Online casino is a great option for business on the Internet, which brings high profits. The whole history of mankind confirms that the organization of gambling entertainments has always been a cost-effective activity and will remain as such.

Only the shape changes. Whereas previously the players had gathered in private clubs, then in the shining huge casinos, now they more often give their preference to the gambling over the Internet. And if you are looking for information on how to create an online casino from scratch, you have come to the right place! Further, we will consider a step-by-step algorithm for opening your own gambling web club.

Internet casino creation

Step 1. Planning

It is necessary to start with planning — to prepare a detailed business plan, to calculate income and expenses for the first few months, to find start-up capital.

There are a number of reasons why this stage is required for launching an online casino:

  1. During the procedure of legalization, the Gambling Commission asks for the presence of the business plan. The decision to issue a license may depend on the information contained therein.
  2. Gambling is subject to seasonal fluctuations, and if you do not take this into consideration in your calculations, you can find yourself with a zero balance.
  3. If you plan to attract investors, you cannot do without a business plan.

Internet casino revenue: why a business plan is essential for normal work

Therefore, you should start with preparation and planning. Try to take into consideration the hypothetical force majeure, the need of taxes payment, wages to employees, etc., as it is not enough to create an online casino, it is also necessary to keep it afloat.

Step 2. Legal Issues

Conventionally, this work on the creation of the gambling business can be divided into two parts:

  1. Obtaining a license for the organization of gambling entertainments.
  2. Business registration in municipal authorities.

Since it is impossible to create a casino on the Internet and work legally without one of these components, we will consider both directions in more detail.


The legalization process usually takes from 6 weeks to several months depending on the jurisdiction and the sort of document you are going to obtain. All this is compounded by the fact that in recent years operators prefer to apply for a license in offshore and European countries. In part, this tendency is dictated by the prohibition on gambling activity in a number of countries, including Russia and Ukraine.

Offshore jurisdictions have several advantages that should not be neglected:

  • flexible taxation for entrepreneurs who have opened a gambling business (sometimes to the extent of a tax rate of 0% for up to 5 years);
  • the stable economic, social and political situation that allows planning the work and business development over several years;
  • access to new markets: European, American, Asian, etc. — depending on the jurisdiction;
  • opportunity to work with the largest banking institutions in the world;
  • simple conditions for creating and launching a business.

How to choose the appropriate jurisdiction? The most correct way will be a consideration based on your long-term plans. Each country has its own gambling legislation and business opportunities. Choose the state that meets your ambitions.

And you can do it on personal consultation with the manager of the 2WinPower company, who will tell about the legal pitfalls, help to choose the country and start preparing for licensing.

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Registration of Business

You have to establish a company for the gambling business in the country where you are going to pass the procedure of licensing. It might be that you enter the market of new countries and create a new enterprise for this, but the primary business must be registered in the country that issued the license.

Step 3. Selection of Gambling Software

Internet casino slots

Whereas previously the game was organized and conducted by people, today the software algorithms are responsible for all this stuff. This is convenient: you can play at any time of the day, not to adapt to other users and dealers, as well as earn 24 hours a day. Therefore, the accomplishment of the entire establishment is in great dependence on the software that you choose for your online casino.

Nowadays, the market has dozens of specialized companies that offer their solutions for the Internet business. An experienced specialist from 2WinPower will assist you in understanding their features, advantages and opportunities.

Gaming System

The casino platform is often compared to the foundation on which the entire future Internet business is built. And for good reason: this program is responsible for the performance, security and other essential parameters of the website.

Here are some of the requirements that are put forward to the gaming platform operators:




As long as some entrepreneurs honestly try to build a business, others try to find the easier way and literally attack gambling websites in order to steal money, personal or bank data. If your website has a platform from a major manufacturer with all the necessary security protocols, you can safely continue the business activity and not worry about possible hacker attacks


Whichever platform you choose, it is unlikely to be limited to slots and/or card games from only one manufacturer. Make sure that your system is easily synchronized and supports the work of software from another developer so that no surprises will appear in the future

Convenient control of the business

Wherever you are, you need to have access to business, together with tools to track performance, flexible game settings, analysis of players actions and their preferences. Most modern platforms offer all these options. Just make sure you have enough features to work flexibly and that they are comfortable enough for your daily use


Some suppliers provide their platforms with special tools to increase the loyalty of each individual player, attract new visitors to the web casino and conduct various promotions, drawings and distribution of bonuses. Thus, you can at least at the beginning do without an experienced marketer and attract an audience

The more functions are integrated into the gaming platform by developers, the more tools are in your hands for the development of the casino. And if at the start it may not be so important, as long as you understand the specifics of the business, in the future, a wide range of functionality will help you to earn even more and constantly grow.


Slot machines and card games, lotteries are all programs that are installed on the platform. No matter what kind of gambling entertainment you focus on, you will still need a large assortment to satisfy the needs of different segments of the audience.

