BrandGames: New Slot Machines in the 2WinPower Catalogue

Andrew Price
Posted by Andrew Price
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2WinPower team is pleased to announce the next expansion of the range! Now, the bright and atmospheric novelties from BrandGames are available fans of gambling entertainment. In our catalogue there are such games from this company:

  • Captain Marvel;
  • Hellboy;
  • Shazam;
  • Avengers.

BrandGames slots are now in the 2WinPower catalogue

What Is Necessary to Know About BrandGames Provider?

The company was established in 1995, but it is not familiar to a wide audience. This happens due to the unique focus of BranGames: the manufacturer does not position itself as a developer of gambling software. The purpose of the brand is the use of computer games in the field of business communications, sales and development of training materials.

Gambling content from BrandGames is a universal language of communication that allows achieving a variety of goals. Working with leading developers from all over the globe, the company offers its customers a unique gaming dynamic and a complete set of tools for business processes of any nature.

What can be found today in the BrandGames catalogue:

  • the immense range of gaming content and simulators;
  • systems for training;
  • advertising games;
  • branded sports channels in the subject of fantasy;
  • content for uncommercial organizations;
  • recruiting solutions;
  • consulting services in the field of strategy development and business game.

One of the constant advantages of BrandGames products is the amazing quality of graphics. A team of professional artists is engaged in the visual design of solutions. The experience of the developer is so large-scale that the company even ventured to create the game implementations of the Marvel Universe.

Stunning Gaming Novelties from BrandGames

The catalogue of 2WinPower was replenished with such extraordinarily vivid themed solutions from BrandGames:

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel slot by BrandGames

This slot is the main point of pride of the developer. Five reels, twenty lines, a unique system of free spins and a set of elements with advanced options were specially designed for this machine.

Special attention should be paid to the theme of the game. In Captain Marvel, you have to help the unsurpassed Carol Danvers to come together in a battle with the supervillain Thanos to restore the world balance. In gratitude for the help, the Avengers team promises more than a generous reward.

Fabulous graphic design makes the gameplay as exciting and realistic as possible. An additional upside is the presence of an intuitive and concise user menu with a rich set of personal settings.


The game was created on the basis of the cognominal sci-fi blockbuster. The user is in the midst of a collision between the world of people and the universe of terrible nightmares.

The slot has only five reels and five paylines, with no additional locations and multipliers. Despite this fact, Hellboy attracts with amazingly realistic graphics implementation and for the most excited gamblers, the game of chance is provided.


This slot is an original gaming implementation of the iconic film of the same name. Running the game, you have to try on the role of an ambitious teenager who has suddenly revealed a fantastic superpower to change the world order.

Shazam is a universe of magic and generous monetary rewards.


We draw your attention to another new product that allows diving deep into the exciting world of superheroes. The game is dedicated to the final part of the cult blockbuster “Avengers” and pleases with a special atmosphere, original sound design and good winnings.

Slot Machines in the 2WinPower Catalogue

2WinPower team regularly monitors new fashion trends and constantly expands the range of offers. Be aware of the latest innovations and order BrandGames software on the most favourable terms!

We offer only proven solutions and guarantee the perfect quality of all games.

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