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Buy an Online Casino on 2WinPower Website

1. The Main Indicators of Quality Entertainment Service

2. Basic on the Nuances of Choosing a Software Provider

3. The Best Suppliers of Gambling Products in 2019

4. Marketing is an Essential Part of the Work of Casinos

5. Conclusion

Gambling industry is the most promising and fast-paying type of business activity. Own start-up in the gambling industry will be an excellent source of passive income, one has only to understand how to enter the world market with minimal expenses of money, time and nerves.

How to start an online casino

The most important thing to clarify is the question whether you really need this business because surely a person who decided on such a step has the main business of life, and to buy an online casino for him means just to make an interesting deal.

Therefore, for all those who intend to buy an online casino, experts recommend to think well about their decision, and if the desire remains after, then to start with monitoring the gaming market.

Of course, the best way would be to find professionals in this field, because who else knows where to start better than they. After analysing the websites of the development companies, their activities and products, you can choose the most appropriate and profitable, able to provide quality services. And only after that make your choice and buy online casino with a package of modern original games.

In fact, on the Internet, offer to buy online casino is common on the resources of selling companies, however, before making your choice, it is better to check the availability of licenses and reliability of projects in the portfolio.

After the conclusion of the contract for the purchase of a turnkey gaming resource, you need to take care of the license documents, as it is always better to work legally. After all, the casino owner needs to earn a reputation from the very beginning, and the “underground” activity simply discredits him. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is not enough just to buy an online casino — you need to ensure the legality and not to damage the prestige of your activities.

The next steps should be the acquisition of your own hosting and domain name, and then — the promotion of a new gaming resource, in particular, the placement of unique content, advertising in social networks. Thus, it turns out that it is not so difficult to buy an online casino but to make money on it, you need to know some small tricks.

The Main Indicators of Quality Entertainment Service

Gaming website: main indicators of its quality

The final product, regardless of the method of its creation, must comply with the highest quality standards and consist of the following components:

The parameters of the optimal gaming platform
Evaluation criterion Brief description
Visual design and navigation The picture should be bright and pleasing to the eye, and the management of built-in services — the most simple and understandable
Entertainment content The more games are presented on the website, the higher are the chances of the operator to increase traffic and, accordingly, the profitability of the website
Loyalty program

The following methods can be used as incentives:

  • short-term thematic and seasonal promotions;
  • cash payments for action (registration, deposit replenishment, involving a friend);
  • free spins;
  • built-in bonus levels;
  • promo games;
  • special symbols to increase the winning amount, etc.
Security system Ultra-modern encryption techniques and foreign servers are used to store user data
Technical support The faster the issues of users are solved, the higher the level of loyalty and trust of the audience is
Payment services

It is an integral part of the entertainment service, allowing customers to make transactions in any convenient currency. The most popular among the players are:

  • visa/MasterCard Bank cards;
  • virtual wallets Qiwi, WebMoney, Yandex.Money;
  • electronic services Skrill, Neteller, PayPal

Users consider a high-quality gambling resource to be a platform, the operator of which takes care of their interests. It is important that visitors trust you. To do this, it is necessary to provide effective feedback. Clients must be sure that they will receive support at any time of the day or night, and if the rules of communication or games on the gaming site change, they will be warned on time.

The reputation is everything. To make your gambling service truly reliable, you should work legally, purchase only certified software, take into account the preferences of your audience, and listen to the opinions of users.

Basic on the Nuances of Choosing a Software Provider

By ordering a turnkey service, the operator receives at his disposal a full set of products. In fact, this is the finished project that immediately after the creation can be launched and advertised, receiving the first customers.

One-time ordering of components is a practical solution that allows saving money without missing any important details. This approach is much more profitable than the independent purchase of each of the elements separately. The main thing is to choose a reliable and proven supplier.

Some Tips from 2WinPower:

  1. Certificate of excellence. Leading developers use the services of competent authorities and independent laboratories: each product is thoroughly tested before entering the market, and all the parameters of the study are recorded in the certificate.
  2. Impeccable reputation. Information about any of the suppliers is publicly available. Operators are advised to review both requirements to partner and feedback from existing customers.
  3. Innovative solutions. The rapid growth of the gambling industry in combination with the similar large-scale development of computer technologies force developers to look for new solutions that can maximize the loyalty of the audience.

The Best Suppliers of Gambling Products in 2019

2WinPower team has prepared a list of the leading developers of gambling software:

Top 5 manufacturers of gaming software in 2019
Brand name Brief description
Microgaming The company’s collection contains more than 800 gaming solutions and about 500 upgraded versions of the previously released software. The company has presented the world with the concept of online casino and later introduced a system of cumulative jackpots

The supplier’s portfolio includes not only slot machines, but also software for binary options, securities trading, systems for mobile platforms and much more.

The company pleases players around the world with a unique collection of branded games created on the basis of Marvel comics

NetEnt The merits of the developer are the creation of unique, revolutionary gameplay and impeccable graphic design of each product. The brand is considered to be the supplier of the most astonishing and atmospheric games of chance

The provider offers carefully considered systems of encouragement of the players. Each product of the brand is a combination of exciting bonus locations, free spins, chance mode and a huge range of special symbols

BetSoft The company has focused on slots with three-dimensional graphics. 3D elements are present not only as animated cutscenes but also on the control panel

Marketing is an Essential Part of the Work of Casinos

High-quality software, impeccable design, and prompt technical support are necessary but this is not enough for the successful operation of online casinos. If operators do not pay enough attention to the promotion of their websites or choose the wrong strategy, the gaming site will bring small income.

Experts of the 2WinPower company recommend all businessmen to use several inexpensive and effective marketing tools.

SEO Optimisation

If a casino appears on the first page of search results, it is not bad but the main goal is to reach the top ten.

Effective SEO promotion tools are:

  • the optimised content;
  • a well-thought-out site map;
  • internal links;
  • external links.

The fundamental rule of SEO promotion is constant work on the improvement of the achieved results.

Social Networks

Advertising on social networks usually produces good results because most gamblers are active Internet users. If players see links to new casinos in news feeds, they click on them to familiarise themselves with the assortment and website rules.

Social networks increase brand awareness. Users trust companies that have their own pages and enjoy visiting them if they see interesting promotions.

Newsletters by E-mail

Notify users of all the updates on the gaming site and invite them to participate in promotions, tournaments, and sweepstakes. Important information is that newsletters via e-mail should be sent only to those customers who have given consent to receive them. Otherwise, players will think that it is spam.

What Else can be Used for the Promotion?

The listed marketing tools are convenient, easy to use, and cheap.

There are also other options:

  • CRM systems;
  • affiliate marketing;
  • news feeds;
  • press releases;
  • actions that are aimed at the creation of a good reputation.

The best results are produced by the simultaneous use of all available methods under the supervision of experienced marketers.

If you order a comprehensive service for the promotion of a gambling resource from 2WinPower, we will guarantee that the cost of the creation, launch, and promotion of the gaming site will pay off in three-six months.


Purchase of a ready-made platform is an excellent solution that allows you to minimize the time to enter the market and compete with the world’s flagships.

All you need to start your own business is to leave a request to the managers of 2WinPower. We are ready to undertake full technical and legal guidance of the project and offer the brightest novelties of the market. The range of products consists of offers from popular suppliers with an impeccable reputation.

You can always order an exclusive solution according to the personal sketches. Our team will implement your most creative wishes. But that is not the half of it! We guarantee full payback of the project within 3-6 months of cooperation.

Do not miss your chance to enter the world gambling stage with 2WinPower!

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Andrew Price

2WinPower Partner, owner of the gambling establishments network.


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