Thailand is a real heaven for those who search for adventurers and exotic entertainment. Here, tourists will see the magnificence of sandy beaches, dizzying tropical heat, rich nightlife, and surprisingly low prices. The only disadvantage is that gambling in Thailand is strictly prohibited.

If the gambling industry in this country was legalised, American casinos would have suffered enormous losses. The local apparatus of government regularly makes attempts to ease legislative restrictions related to gambling but the situation remains unfortunate. More details can be found further in this article.

Casinos in Thailand: the After-Hours Game

Gambling in Thailand is banned

The Land-Based Market

Fighting against any form of gambling, local authorities are very stubborn. This attitude is applied both to the land-based segment and the virtual market: organisation and participation in games for money is fraught with huge fines and even criminal prosecution.

Nevertheless, the gambling business is widely represented by “underground” locations. Here, you will not find bright signs and attractive advertising. It is very risky to visit this kind of gambling establishments. If players decide to break the ban and want to spend a lot of money, they will be able to try their luck and set out on a search for underground gambling entertainment.

The gambling room in Thailand can be recognised with the help of the following distinctive marks:

  • a closed room on the territory of a night club;
  • the absence of advertising;
  • expensive entrance to the club (the test of the solvency of a future client);
  • a mandatory requirement for potential participants is the purchase of alcoholic beverages;
  • it is possible to enter only with the passport (only adults are allowed to gamble).

The Online Segment

There is an even more unfortunate situation in the virtual market: the Internet business in the country is also banned. Moreover, the organisation of gambling services is not available for both local entrepreneurs and foreign businessmen.

All major services (for example, the Vulcan casino network) are automatically blocked. The use of proxy servers is also considered illegal.

Gambling in Thailand: Reasons for the Ban

The main reason for the persecution of gambling entrepreneurs is the nature of the nation. Any Thai is a pathological gambler who can not only instantly gamble away but also “borrow” money from a neighbour.

The delicacy of the constitution of locals also did its part: the alcohol intoxication occurs almost instantly, and their gambling parties with alcoholic drinks drive a wedge into society and increase the crime figure.

The only concession made by the authorities is the open access to state lotteries and bets on horse racing.

Gambling in Thailand: Useful Statistics

The Thailand Gambling Research Centre, together with the country's Social and Business Development Centre, presented a new study.

Observations of experts:

  1. For the current year, 57% of the local population (about 30.4 million citizens) took part in gambling operations.
  2. The age of local gamblers — from 15 years.
  3. State lottery — the most popular format of the game.
  4. Legal gambling in Thailand provides services to more than 22.7 million residents.
  5. Card games are preferred by about 4.4 million people.
  6. The largest expenses fall upon sports betting — 5.3 billion dollars.
  7. Virtual gambling in Asia is not very popular: only 1.6% of respondents prefer online platforms.
  8. In 2019, 210 thousand locals have signs of ludomania.
  9. More than 1.1 million Thais have debts because of gambling.

Casinos in Asia: the Overall Situation in the Gambling Market

Gambling industry in Asia: the overall situation

If, in Thailand, your own gambling business cannot be legally launched, then in other Asian countries, the situation will seem much more attractive.

The list of countries that provide gambling services

The country

Short commentary


State lotteries are a famous entertainment throughout the country, which receives profit from casinos that are located only in two territories — Hong Kong and Macau


New legislative regulations strictly control both markets (land-based and virtual) but the range of casino games is quite non-standard (for example, many varieties of pachinko and mahjong are provided)


Tourists can visit two legal gambling establishments. Locals have access to state lotteries and sports betting options

The Philippines

The government receives profit from gambling at all stages — from the issuance of licenses to local and foreign providers to performance monitoring of the already existing locations


Casino games are available only in certain provinces. Poker is on thin ice and is not recognised as a type of gambling or sports

South Corea

The vast majority of casinos serve only foreign tourists. Locals can visit the only gambling house in the whole country


The matter of legalisation of the gambling industry is now under consideration. So far, only foreigners can play games for money


The gambling industry is prohibited for the local population. For this reason, the grey market flourishes in the country


On the country’s territory, there are several locations that serve only foreign citizens


Among the legal areas of gambling, there are only bookmaker’s offices, both in the land-based and the virtual segment

In Conclusion

Taking into account the above-mentioned situation, Thailand is not the best country for launching your own gambling project. Here, there is a strict ban on the organisation of any gambling entertainment. Moreover, the country has monopolised lotteries and bets on horse racing.

If you want to run a profitable online business, you will have to pay attention to more promising regions. For example, today, the construction of an integrated casino resort in Japan is one of the most anticipated events in the gambling market.

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