How to Choose Online Casino Payment Systems in 2022

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The question of how to choose payment systems for online casinos remains relevant for many gambling market participants. This problem is faced both by people who are new to gambling and experienced entrepreneurs.

Online casino payment systems

The 2WinPower company has decided to gain insight on all the details and nuances of finding the optimal payment system (PS). We will tell you about how to choose a service and integrate it into the already existing casinos and the most popular platforms.

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What is a Payment System?

An electronic payment system for online casinos is a set of specific procedures and rules, as well as technical infrastructure. Together, they provide money transfers from one coordinator of activity to another.

In fact, the system acts as an intermediary between the player and the owner of the casino. Very often, a fourth entity appears in this chain ― the bank. If the transfers are made directly to/from the electronic wallet, it will be not necessary to deal with any banking institution.

Like any other intermediary, the online casino payment system charges a certain commission for their services. In return, operators of gambling establishments receive prompt conducting of all transactions and the trust of gamblers and business partners.

A Brief Historical Background

The payment system as a concept appeared in 1985 when three central banks launched real-time payments (the RTGS format). Then, they were joined by several other large state and commercial banks, the total number of which, at the beginning of the 21st century, exceeded 90.

Experts predict that already in 2022, about 99% of all registered banks in the world will operate in the RTGS mode. The presence of this option is one of the key criteria, according to which central banks provide loans to commercial institutions in the home country.

Payment Systems in Gambling

Gambling payment systems: the role of payment modules in the business

Currently, this e-commerce tool is used everywhere: not only in the gambling industry but also in the communal infrastructure and telecommunication and media industries. It is also difficult to imagine modern retail and the sale and purchase market without the use of plastic cards.

As for online gambling and betting, this area is related to electronic payments. Analysts believe that the share of the online segment in the overall revenue structure from casinos will steadily increase in the future. Therefore, the role of payment modules in business will also become more important.

If we consider the value of a payment system for its main participants, then we will be able to highlight the following aspects:

  • An ordinary user gets an opportunity to quickly and safely transfer his funds to the game balance and receive prizes that he won.
  • Casino operators are interested in a stable depositing/withdrawal of funds, which makes the time that gambler's spend on a particular gaming site as wonderful as possible. The presence of a high-quality payment module is a clear signal to the tax service that people are having an honest and transparent business. The system checks the timely assessment and payment of taxes, which minimises the number of unscheduled tax audits in the future.
  • The third link in the chain ― PS ― receives good commissions for its services. The reputation is also important and most large and medium-sized market participants take care of it.

How to Connect Your Casino to a Payment System

How to connect the casino to the payment system

The integration of a virtual casino and a payment module, as a rule, takes place in several steps:

  1. Searching for a suitable system. We will tell you how to choose payment systems for online casinos in detail further in this article. It is worth noting that it is a thoroughgoing process. Experts recommend not to revolve around one brand but to install several popular solutions at once.
  2. Conclusion of an agreement with the chosen providers. The package of documents depends on the specifics of the company's operation. Mostly, it contains information on the registration of the brand, the obtained license, and the legality of the company.
  3. Confirmation of an online casino website. The owner of the online business receives instructions that allow him to quickly make the moderation of the site in the selected payment system.
  4. Technical integration. This is a multi-level process, which, as a rule, is carried out by the programmers of a payment operator. The integration takes place with the use of ultra-fast data transfer protocols with the extension API and FTP.

Despite the rather difficult process, the main task of the customer is to choose an appropriate provider. The rest of the work will be done by the specialists of the contracting company. The world’s leading brands have an excellent support desk that can instantly solve any problem of an online casino.

Software from the leading developers (including 2WinPower) already has a built-in module for both cash and electronic transactions. In practice, this approach saves time and financial resources of customers, which is important when they are starting their own business.

Subsequently, clients will be able to independently add new payment systems to the functionality of their gambling business. You can contact specialists from 2WinPower or work directly with the provider of a new module.

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The Selection Criteria for an Online Casino Payment System

Electronic payment system: how to choose it

There are many parameters, with the help of which owners of a gambling business choose a particular payment method. Below, there is a list of the basic validation criteria of the modern financial module.

Quick Payouts

The faster, the better ― it is one of the basic principles of the service. The transaction speed depends on the particular operator and may take from several seconds to three or more workdays.

In any case, market participants save time in comparison with standard postal money transfers and banking arrangements.

Simplicity, Accessibility

In the 21st century, the simplicity of operations is highly valued, and transactions in online casinos should not be an exception. Players no longer want to fill out long and complex forms with many passwords and multi-level data identification.

Money transfers in just two clicks are what users appreciate the most.

Anonymity and Privacy

This is the right of players, which must be guaranteed by the chosen platform. At the same time, there are many tax jurisdictions where anonymous transactions are prohibited by law. Therefore, it is worth focusing on the features of each particular legal framework.


This is a well-thought-out risk management system with additional filters and settings. Data safety is ensured by a specially written program code and the use of data transfer protocols via secure channels.

Minimal Commissions

All gambling market participants are interested in low commissions, and it should be taken into account.


Brand recognition remains extremely important both for gamblers and business partners. Commissions on licensing, for example, will more likely grant and extend permits for those casinos that have popular and in-demand payments systems.

High-Quality Service

It is better to focus on those companies that provide technical support after they sign a contract and implement the module into the structure of an Internet resource.


There are both highly targeted systems and large multicurrency payment services. The second option is preferable because it attracts gamblers from all over the world and guarantees a decent profit from gambling.

