How to Copyright a Casino Game?

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Updated: 13/11/2018

Casino game development is an interesting and profitable business. Especially if you understand the trends of the gambling market and are able to see new opportunities. But are there any pitfalls here, and how to copyright a casino game and not to infringe on the rights of others?

Copyright and protection of a casino game

In this article, we will tell you how to avoid the basic mistakes during the creation of a slot game, and what should be done to make the slot machine really popular. If you need detailed legal advice on the analysis of your particular situation, please contact specialists from 2WinPower, who will provide you with their help and advice for free.

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Stages of a Casino Game Development

1. Test drive.

Traditionally, the creation of a slot begins with the rules, basic mechanics, and a general idea. Try to write down everything that you have in mind, and then make a so-called test drive for your game.

It is all about showing it to your friends. You need a couple of minutes to explain the rules of the slot and make people interested. If it worked – congratulations, you are ready to move on. If not, you will have to work on the casino game development for some time more.

In fact, a test drive is not as useless as it seems. Sooner or later you will have to proceed to the sales stage and try to make the managers of major casinos interested. Therefore, it is better to deal with pitching right away.

Of course, if you are not going to use the slot only on your website.

2. Determination of a casino’s share.

First of all, you should remember that any game should bring profit to casinos. Undoubtedly, players also have to win sometimes. But it should be understood that if in the long run, the gambling club will not get a good profit, it is pointless to install such games.

The fact that casinos get more money than players is called the casino share. In relation to popular games, it can be:

  • about 1–2% in blackjack + 12% commission for the exchange of chips (for land-based gambling establishments) is an example of a low share;
  • more than 5% in roulette + 25% for the exchange of funds – an example of a high share.

For online games, the share may be different but it is better to keep it between these two examples.

To calculate the share for your game, launch an automatic computer testing. And only after the confirmation of potential profitability, it is possible to think about the copyright protection of a casino game.

3. Technical development.

If you do not have enough skills to create games by yourself (we are talking about the technical side of the issue), then you should think about finding a partner who will deal with the implementation of your project. After all, a slot is also the online casino software.

The problem here is that it is not enough just to learn a programming language. You will need special slot machine software, as well as the assistance of a designer, a composer, a narrative designer, a copywriter, testers, and many other people. It is also recommended to enlist the help of a specialist who will ensure that your new game has nothing similar with already patented slots.

Therefore, the most logical option would, of course, be to contact a company that develops games, has experienced specialists, and is ready to bring your ambitious plan to life.

Patenting of Casino Games

Patenting casino games

The patenting procedure means, in fact, a lot of paperwork. In developed countries, this task is usually entrusted to a patenting specialist who prepares the necessary documents by himself. However, it is also possible to deal with it on your own.

The way of patenting a game (an intellectual property):

  1. Patent search. The procedure, during which you will find out how new is your products and confirm its patentability.
  2. Registration of a standard application with a brief description of the object, a detailed description of its characteristics for specialists in this field, and personal data of the applicant. The cost of preparation of such a package of documents starts from forty-five thousand rubles, and the payment of an official fee will be seven thousand seven hundred rubles.
  3. Formal examination – the initial inspection of a package of documents for compliance with the established standards.
  4. Publication of an application in the official edition, which allows third parties to comment on or object to the grant of a patent.
  5. Expertise by specialists in this field. It determines the uniqueness and novelty of the product and confirms the compliance of characteristics with declared characteristics.
  6. In case of a successful examination, a patent is granted.

From the items that are mentioned above, we can see that any game will be subjected to careful examination. It will not be enough just to change the appearance of a slot from another manufacturer. You will have to spend a lot of time working on mathematics or create a completely new product.

From this point of view, it becomes clear why the owners of online casinos do not develop new games but purchase copies of already existing ones.

If you are focused is on making money on gambling activities, not from the royalties from the sale of rights to use the slot, then the best solution for you will be the purchase of a copy.

Why New Games Appear so Rarely

The introduction of a new game to the market, no matter how good it is, can be considered as a complicated process. A good game should be interest and catchy but still remain simple. And it is quite difficult to do.

The principle of simplicity means that it should be easy for gamblers to start playing the game right away, without the need to spend a lot of time on understanding its rules. It also applies to the staff: no one wants to spend money on teaching employees and explaining the rules of new slot machines.

Today, the developers of games should be as careful as possible so as not to go over the line that was drawn by other patented slots. All this led to the fact that gambling clubs prefer to buy a ready-made product, rather than develop it on their own. Moreover, currently, you can purchase a casino with a non-standard set of slot machines.

Six Reasons to Install Copies of the Famous Games in Your Casino

Installing famous games for online casino

Let us find out why even on large gambling websites there are so many copied slots. There are several reasons for it, and together they set a real trend for the whole industry.

Reasons to install such games in your casino:

  1. Recognisability. Today, it is much easier to have on the website several well-known slots, and you do not have to spend much time dealing with them. So each visitor makes the short way from the entrance to the website to the first bet.
  2. Lack of risks in relation to income. New games sometimes do not bring the expected amount of profit. It means that they will not compensate you for costs on the development and promotion.
  3. Customisable RTP percentage. Copies of games look exactly like the licensed ones but they allow you to set such share of a casino as you want. As a result, it helps to significantly increase income from each particular slot.
  4. Contextuality. Sometimes it is enough to change the appearance of the slot and its design and symbols in order to attract new gamblers or make those who have not visited the website for a long time coming back. For this purpose, such themes as holidays, major championships, and even political decisions will be perfect.
  5. The casino game development from scratch is much more expensive than the creation of a copied slot.
  6. New audience. Slot machines with unusual topics (even if they are based on the most typical mathematics) can lure players away from other platforms. And it is extremely stupid not to make use of such an opportunity!

It is not a good idea to make a copy of the game on your own. It is better to entrust it to a specialised studio.

For example, in the 2WinPower company, there are experts who will help you to deal with the patented slots in a correct way.

How to Copyright a Casino Game?

As you can see from everything that was mentioned above, sometimes casino game development is not the best option. Depending on your goals and purposes, 2WinPower can offer several solutions that will lead you to the desired result with less effort and money.

And although many online casino owners are considering such an option as individual development, you should probably think more not about the copyright protection of a casino game but about where to find slots that will help you to increase the profitability of your online gambling establishment.

Feel free to contact managers from 2WinPower to learn more about the possibilities of filling the website with original games, buying the slot machine software or ordering a turnkey online casino. We provide a full range of services and products for the gambling business, so here you will find everything you need for the launch of a successful project.

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