Collective Game: Joint Win in the Gambling Halls with the Multiuser Slots

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Social games were created for the common good — to play together but not against each other. And this is just the beginning of the Gaminator casino rise.

While most players often see themselves as lone wolves, team play has its advantages. Emotional connection and communication with equal people in a joint game will make even the most difficult goal more achievable.

Multiuser slots become more and more popular

This is how collective slots came to the stage. You are working together to win as one team, instead of defeating the person next to you. You go into a virtual room — perhaps with friends you have invited, or with people you have never met before — and start playing together. Everyone plays their own game, but when one person gets into the bonus round, everyone wins. Internal chat will help you to keep in touch, so you can cheer each other up in a difficult moment and celebrate the victory together!

While most online casinos present slot tournaments where you try to beat other players to win a prize, only a few “upper crust” casinos offer collective slots where the main goal is to share the winnings with other players so that everyone wins. Have done a background check online, we found that Gaminator casino has the best parlours with multiuser virtual vending machines. Of course, this place attracts everyone who is interested in slots.

Operating Principles of Multiuser Slots

Building a collective game has almost no difference from the work of traditional slot machines.

Products of both types operate on a similar principle:

  1. Running the game.
  2. Observation of rotating elements.
  3. Summing up and distribution of prizes.

The results are determined by means of a random number generator. As in the classic video slots, it is impossible to influence the results of the session in the collective game.

It is also worth noting that the percentage of payments is integrated into the program in advance and is set either by the owner of the gaming platform or by the developer of the software. But everyone can increase the chances of winning, taking advantage of additional features that include the formation of combinations with special characters, participation in the bonus game, start the game of chance, etc.

The main difference between the multiplayer mode and the traditional format of the game is that the resources of the slot allow several people to play simultaneously.

Basic on the Rules of the Game

The game begins after visiting the so-called virtual room. As a rule, the resource of such a website is designed for the simultaneous presence of 2-6 people.

Each player can use the following options:

  • observation of the gaming screens of the other participants;
  • interact with players via custom chats;
  • collective bonuses (each user receives a special combination that activates one of the additional options);
  • collective free spins;
  • ability to gather own team or join an existing group.

What Is Better — Tournaments or Multiplayer Slots?

The tournament is one of the most famous forms of interaction between users. However, the collective individual slots have a number of features that distinguish these attractions from any of the other game formats.

Collective game VS. tournament competitions
Evaluation criteria Multiplayer vending machines Gambling tournaments
Number of participants Up to 6 people Limits are set by the organizers
Teamwork Yes As a rule, in the tournament, each user plays for himself, team competitions can be found significantly less likely
Format of interaction between users Support and the joint struggle for the prize Playing against other participants
Prize pool Common victory, in which each player receives a certain percentage The award goes to only one winner
Bonus programs The multiplayer slots are not only provided with bonuses but also have exclusive solutions for each individual participant
The communication mode Chat windows, messengers As a rule, in tournaments are used only dialogue boxes to communicate with dealers or customer support

3 Slots for Social Games

Only a certain number of games are available for sale in the Virtual Slots Room:

Book of Ra

Aztec Treasure

Mermaid’s Pearl


Multiuser game is a relatively new direction, only started to gain its popularity. In nowadays market, a limited number of products is presented, herewith this niche deserves more than close attention.

Do not miss your chance and offer to a global audience new solutions that can turn the gaming process into an exciting adventure.

The 2WinPower team is ready to assist in the selection of ready-made content for collective entertainments and offer services for the development of exclusive projects.

You just need to leave a request to our managers and describe your wishes — the rest will be a matter of professional team. We guarantee, the result will exceed your wildest expectations.

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