Bonus Features

Some PSs offer their customers to receive a branded debit card. There are many bonuses, discounts, and promotional codes for those who buy goods in online stores.

Fees for Money Transfers in Payment Systems

All transactions related to casino games or sports betting are accompanied by commissions. Their size depends on a particular service but always remains in a range of 1.5-7% of the amount of the transferred money.

Each transaction rate consists of several components:

  • Interchanges ― this is an interchange fee between banks that hits the payment account of the issuing bank (the holder of a plastic card). The idea of ​​this payment is to make amends to the bank for all risks associated with the exchange of funds in real-time. Such risks include the possibility of rejection of the operation or the cash flow from illegal market participants. At the moment, the size of an interchange fee is in a range of 1.3-1.8% for the Ukrainian market. In Europe, for example, this figure is 0.3-0.8% of the amount of money. The United States “withdraw” 0.2 cents from each transaction.
  • The PS commission, which transfers funds from one holder to another.
  • Payments to an online casino ― the resource, which serves customers when they are making transactions.

Thus, the standard rate of 2.0% includes several components.



The total size of the commission, including:


Interchange fees


The payment system’s percentage


The share of an online casino


Cooperation with business leaders allows you to make tariffs lower. As a rule, a packaged offer is formed, and loyal commissions are usually one of its clauses.

Replenishment and Withdrawal of Funds

A quick and uninterrupted money transfer is a key moment for each user who visits a virtual casino platform in order to play poker, roulette, cards, and other games.

All financial interaction of a player and a gambling platform can be divided into two types:

  • Replenishment of an account in an online casino, as a result of which gamblers will be able to play for real money and earn good prizes. It is worth making sure that, at this stage, there is a minimal commission, and the transaction itself is carried out as soon as possible.
  • Withdrawal of funds is the opposite action when players decide to collect the earned money. As a rule, withdrawals take more time than replenishments. Nevertheless, the wait state should not last more than three bank working days. Here, there are commissions, which are proportionally divided between all the participants in the interbank market.


Visa payment system

This is one of the oldest and the most popular brands, which operates on five continents. Its name has long been a household name and today, it is associated with the exceptional quality of the provided services. The Visa credit card can be obtained at any bank of any country.

The product operates all the world’s leading currencies. This opportunity is useful for those gambling resources that are planning to enter the European, American, and Asian markets.

To carry out a transaction, a gambler must enter his full name and the card number in a special form. All information remains confidential and is not disclosed to third parties. Receipts of successful money transfers are sent to the applicant’s e-mail address.


MasterCard can be considered a “pioneer” in the field of launching payments in real-time. The system began its work in 1996, and over the last 20 years, it has become an international high roller.

Similar to Visa, this platform is multi-currency, which is important for online casinos with international licenses.

The solution is distinguished by instant and reliable transfers, the safety of data of players, and simple rules of the replenishment and withdrawal of funds.

You can apply for a debit card at any banking institution.


Maestro payment system

MasterCard’s subsidiary service is characterised by its independence and wide functionality. The company specialises in the issuance of debit cards, on which you can pile up money without interest.

Fast transactions, reliability, and good bonus programs are far from a complete list of the advantages of this brand. Among the disadvantages, we can name the lack of integration with foreign online casinos.

WebMoney Transfer

This popular Russian service is widely known to the residents of the CIS countries. It works with Russian rubles, Ukrainian hryvnias, American dollars, euros, and other well-known currencies.

An undeniable advantage for players is the ability to execute operations that are not tied to an electronic wallet. The option is available via land-based terminals and embossed cards.

Absolute confidentiality, a wide range of features, and instant transfers are also undeniable advantages of interaction with WebMoney.


It is one of the most successful and profitable projects in Russian e-commerce. Any transaction begins with registration on the Yandex website with the mandatory entry of the reliable data.

Confirmation of each operation is sent to the customer’s e-mail address that he indicates during the registration procedure.

The service is characterised by high speed, many additional settings, and the interaction with other systems (for example, with QIWI).

The main disadvantage is that all operations are executed only in rubles. All other currencies are converted according to the rate, which is set within the system. Often, such a rate is at odds with current interbank values.


This is a worldwide network, which is extremely popular in more than 200 countries. The service involves the introduction of real data during the registration, which, in the future, provides one hundred per cent protection from fraudsters and the unauthorised access by third parties.

The registered users can apply for Net +. It is an electronic cumulative card, with the help of which it is convenient to purchase goods on the Internet and pay for many services.


The brand is characterised by a loyal approach to commissions, the size of which rarely exceeds 1.5%. For the comfort of customers, a convenient mobile application has been developed, the functionality of which does not differ from the resource on desktop computers.

Round-the-clock technical support will help you to quickly resolve all issues that may arise, and your personal account will surprise you with the detailed statistics and analytics.

Such standard options as fast transactions, security, and support for different currencies are also implemented on the highest level.


A professional payment system is a key element of working Internet business with a stable income. The presence of world-famous payment providers in the casino’s catalogue is one of the criteria for the timely acquisition of a license.

A good service should provide quick transfers, the security of personal data, and support for the world’s leading currencies. It is better to install several payment modules at once, providing the gamblers with a wide range of options.

You can buy online casino software and the betting software from 2WinPower. This product is already connected to the most popular payment modules.

Clients do not need to additionally connect the payment system and overpay: our employees have already taken care of all the nuances. We are offering a ready-made product.

With 2WinPower, it is also possible to expand the library of the gambling content of your website. We develop original online slot machines, dynamic card games, and exciting poker slots. We focus on the wishes and requirements of customers and provide unique products with the well-thought-out gameplay.

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