Can I Advertise My Gambling Website on the Internet, Legally and Safely?

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Attracting the casino games traffic is one of the significant tasks for the owners of gambling websites and poker rooms. 

Gambling website's advertisement

Without a doubt, the widely-recognised gambling establishments have an enormous traffic due to their acceptance and brand appreciation. However, in addition to the brand awareness, there are other creative strategies for attracting users to your online casino. So, the question is: can I advertise my gambling website on the Internet, legally, and what price is appropriate such service?

Which Points of a Gambling Web Resource Functioning are Worth Your Attention

If a visitor of an online gaming website has regular problems with cash transactions, and the process of withdrawal of funds goes too slowly, he will likely quit playing on the resource. The players appreciate exciting games, generous bonuses, a prompt technical assistance, and an acceptable arrangement of the input and output of funds.

The choice of the most suitable software products, from a payment system to the last slot game, is a valuable aspect of gambling entrepreneurship that boosts the level of customer assurance and guarantees that the users will visit your casino again. So, how can I advertise my gambling website on the Internet, legally?

Which issues to consider while choosing the payment system for your casino?

  • a simple process of withdrawing funds;
  • the reliability and security;
  • the popularity of the system in the region of residence of the majority of your casino players.

Modern virtual casinos tend to accept payment cards and cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin seems to be the most promising option: some gambling software providers offer the integration of bitcoin payment systems into your club (you can use bitcoins as the sole or an extra payment method). Casino businessman across the world recognise the ample opportunities that the Bitcoin can provide: the anonymity, freedom from the intermediaries, speed and irreversibility of the transactions, etc.

Online Casino Marketing

Online casino marketing

Much like any other area, the casino entrepreneurship has its own peculiarities. Legal promotion is possible, but this is a highly competitive niche, as the online casinos have to compete with bookmakers, lotteries and other kinds of gambling activities. So, if your question is: “Can I advertise my gambling website on the Internet, legally?”, we might have the answer.

A successful online commerce involves investing in promotional campaigns needed to attract players. Sometimes, marketing tools take care of the major aspects of promotion. However, the costs of such tools do not cover customer support, technical backup and software updates.

Promoting your casino’s website to the top of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, AOL, Alta Vista, etc., is not enough. Speaking about gaming projects, it is hard to apply usual approaches of the Internet commerce to advertise them. Therefore, the proprietors should develop an extensive plan determining the goals they wish to accomplish and the methods they would use.

What are the Possible Types of Advertising?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for gambling website advertisement

SEO is the promotion that helps websites go to the top of the search engines. The higher the resource’s position in Google, the more visitors the page will get. SEO can bring you the desired traffic using video content, separate regional targeting, and more. All operations are aimed at boosting the position of your gambling platform on the Internet. Therefore, SEO is an example of a legal and money-saving promotion.

Contextual advertising

This option means advertising of a product on the partners’ sites. The Google AdSense and Yandex.Direct services broadcast contextual advertising in accordance with the previous search queries of the user, the subject and the content of the sites.

If you choose to connect to Google Display Network, you will get a number of essential benefits:

  • an easy control of different types of advertising campaigns;
  • the efficiency of work;
  • the management of advertising budgets;
  • the adaptation of advertisements and keywords for different types of campaigns;
  • the ability to develop your own strategies for the management of advertising in both the search engine and the Display Network.


Social media marketing for gambling website advertisement

Social media marketing is a set of activities aimed at attracting traffic as well as stimulating sales on social networks and blogs. This method works with your potential customers seeking them in the social networks.

SMM includes such directions:

  • the creation and development of communities within social networks;
  • the attraction of traffic through targeted PR and promo posts;
  • the development of applications and games and their promotion among the users;
  • full sales of goods and services among the users.

Affiliate marketing

A perfect opportunity to start a business. Affiliate marketing involves attracting customers to someone other’s website in exchange for a percentage of the income. 

This is accomplished by placing affiliate advertising links on a web page. Such Internet marketing tools reward the sites that advertise their partner’s merchandise per certain period of time, per sale, per click, per impression, etc. Letting your partner promote your casino will help you win more players.

Web analytics

Web analytics in gambling business promotion

Web analytics helps you find the sector and the reason for a “leak” of visitors. Having encountered it, it is not difficult to fix the problem. Also, web analytics analyses the effectiveness of various channels to attract people to the casino. All this makes it possible to use the site as a channel for delivering information with the maximum efficiency. If you want your website to not merely be present in the web but bring you money, analyse it and study the means of optimisation.

How Can I Take Advantage of all These Types of Advertising?

The 2WinPower company has a vast experience in the development and successful implementation of advertising campaigns for gaming resources. The specialists from 2WinPower may offer you probably the best turnkey casino solution and various promotional services. 

2WinPower turnkey solutions for gaming business advertising campaigns

Choose the best options, beat your competitors and let your enterprise flourish with the 2WinPower’s marketing tools.

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