Gambling license for online casino

Nowadays it is very profitable and popular among businessmen to have an online casino business.

To succeed it is important to observe all rules and requirements written in laws in order to be sure that your gambling activity is legal. 

 gambling activity

When you start an online casino business it is necessary to pass a procedure of registration. And in this step you will need a gambling license. Public authorities are to give you their permission to create and manage your business and gambling licenses are its acknowledgement. There companies which offer their clients services for obtaining a gambling license, and such services are usually very helpful. 

Today there are more than 80 countries in the world, which allow people to get gambling licenses. Each country has its own special requirements for a process of registration, its own pluses and minuses. Among them you will be able to find classic offshore zones and countries where such activity is also legal. So it is up to you to choose jurisdiction that is most comfortable for the development of your business. 

Why it is impossible to skip a stage of getting gambling licenses?

Not having a permission to operate a casino business means that you will not be able to launch your gambling website. The first thing that is crucial for all software companies that develop software for online games is a license issued in any jurisdiction. 

Among all the advantages of having a gambling license are the security of the business, its high reputation and legitimacy. All this characteristics are important not only for players, but also for your business partners. 

Information that will help you in choosing a jurisdiction

Choosing a jurisdiction that will meet your requirements you should pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • Think of a country which citizens will mostly visit your online casino. They must be familiar with the selected jurisdiction.
  • Calculate the amount of taxes you will need to pay. 
  • Find out gambling licenses of which jurisdiction have the greatest authority in the world. 

The most popular jurisdiction for opening an online gaming business 

  • Malta: The license cost - 50 000 €. 
  • Gibraltar: The license cost - 30 000 €, annual renewal – 2 000 €. 
  • Costa Rica: The license cost – 15 000 $, the cost of renewal for three months – 1 500 $. 
  • Isle of Man: The cost of applying for a license – 1 000£, annual renewal - 20 000 £.  
Date of publication: 25/03/2016
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