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Updated: 18/06/2019

The casino industry is demonstrating a great pace of development. According to the independent analytical agency H2 Gambling Capital, over the past year, the market’s turnover grew by four billion three million euros. Relying on the forecasts, consolidated revenues of the industry will increase by 80% in the next five years. The rapid growth of the “white” market deserves special attention. Experts believe that by 2023, the “shadow” segment will have no more than 10%.

Online casino as a growing gambling trend

If we are talking about geographical data, Europe is considered to be the most profitable territory, with about 52% of users. The second place is taken by Asia and the Middle East (27% of players), followed by North America (12%), Oceania, Latin America, and African countries.

The Reasons for the Rapid Growth of the Industry

  • Availability. There are no geographical restrictions, the absence of the very concept of a dress code, and the possibility of playing at any convenient time.
  • Multicurrency. Deposit and withdrawal of funds can be made in any currency.
  • Security accreditation. The user data is protected by multi-structured encryption systems and is stored on remote foreign servers.
  • Anonymity. The registration procedure on the game resource takes no more than a minute: there is no multi-level identification and fingerprinting. For those who want to stay anonymous, there are free games without registration, as well as bitcoin casinos, where it is enough to specify only the number of the cryptocurrency wallet (no other information is required from users).
  • Free game. It allows you to master all the nuances of the process and set yourself up for the most enjoyable gambling.
  • Large selection of solutions. Even on small gaming sites, it is possible to find dozens of games: fruit mixes, slots with exciting plot twists, card games, etc. Furthermore, you can always peep into hybrid websites, which offer traditional slots, sports betting, and lottery.
  • First-line support. To communicate with an operator, it is enough to use the chat window on the website or fill out the feedback form.

Giving weight to the current trends, one of the most frequent requests in search results is the question of how to buy a ready-made online casino and quickly enter the international market.

Specialists from 2WinPower have gathered comprehensive information on the ways of launching gambling projects and are ready to help you with the development and promotion of a gambling club of any format.

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A Ready-Made Business: Simple Fixes

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Having decided to purchase a turnkey casino, you do not have to face the following problems:

  • Time expenditures. To launch a startup independently, you will need about six months. If you choose to work with an intermediary, it will significantly reduce the time: the development and launch of the gaming site can be done in about two to three months.
  • Financial investments. Of course, it will be almost impossible to start your own gambling business with absolutely no investments but you will be able to save a lot of money. If starting a business from scratch costs several hundred thousand dollars, then to buy a ready-made casino website will be much cheaper.
  • Dependence on third parties. Buying a business on a turnkey basis, you automatically get the right to manage all the processes on the website and almost unlimited opportunities to promote your own brand. You can forget about commission fees and the need to take any restrictions into account.
  • Pitfalls. If you are starting the business on your own, several problems will appear immediately ― from finding competent developers to concluding contracts for the purchase of the certified content (we would like to note that major manufacturers usually prefer not to cooperate with new brands). With the turnkey service, you will be able to avoid the commotion of the nerves and unnecessary expenditures for “workarounds”.

Features of the Choice of a Ready-Made Casino Platform

Casino website: disadvantages

Having decided to buy a gaming site, operators have to pay attention to such factors and nuances as:

  1. Simplicity and “easiness” of software components. It is important to know that the software can be integrated into any hosting.
  2. Functional and intuitive interface. It should be comfortable for both operators and players to use the provided options, so the chosen software should have a flexible system of custom settings.
  3. A large selection of games. 2WinPower offers gambling solutions to fit every taste: fruit-themed slot machines, slots with exciting storylines, skill games, card games, table games, software for live broadcasts, products for the organisation of lottery draws, and sports betting.
  4. Availability of additional services offered by the provider. These include settings and updates of software components, marketing tools, legal advice, assistance in promoting startups and obtaining a license, the connection of affiliate services, and so on.

Alternative Ways of Starting Your Own Business

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The following types of work are available to a beginning operator:

The main ways to enter the gambling market in 2021
The type of work Brief description
To start a business by your own forces Advantages: complete independence, an ability to promote your own brand, working with exclusive solutions, a chance to create a personalised set of game offers
Disadvantages: enormous financial costs, the necessity to gain experience in various industries; all risks remain the responsibility of operators
To buy a casino script Advantages: minimal financial costs, an opportunity to have at your disposal a multi-purpose product with already installed games and management systems
Disadvantages: there is a risk of working with an unfair seller, absence of guarantees of the “liveness” of the code, the necessity to update the “raw” product

To work under a franchise

Advantages: a project that is completely ready for the launch with minimal financial costs, a chance to enter the market without the slightest industry background, and regular consultations and support of an experienced partner
Disadvantages: the business completely depends on the internal policy of the “parent” company; the range of games is limited, and there are no options for making changes to them without the permission of the franchisor; a project can be promoted only by the specified number of ways, and regular commission fees should be paid for the use of software solutions

The Turnkey Development Service: Elements of a Ready-Made Casino

Ready-made online casino: what is in a package

When you choose to purchase a turnkey startup at 2WinPower, you get:

  1. Individual design. Our team will offer you several sketches to choose from and will also develop an exclusive brand.
  2. Free updates of the casino platform.
  3. A wide range of products, which includes the best games and the latest releases from the flagships of the industry: Amatic, Novomatic, Microgaming, Playtech, Betsoft, NetEnt, Mega Jack, and others.
  4. Customisation of the platform according to the client’s wishes.
  5. Connection of payment services. Bank transfer services are available on Visa/MasterCard cards, Neteller virtual services, Skrill, Pay2Pay, WebMoney e-wallets, Qiwi, Yandex.Money; the integration of bitcoin wallets is also possible.
  6. Connection of analytical services and tools for maintaining any form of reporting on a gambling project.
  7. Legal support. This service includes assistance in collecting documents for the registration of legal status, legalisation of business, and resolution of controversial issues.
  8. Customisation and control over the security systems of the website.
  9. Organisation of the technical support work.

As additional services, you can make use of several offers:

  • integrated marketing promotion;
  • replacement or update of the range of the game content;
  • creation of a mobile application;
  • creation of exclusive solutions based on HTML5 technology.


Today, entrepreneurs are offered various tools and opportunities, so you can start a project using a lot of methods. However, the best option was and remains the turnkey gambling club. Having decided to purchase a casino engine at 2WinPower and making use of additional services, you get a product, which can be launched in record time.

We guarantee the impeccable quality of each game and are ready to do everything to save your money and time. Our catalogue contains a wide range of ready-made solutions, and also, you can make use of such service as the creation of the software components on the basis of your own sketches. Our team of specialists can bring to life the most creative and unexpected fantasies.

If you are still not sure of the choice that you are making, it will be possible for you to download the demo version of the system and check the quality and functionality of our solutions. And by turning to the marketing department of 2WinPower, you will not only be able to enter the global market in record time but also receive a guarantee of a full cost recovery within from three to six months.

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