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In order to develop their own gaming business, Internet users are trying to buy a ready-made resource, so you can increasingly see ads: buy online casino. In fact, with the benefit of your gaming resource, it is possible soon to achieve a permanent passive income.

People who are interested in this type of business, to some purpose, achieve this goal and, over time, their websites become a source of significant profit. Talking with one of the future owners of online gambling, a representative of the training website called “buy online casino” drew some conclusions, which were as follows.

Turnkey casino: website development

Despite the huge number of companies offering the creation of a turnkey casino, you should not rely on the first available and hurry to buy the program. You can act in a certain way, including the publication of ads: buy online casino. However, an independent search for a company that sells a full casino package can also bring success.

Buy in 1 click!

Only by finding a few similar firms and comparing their reputation and portfolio of projects, you can draw some conclusions. Those companies-developers who work in the gaming market for several years and present on their websites at least ten completed projects can become reliable partners. However, this is not always the case, because the experience and projects can be just contrived in a very smart way. Therefore, turning to the ad “buy online casino”, it is necessary to learn about such a company as much information from other sources as possible.

For this purpose, it is recommended to visit several forums on this topic and communicate with the similar (including potential) owners of gaming websites. Undoubtedly, some of them are familiar with the proposals of the development companies and can share their experience with you. You should not fully disclose your goals to interlocutors, just inform them: I intend to buy online casino, and they will tell you about the reliable companies that will sell a quality product.

Choosing a reliable seller-partner, you can start organizing your future source of income, taking into consideration the results of your analysis of the gaming market. Thus, your desire, identified by the offer — buy online casino — will begin to come true.

Leave your requests on the main page or in the feedback form “Order casino”.

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Characteristics of a High-quality Gaming Project

Online casino: main characteristics

When buying a ready-made gambling website, it is necessary to make sure that the product complies with international quality standards and has the following components:

  1. Tools for service administration.
  2. A wide range of games.
  3. Nice design.
  4. Convenient, intuitively clear user interface with easy navigation.
  5. Payment services.
  6. Security system.

The gambling project is a complete solution, each component of which needs to be well-arranged with the utmost care. The best choice for novice operators — the resort to a proven and reliable intermediary who will undertake all the technical resolutions and provide the customer with a product that is ready to launch and receive users.

Financial Side of the Issue

The cost of the gambling website is a question of present interest that every novice operator is concerned about.

If you plan to launch the project on your own, you should be prepared for the following expenses:

Approximate estimates for entering the gambling market from scratch

The costs of launching the gaming platform
Item of expenditure The percentage of the core budget
Registration of legal status 3-7%
Business legalization (purchase/lease of license) 10-30%
Purchase of software products 25-35%
Staff recruitment 10-20%
Other expenses 5-15%
Table of expenditures in the first year of operation
Current expenses of the company (for instance, rent of office premises) 5%
Maintenance, renewal of a license 1-10%
Software maintenance 10%
Commission fees to gaming content provider 5%
Salaries of employees 20-30%
Marketing promotion 50% of the estimated income of the establishment

As a rule, the cost of starting a project from scratch is from 100 thousand dollars. It is quite expensive, and the operator has no guarantee of success. A more practical and financially profitable solution is the purchase of a ready resource from a reliable, proven intermediary.

Why is it More Beneficial to Purchase a Casino Than to Create it on Your Own?

To launching a gambling project on your own is a difficult task, the solution of which takes a lot of effort and time and requires significant costs.

The Legalisation of a Gambling Website

Operators prefer to obtain casino licenses in offshore jurisdictions: Curacao, Costa Rica, Panama, Gibraltar, Kahnawake, and others. Acquisition of permits in these countries allows casino owners to enter very prospective markets. However, the legalisation procedure is a long process, and it is not always successful.

When you order the development of a turnkey project from 2WinPower, you get comprehensive support, including the legal one. We offer you our assistance with paperwork or the acquisition of a sublicense.

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The Development of a Gaming Site

Beginning entrepreneurs with small initial capital often choose to develop gambling websites on their own and create them according to ready-made templates. On the one hand, it gives certain advantages because it is easier for gamblers to navigate such websites. And on the other hand, casino owners lose users due to the “impersonality” of resources.

Specialists from 2WinPower recommend you not to save on the development of a casino website. You have only one chance to make a first impression on new visitors, and it should be used to attract a captive audience. Order a high-quality resource with a professional design and take care of a recognisable logo.

Buy a casino

The “right” casino can be distinguished by the following features:

  • a pleasant design with a minimum number of bright elements;
  • an intuitive interface and simple navigation;
  • the presence of an identification system via social networks (this is important because active Internet users are your audience);
  • well visible and conveniently located buttons.

Selection of Software

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In many ways, the choice of software depends on the type of gambling resource and the business goals of its owner. You will need multifunctional software that can ensure the integrity of the gameplay. Also, it is necessary to integrate payment services, affiliate programs, and security systems into the casino platform.

There are many criteria that can help you to discern for yourself how high is the quality of the software but the most important factor is the reputation of the supplier. It is better to buy software only from a reliable vendor and make sure that he is ready to take over the maintenance of the website after it is launched.

However, there is also a simple solution to the problem of finding software ― you can purchase a ready-made gaming site from 2WinPower. We will create a set of programs that will be perfect for your business, integrate products into the website, and provide round-the-clock technical support. All you need to do is to contact our manager and tell him about your wishes and preferences.

Ready-Made Internet Sites from 2WinPower

Turnkey casino with 2WinPower

Ordering a turnkey service, you get a lot of undeniable advantages:

  • saving time and money (as a rule, a turnkey project is several times cheaper than launching from scratch, and it takes about two to three months to start a business);
  • unique design solutions (the cost of turnkey service includes the visual design of the service and the development of an exclusive logo);
  • full set of administrative tools;
  • integration of payment services (including bitcoin wallet connection service);
  • organization of technical support services;
  • free software updates;
  • a rich variety of gaming content;
  • built-in security service with innovative encryption and storage protocols;
  • development of loyalty programs;
  • full legal support (assistance in collecting documents for registration of legal status, licensing and resolution of disputes).

As additional services, in the 2WinPower company, you can order the development of exclusive HTML5 games, comprehensive marketing promotion, the connection of betting products and the creation of mobile applications for gambling platforms of any format.


2WinPower is one of the best services for the sale of gambling websites. The company’s range includes a huge selection of finished products and services for the development of exclusive solutions.

Our team will become a reliable partner and will help you to enter the world gambling arena. We undertake all the risks and guarantee full payback of the project within six months of cooperation.

Become the owner of the most profitable business with 2WinPower even today!

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