It is important to assure that the integrated software is well synchronized with the platform. And in case of problems, you can always ask for help from 2WinPower.

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Additional Software

There are other types of software that should be installed on your gambling website. Among them are:

  • programs for statistical data collection, analytical software;
  • payment systems with support for different types of banknotes, including cryptocurrencies;
  • additional security modules;
  • affiliate programs;
  • software to support customers on the website.

The modern gaming industry sets a high bar for online casinos, and often it is not easy to accomplish it. But if you are focused on success and large earnings, you should make everything as convenient for the player as possible still from the very launch of the website.

Step 4. Website

Casino website creation

There is only one general requirement to a website with games: it should be comfortable for the user.

This implies:

  • quick registration in a few clicks, (the button should be at hand on any page);
  • possibility to replenish the game deposit at any time (including during the game);
  • a simple search of slots in the gaming catalogue.

At the same time, you must also ensure you have a convenient administrative panel. You won’t be able to set up a proper workflow if your managers and support team members struggle with the website’s functionality.

Another crucial feature to care about is the payment system. Even though it may seem like an additional point to deal with, you must also be confident your environment is completely secured when it comes to transactions of your users.

If we talk about security, keep in mind that you are responsible for storing your clients’ personal information that they also don’t want to be stolen and abused. While ordering the web-developing services, double-check how protected your platform is going to be.

We recommend not to use standard templates, but to contact the designer with the experience of creating gambling websites. Even better — the studio, which specializes in this field. Then you will receive a website imposed to the demands of the players, already made up, programmed and even tested. This is the easiest and most effective way to receive a good resource.

Step 5. Marketing Promotion

Advertising, loyal players who tell their friends about the web casino and well-arranged affiliate marketing will ensure traffic to your portal.

Let us consider what methods are used by casino operators:

Method of casino promotion on the Internet



Banner advertising

Google Adwords and Facebook are the largest websites on the Internet that have access to the widest audience

Serious websites do not undertake the location of casino projects. Therefore, they can be used to advertise the casino blog or official pages in social networks

E-mail newsletters

They help to work with the database of clients who have already visited your website once, registered and are generally familiar with the topic of gambling

Do not allow to attract new followers

Affiliate programs

The most effective method of casino advertising today. Its essence lies in the fact that you place ads on websites of related subjects, and thus “catch” probable audience

High cost

Traditional advertising: printed materials, TV and radio advertising

Works well for the general public

First of all, advertising is quite expensive for the operator, so it is used only by large casinos. Secondly, it has a local action, and if you are working with players from different countries, it is better to focus on promoting online

It is better to use all of these channels, as well as any others that seem promising, but with one caveat: before launching advertising, carefully review your local laws. Many countries (and along with them online platforms) limit the free advertising of projects related to the excitement.

In order to avoid negative effects, contact an advertising agency. Thus, you can more effectively allocate the budget for the promotion and achieve better results.

Step 6. Customer Support

Online casinos are open 24 hours a day. This is their undoubted advantage, but you need to realise that this mode leads to a certain load on the website owner. We are talking about the requests of players who can come at any time of day or night, on holidays and weekends.

It is obvious that one person will not be able to be constantly online and “up in arms” to help gamblers. Therefore, you will need the help of professional supports.

There are special customer support centres where you can redirect requests from your website. Polite and attentive operators will help players to deal with the problem of any nature: at least with the navigation on the website, along with the delays in the transaction from the part of financial provider.

It is cost-effective: you pay only for the processing of each specific request, and not for the maintenance of the call centre as a whole, as is the case with the organization of own support service.

How to Create a Web Casino in a Few Days?

How to create an internet casino

There is a way not to pass through all the stages on your own, and receive a ready to manage casino website in just a few days. In this case, it is necessary to find a company that develops an online casino from scratch. Fortunately, you have already discovered the website of 2WinPower studio.

Become our partner to receive the full package of programs and other elements necessary for launching an online casino:

  • software with all ins and outs, selected by our professionals, including the platform, games, additional operating systems and the ability to complement the casino in the future;
  • sublicense for conducting legal activities or casino based on the White Label model, as well as quality legal support on any of the issues related to the organization of legal and transparent business;
  • the website with individual design, layout and programming;
  • advice and assistance of marketers in the preparing of an advertising campaign;
  • customer support via chat, e-mail, popular messengers and even by phone.

We are not the first year on the market and we understand what both gamblers and a novice casino owner need. Put on our shoulders all the concerns about the whole process organization, and we can offer you our help in creating a profitable gambling project.


Creating an Internet casino takes place in several stages, each of which in turn requires a lot of time, efforts and knowledge from the business organizer. However, there is an alternative way to become a casino owner immediately — to order the development of a gambling website from professionals.

You can contact 2WinPower with this question and launch your own profitable casino on the Internet in a few days. Contact us right now!

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