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Gambling Market: What Will be its Volume in 2025? Review of the Main Trends

The gambling industry is one of the most “flexible” segments of the modern economy. This sector not only demonstrates the growth and return on investment but also produces unique innovative trends that are in many respects outdistance even the biggest assumptions of science fiction writers.

How the gambling market will grow by 2025

The 2WinPower team has gathered comprehensive information on unique phenomena that can radically change the gambling market, as well as current forecasts for the future of the industry.

Table of Contents:

1. The Gambling Territory: New Gambling Markets

2. The Market Volume: Profit Margins in 2025

3. Straight Ahead to the Future: New Trends on the Gambling Market

  3.1. Skill Game

  3.2. A Game in the Pocket

  3.3. Virtual Reality

  3.4. Cryptocurrency

4. Conclusion

The Gambling Territory: New Gambling Markets

The first thing that we would like to mention is that there are no geographical boundaries in online business. Very soon, the world's leading gambling region may give up its position. As you know, today, the largest market segment is occupied by European players, but already by 2025, the situation will change.

Top three regional areas for the development of the gambling industry


Casino business in the USA today can be ascribed to grey market but all across the country, there is a massive activation of those who support the legalisation of the industry. Casino games are already allowed in four states: Delaware, New Jersey, Nevada, and Pennsylvania


A rather promising sector. However, the lack of infrastructure is its main brake on growth. The gambling business will show rapid growth as soon as the corresponding communications, banking and electronic services, and customer verification tools appear in the region


A determinative factor in favour of the huge rate of growth of the industry: more than 60% of the world's population lives on this continent. Moreover, recently, local legislative bodies have been actively reconsidering legal norms regarding the gambling market. According to forecasts, the Asian gambling sector will show the annual growth of about 7.3% by 2025

The Market Volume: Profit Margins in 2025

Please find hereby an extract from the Grand View Research report. According to the independent research company, the gambling market will increase by about 11.5% annually. By 2025, the online business will reach 102.9 billion dollars.

The main factors that stimulate the rapid growth of the industry are:

  1. The widespread development of relevant legal standards and the introduction of appropriate regulators for the complete control over the gambling sector.
  2. The worldwide distribution and large scale availability of new technologies. Today, the smartphone is one of the most popular and functional personal gadgets but by 2025, it can give place to a radically new product — improved smartwatches. According to forecasts, already in 2020, sales of smartwatches will exceed 19.62 billion dollars.
  3. The increase in the amount of advertising. Public bodies are actively implementing comprehensive standards for organising and promoting gambling services. According to experts, every year, the number of marketing offers will grow.
  4. Security upgrade. Protected protocols, the use of remote servers, multi-level personal data protection systems, instant customer identification via the information from social networks — this is not the whole list of options, which help operators to control and prevent any unauthorised actions.

Another innovation that has every chance of becoming a key element of any platform by 2025 is the artificial intelligence system. Today, such products are at the initial stages of development but they are already actively used for the instant formation of the portal’s internal database, analysis of the behaviour of customers, and communication with users via special chats.

Straight Ahead to the Future: New Trends on the Gambling Market

Skill Game

By 2025, traditional slot machines will finally bow out and become part of the retro category. Already today, players give preference to slots where the result of the game depends not only on luck but also on personal skills, which can be developed. New products are a unique hybrid of popular computer quests and familiar slot machines with spinning reels.

A Game in the Pocket

The gambling business in the mobile format as a popular trend

Already now, about 61% of the global traffic belongs to the gambling business in the mobile format. Obviously, in 2025, this figure will be much higher. Smartwatches and innovative mobile applications for smartphones have every chance of forcing out both the last representatives of the land-based sector and modern desktop solutions.

Virtual Reality

The first step towards the realisation of the illusion of the full presence was the idea of playing with live dealers. Today, the world’s leading suppliers are developing exclusive solutions that will allow gamblers to completely forget about the familiar environment and enjoy not only visual and sound effects but also contact sensations. Besides, the work on communication formats with other participants is humming. Today, it is possible to find live products with chats for the dealer and players at the table. Also, some attempts were being made to create an “open-world” where anyone can upload a user picture, explore the gambling hall, and find a company after his heart.


According to statistics, by 2023-2025, ​​every second online gaming site will accept bitcoin payments. Therefore, many developers integrate relevant payment services and options even at the stage of creation of a new line of gambling products. Moreover, such a service as the connection of bitcoin wallets can be ordered from intermediary companies (for more details, contact the 2WinPower manager).


Forecasts and opinions of independent experts look more than promising. It is time to take our place in the sun and not just follow someone’s rules but create rules of the game on your own.

Be the first to know about the most interesting new products in the industry and create personal projects with the 2WinPower team! We are ready to provide access to the latest analytical reports and forecasts, help you with the organisation of a startup of any format, and offer a line of exclusive products that have no analogues. Also, you can always use such a service as “the development of HTML5 games”, and we will create slots on the basis of your sketches.

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