region
Security Only the owner has access to the wallet, and it is impossible to track or intercept transactions None of the existing systems uses the technology to store “pieces” of the code  on the users' devices
Commission fee During the calculation of virtual currency, commission fees are always minimal or there is none of them at all For the use of internal options, payment services always charge a certain fee, which directly depends on the size of the transfer

What is so Good About the Bitcoin Casino

Worldwide Access

All countries have their own laws and, according to some of them, land-based casinos are strictly prohibited. However, slots in bitcoin casinos can be played worldwide because you only need to have access to the selected website (a hint: use VPN!). Of course, sometimes network protection systems can be used, and they make it difficult for people to visit an online casino but it is not impossible ― you can percolate them through proxy networks.

We can also offer you another option: to turn to the 2WinPower casino that has all the characteristics that are mentioned above, and perhaps, even wider product range, and allows gamblers to play on the platform.

Honest Actions and Their Importance for the Security of Players and the Outcome of Games

Modern bitcoin casinos offer special functions for a fair game, mostly cryptographic algorithms, which are created to check if the result of the game session was garbled by a casino or a third party or not.

Unbelievably Fast In-Game Transactions and Equally Fast Withdrawal of Funds

Very fast cash withdrawal

Sometimes it takes a few hours or even days in locations that accept paper money before funds are deposited and people can start playing. In bitcoin casinos, there will be no such problems because this process will take a few minutes (after the confirmation of the transaction). Withdrawal of funds also happens very quickly.

We would also like to note that the taxes associated with the sums that are deposited and withdrawn from the accounts are very small, and transactions of the average size are well worth a few cents spent on them. And if we are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars, what two dollars payment will mean compared to this money?


This is probably the main advantage of bitcoin casinos over traditional gambling clubs. Since you are not dealing with real money, it is not necessary to provide personal data. Actually, there is even no need to create an account, unless you yourself want it. Moreover, after receiving your winnings, according to the law, you do not have to pay any taxes because you will withdraw money from your account in digital currency.

At the earliest juncture, bitcoin casinos are expected to develop even more actively thanks to the addition of more slot machines, the support of several digital currencies, the increase in the number of games with live dealers, and the introduction of more profitable promotions and higher payouts.

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About the Advantages of Cryptocurrency for Casino Operators

If electronic money has found wide recognition among fans of gambling, then what benefits can they bring to the owners of gambling platforms?

Among the most significant features of the use of bitcoins in the gambling industry, it is worth mentioning the following ones:

  • Quick entry into the market. At the moment, competition in the industry is much lower than in the field of traditional or mobile platforms. It is the most profitable and promising type of investment. According to the forecasts, by 2024, every second gambling location in the world will accept payments in bitcoins.
  • Operation without a license. Cryptocurrency exists only within the framework of the global network and is not the property of any of the existing banks. This is an independent currency, which cannot be affected by any external factors. Accordingly, the government does not control it, so there is simply no one to issue licenses to the gambling business with bitcoins.
  • Casinos with one game. The Bitkong platform can be a good example. The gambling establishment offers one kind of entertainment, which is built on the “red/black” principle. According to the statements that can be found on the Internet, the profitability of the casino exceeds one hundred eighty million dollars annually.


The world of technologies is our exciting future, and bitcoin is an essential part of it. It is time to familiarise yourself with the advantages of using cryptocurrency in virtual gambling projects and occupy your business niche.

Leave an application to our managers, and we will show you the most convenient and cost-effective ways to develop startups that are based on digital money.

Our team will provide you with detailed information on the most popular technical platforms for organising gambling projects (for example, the Ethereum system) and offer a proven alternative — a turnkey bitcoin casino.

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